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A Complete History of the Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

“Concord” time has come, but how’d we get here? The shoe is famous as any but its story is stranger than most. From an unexpected premier all the way up to today, we look back at the history of the Air Jordan 11 “Concord” and the major steps it took to get to today.

May 7th, 1995: The Debut

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Before the blogs and before the forums, the first place to catch new kicks was on court. In Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, the player formally known as #23 shocked the world and stunned Nike execs when he stepped on the court in pair of never before seen sneakers. The NBA would ban the shoes for not matching dress code and the world would have to wait half a year for a name and release.

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  • gt_ghost

    Hotness! @GA_T

    • Sam

      do you guys think they’ll restock?

      • D_dubs23


      • Darnell Yancey

        Yes. You can bet on it, that Finishline will restock these!

        • Sneaker23Head

          Do you know the date ?

          • Darnell Yancey

            Nah, they usually do it on a random day. Typically, it would be the following Monday of the release, now it’s pretty random.

      • Bryanoct4

        Yeahh they are but these motherfuckers are uglyy they are just like the Space Jams -.-

        • Darnell Yancey


          • ?sky high

            common quit being stingy lol?

        • Aemonwilliams

          whaaaaaaaat are you saying

          • marcel3

            the curtains shouldn’t be able to melt from the jumpy site

        • Anonymous

          mad cause you cant have them probably have low incomee hater

          • Yungnightmare1

            these shits are ugly everybody and they mom gonna have theem, hts why im strictly airmaxx

          • 350

            he mad cuz he can’t cop a pair

      • Horton

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      you can’t even spell correctly and you’re purchasing a pair of $200 shoes.? Get your priorities together.

    • Darryl

      Can anyone comment on the quality? Worth the $180+?

      • Jamesjohn1

        like all retros the quality is not OG status but I think they’re pretty good

  • guest


    • Steve

      your dead grandmother is ugly

      • Eli Moore

        way too far, ignorance.

        • 617

          People do this because they are behind a screen and keyboard!

    • Jordanhead

      No, you are.

    • Bigniq05

      By ugly he means sarcasm

  • Steve

    i pray hopefully history will be in my hands tonight i am speechless, there more than beautiful they are perfect works of art, the best basketball shoe ever created its just amazing?

  • @ima_wildboy3

    so dope i will be one of many sneaker heads in line for them?

  • Eli Moore

    that picture made the DMPs look subpar and knockoff a little….just a little.

  • guest

    Steve its a shoe okay, just a shoe.? That person is entitled to?his?opinion.? Why do some peope get upset when someone has a different opinion?? Did your life become worse because of his opinion?? Why did you lash out like that?

    • Eli Moore

      WTF. are you talking about?

      • Eli Moore

        oops, nvm. carry on mate.

  • guest

    What are you talking about?

  • Askme003

    Can you buy these on any shoe website at 12 tonight or do they only have these in store?

    • Tony

      you can buy them online but there is also like 1,000,000 other people thrying to do the same thing i would try to go to a store

  • Dee Jay TeeRock08

    Okay these are my all time favorite pair of shoes ever no other shoe compares to this shoe

  • Nasty_nas

    So where are the morons that were hating on the icy blue bottoms of this retro?? Clearly the OG had them too.? It was the 2000 retro that went with the clear bottoms and strayed from the OG.? That is all.

    • HeroAJ

      tht was pretty Nasty Nas

      • guest

        HeroAJ that was a great play on words….Nasty NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • Bigniq05

    too young to afford them in 1995 but my punk ass cousins got em….spoiled motherfuckers…..l couldnt afford these in the dmp package or when they?retro-ed?in 2000 but i wish a nigga would try to rob me for my kicks tonight…….

    • guest

      Bigniq05 where u gonna be tonite and i’ll make ur wish come true!!!!!!…….

    • Portland Sneak

      Man, I’m out here in Portland, and I got robbed at gunpoint for these kicks, and my Seahawks pullover in ’95!? Motherfuckers. These shoes are like no other. Fuck the haters.

      • Guest

        Yeah I know bitch, it was me who did it.?

  • Peter Petey Pete

    main pic of the post looks like hes floating.?

  • Darrylkittrell88

    Ytf are they only releasing 6pair in every size. Its like nilke is saying if u want them that bad, u,have to kill for them smdh.

    • TyreseE

      Umm yeah thought you knew. This makes it more better for them to release in another 5 to 10 years! They know peeps will keep camping out and going nuts over a shoe they know others want but all will not get.

  • @bigq_21

    i had an og pair thought it was fake sold it for 90 dollars smh :/ feeling like an idiot?

    • guest

      that’s bcus u r an idiot!!!!

    • Craig Washington

      smh fuckin up?

  • siyong

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  • tyler

    im not going at midnight so i guess i wont be getting these #gay

    • OMAR

      #played out

  • siyong

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    • Eli Moore

      go to hell. we use PAYPAL in america. not PYAPAL

      • Eric Fresh

        They just sell freakin bootlegs anyway

  • Is there a website where i can order them from?

  • Anonymous

    nice article, thanks for the info

  • MD

    I love having a small circle of friends who sit on high places on Nike, 3 Concord sin my possession, and no , none for resell.. my favorite kicks hands down.

