Weekly Wallpaper: Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

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Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Is there a more iconic sneaker than the Air Jordan 11 “Concord”? Probably not. Earlier this week, sneaker-heads and “connoisseurs” all across the world gathered at malls and retail locations in hopes of snagging a pair. Supplies were low and demand was high as malls across the nation stepped up security to control the crowds. Were you able to grab your size? Let us know in the comments section below and download your very own Air Jordan 11 “Concord” desktop wallpaper here.

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73 Comments on "Weekly Wallpaper: Air Jordan 11 “Concord”"

  1. JaySmoov

    I accidentally ordered an extra pair off the nike store online. . some luck I had. while some people didnt get what they wanted, i ended up getting more than i wanted.

  2. Lmchargois

    I font think my order went through on finish line, it froze on me twice and the 3rd time it went through but I haven’t got a confirmation email! I’m pissed

    • ntwadumela

      Same here bro, I went through finish line, and froze mad times. Finally it went through, but no confirmation email for me either, or a receipt. But they charge my card… So i don’t know.

        • SORRY

          Sorry to say but Finishline’s site crashed and you will not receive the shoes. Finishline ended up charging my account 3 times ($1200).? I ended up calling customer service on saturday mrning and the rep said that the Concords are sold out.? She apologized and did a conference call w/? Chase Bank who was able to credit my account within minutes.

          • Carlosbermeo


    • Sam

      Finish Line worked for me, It was weird though. For 45 minutes I couldn’t even get on the website, then about 12:50 I got the whole process done in about 3 minutes. The Concords effectively broke the internet.

    • Fukk_U_wEarinG?someBULLSHIT

      Im a manager at footlocker and it will be a restock what happens is small town stores don’t sell out of em over the weekend and them stores make em available online unless its an high volume store which sold out of every pair except one or two….them high volume stores pairs won’t be available online but I guarantee small town stores will be available online or over the phone….jus call em up on Monday ask champs or footlocker to do a stock locator order and ask finishline to do an item locator order but Yall gotta make sure you all speak to a cool ass store manager who wanna help if you call a local store and be polite if you calling an online rep cause rudeness won’t get you no where..I guarantee its a few pair out there still left cause my store still has a size 10 available but since we are a high volume store our pair won’t be available to nobody but our local folks…..BTW I gotta size 8 for sale ill let it go for 350 leave me your email and ill get back wit you all

  3. Rataface805

    I’m happy I was able to cop 6 of the concords 11.5 whoever wants to buy they are going for $600 Each since that size is rare for every 24 concords that they receive at stores like footlocker, finishline etc… There is only 1 out of 24 in size 11.5

  4. @KCtheFEMCEE

    I stood in line for 4 hours and copped these! Me and my boys almost got tasered and maced because were with the first ten people in line and they tried to bumrush the door! SMH

  5. ps15157

    I got two pairs off finish line too. I have a pending charge on my account and got a confirmation email but they have processed my sale yet even after I paid for overnight shipping. I’m freaking out and can’t get through to customer service, I waited 30 minutes the other day.

  6. Rushdiddy

    ordered mine off finishline after the refreshing for almost 2 hrs and the site crashing on me twice while trying to finish the sale. Got the confirmation email, my kicks are currently in Ohio and I live in VA. Expected to arrive on Wed. had to wait for em but aleast i got em!!!

  7. Reefersensei

    what id don’t understand is why ppl are willing to pay $350+ for these kicks just to get them when they could have just gotten them pretty easy like everybody else I know for just $240 with pre order or early releases. Everybody knew it was gonna be crazy and if you had the $240 in your pocket with a chance to get them with no hassle then kill yo self. (thats if you still at home looking at your black n white 6 rings wishing they were concords) hahahaha?

    • JaySmoov

      just for future reference, who was offering them for $240 on a pre order or early release? i know a couple mom and pop shops in harlem was selling them for $300 like a month ago.

  8. Sam

    People get on my fuckin nerves bragging about getting the goddamn shoe, then try to immediately flip it for 3x what they paid. If you’re just in for a cheap business venture, go get in on a fucking pyramid scheme and let the true sneakerheads cop the shoe instead of your bastard asses. If you interfered with a true sneakerhead getting a pair, and are now trying to sell your Concords for 400+, kindly, go fuck yourself.

  9. LBJ236

    I got a size 13 for $450 for i am willing to trade for some heat?completely?dead stock i got 3 pairs but just selling or trading one.?

  10. Pisforpolaroid

    Welp my pair is pretty much shittin on all of you guys because the box got signed by Tinker Hatfield XD

  11. Jaestacka

    i stood in line 18 hors but i got ma size and da last pair and da 200 otha people behind me shoulda got there earlier

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