  • Sr. Swish Da Ankle Breaker

    footlocker and eastbay are down!

  • Vicezach

    95s win

  • Kid-kanada

    finally got through with champs on phone been on this for # hours when they answered i almost cryed
    im so hyped first pair of 11`s always been away for the holidays
    merry christmas haters

    • Sneakergeek11010

      this guy is a goon

  • Gotpball44

    Nike websites sucks

  • RDogg23

    Drove by my local mall here in San Antonio,TX. Cop cars all about the parking lot, keeping a lookout. Line stretching around the building for that midnight release. Cold as a motherfucker…and I showed those freezing motherfuckers my motherfucking heat that I got a whole week and half before these weak ass bitches!!! Typing this from I warm house all snug and shit!!!


      RDOGG23,? Now go an master bate to those shoes….I bet you su**ed off many men to get your heat.?

      • RDogg23

        AWWW!!!! I can tell you’re one of the many that got turned away, you non Concord wearing ass bastard.

        • AIR PENNY

          I got mine this morning.? I didn’t blow many men to get it like you and brag about it.? LOL!

          • RDogg23

            No, but you were one of the many apes running around the parking lot, causing this shit to be local news and for cops to pulled away from more important shit than this. So your crooked teeth fucking THUG ass can be out there with the other pieces of shit.

          • AIR PENNY

            Man, I got mine on Finishline.? I got connects at DTLR and Footlocker, but I am a Penny man, these are the only Jordans I had to cop.? MERRY CHRISTMAS man! Enjoy your kicks, as I will wait for 5-7 days for mine to come.

    • MichealH

      Somebody should of bodied your dumb dick riding ass

    • Eric Fresh

      Show off

  • meetmeatyourmoms

    Aye R Dogg…. that doesn’t quite look like the box that I got from footlocker partner… I’m sorry, but I think you got Got with some Foo Gazeys!!! HAHAHA Sorry and Merry Christmas!

    • RDogg23

      How do you like them apples!!! You DUMB TRUCK!!!

      • Tsktsk

        He called you a truck! lmfaooooo “MMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMM, im done!”.

  • Sam

    Do you guys think they’ll restock?

    • Javierz888


  • Aa

    11.5 for sale 500

    • Eli Moore

      go to hell.

    • FonzY

      This is exactly why the shoe game is a mess niggas like this

    • Craig Washington

      u a clown…times is hard u think anybody gone drop 500 for a shoe? smh you would be a terrible salesman?

      • 2days2morrow

        No he?wouldn’t?them shits are going for $400-$700 on?eBay

        •!/Tahoe17 Tahoe Seventeen

          They are asking for that much, I’m sure they’ll just sit until the price comes down. The desperation wears off and people aren’t willing to pay as much.

  • Aa

    I’ll go to hell with your mother and some Jordan’s

    • Eli Moore

      im glad you know you will die with them still in your possession with that unprofessional outrageous listing.

  • Youngdice2007

    aye fuhc every shoe website tha supposedly sold these nd fuhc everybody dat got a pair becuz i dnt goyt a pair



      Hey idiot, hear to spell.? You don’t need any Jordan XI’s.? You need to go back to school and learn your ABC’s and how how to read.? You are pathetic….I hate dumb ignorant people who can’t spell or don’t try to.? For Christmas, I am buying you HOOKED ON PHONICS.

      • Youngdice2007

        Thanks for that lesson, Air Penny. I just want to ask are you an?English or something because you just got a little too upset over someones spelling on a SHOE website. It’s the holidays, lighten up. Any you spelled?there’s?no “H” in learn you?hypocrite.?

        • AIR PENNY

          I was mad because I thought I was having a stroke when I read your earlier message. Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!

    • inGEEnius

      “aye fuhc every shoe website tha supposedly sold these nd fuhc everybody dat got a pair becuz i dnt goyt a pair ”


  • Jmares4

    here in austin they shut us down for the midnight release

  • Tylerreynolds

    Seriously will they restock if so predict when

    • Guest


    • Eric Fresh

      If they didn’t restock the black 3s they ain’t going to restock these…but that’s just my prediction.

  • Darnell Yancey

    What type of “complete history” is this? This is not any news.



      NICEKICKS suck….there are plenty of other good shoe forums.? SNEAKERFLIES and SOLE Collector, etc.?

      PS: I only come hear to read these dumb articles Matt’s faggy people write.? I also come hear to read people’s comments.

      Nicekicks just recylces other good shoe blogs’ material.

      • Mr. Y.U.NO.

        don’t we all come to read this articles? and it’s actually here…. not hear

        • justdfacts

          And it is actually these, not this…

      • FlavorFLAV

        I agree 100% I usually go to one website first won’t say the name cause nicekicks took it down the last time I posted it. But everything they talk about relating to kicks picks in all same exact article nicekicks have the very next day. They go rob this website for the sneaker stalker pics!! This website can’t survive on its on stop stealing articles NICEKICKS…

      • Eric Fresh

        Not always..and I got on sole collector, sneaker freaker and a few others.? Nice kicks smokes Kicks on Fire, that’s for sure.

  • Kristopher Allblackeverything

    RIP Tyreek amir jacobs killed over a pair of concords

  • Anonymous

    So glad I didn’t have to stand in line for them. Should be here in 5-7 days.

  • Treshawn Jamel Clark

    I gotta size 8 looking for a trade for 9.5?

  • Rob

    hyped shoe to say the least………all you wanna be sneakerheads only want the shoe because everybody else does……this shoe material gon be trash and bland as fuck….ill just wait on the 12s to release next year

    • BeverlyCenTer

      Nigga shut yo broke ass up. If you wanna talk sneakerheads this should be one of the first on your wackass list. If you can’t copp these that was on one don’t try coming on here talking shit about a very respected shoe.

      • ROB

        well seems to me your all butt hurt because i dont like? a shoe …lol everybody wants to be tough i dont see what the point is of you getting all?tough ?especially considering the fact you named your post after a mall. but ok anyway like i said buddy if you want the shoes?because? they make your little vagina wet, enjoy.? theres nothing wrong with different opions but all and all you calling me broke and talkig about a list has nothing to do with what i said. Also you defending the shoe as if your getting some type of kickback from jordan brand , lol. check this out FUCK HISTORY,? AND MOST OF ALL FUCK YOU AND YOUR OPINION ON THE SITUATION AND THE CHRISTMAS LIST YOU PUT THESE SHOES ON. At the end of the day i buy what i wantwhen i want and dont worry about anything else because im good like i said before ill be getting the 12s when they? drop because thats the number i like……….P.S. YOURE A PUSSY AND I HAVE NO DOUBT THAT IF WE WERE IN PERSON YOUD BE ON HUSH MODE, BECAUSE I WOULD SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF YOU FOR HALF OF THAT QUOTE YOU SAID BUDDY, BUT IM NOT GONNA PLAY THE TOUGH GUY ROLE OVER NICE KICKS BLOG JUST KNOW THAT NIGGAS GET HURT FOR LESS JUST GOOGLE SLIM DUNKIN.

    • Eric Fresh

      Quality seems good to me man.

      • Rob

        idk bruh? jordan brand has been releasing less and less shoes with good material, i dont know if its because of the great increase for the shoe or what . the cardinal 7 material was trash just as the white and red infared 6s leather . the orions were trash and spammed like hell by boot-leggers the last pair that had good material was the black 3s and the bordeaux’s. to be honest i just dont like the shoe. people make such a big deal over the fact that people dont like what they like to the fact that they become disrespectful. fact is if you like em gettem but if i dont im entitled not to.

  • Ser Baffo

    Got a size 10 1/2 for sale Highest Bidder

  • Johnson611

    you fools standing in line… Got mine, no lines, in my warm house. Most of yal are tryna cop them off the strength off how much hype there is behind them . Prolly gonna wear em with a Jordan sweat suit or some shit….smh


      I can’t stand these kids 18-21 who buy kicks we wore in high school.? These are meant for us.? You young dumb kids need to go wear Jordan Hybrids!? These were made for you.? Lay off the classic retros, those are for us…who actually saw Michael Jordan play throughout this career and has seen him live at NBA games.

      PS: As a matter of fact, you kids that wear those skin tight, butt hugger, painted on jeans (Kanye’s fruity ass wears them too) should stick to SUPRAS. That’s your generation.? LOL!? When we went to school, Men were Men.? Now half of you dudes are gay… is a epidemic. LOL!

      • Anonymous

        Get your Old Pele Pele wearing,Tall Tee staining,Dirty Old Fittied Cap wearing ass?
        back on the unemployment line.?

      • PoppinBottles

        I have to disagree who the hell made this rule? Dude shut up!

      • Youngdice2007

        You sound younger than “18-21”, get a life..

      • freeballer

        People like you who act like there are cliques are what are ruining the game.

      • Craig Washington

        u think jordan or any of us giva fuck bout you wearin these in highschool?, nigga u were jus like us wantin a pair of j’s wtf are talkin bout “these shoes are for us” nigga i got my pair an ima rock the hell outta of em giva fuck wat chu say, yea i was too young to?remember?jordan playing but i respect his game an i kno he was one of the greatest…im 20 years old an i still rock baggy clothes an i fuck bitches so dont?classify?me as those new gay tight jean wearin dudes?

        • AIR PENNY

          Then you are cool my man.? -AIR PENNY

  • HeGotShoeGame

    My connect hooked it up. 2 pair sz 10. No troubles…happy christmannakawanza!

  • Channingreddick

    just got my pair

  • concord 11’s

    i got six pair size 12 and size 7 400

    • Retroeleven

      how much for size 12, i got 300!!!

  • Elias

    I had em about a week ago but i went with my boy to stand in line at my local mall, shit was intense!

    • ILLpissonu

      And let me guess you wore your concords!!! Lame

  • Memo7489

    I was at a midnight release at the House of Hoops. Shit was crazy. Lots of sacrifice for these. I was there for 16 hrs. Makes me? not wanna wear these shoes ever!! ANd if i do ever wear them, A nigga better not step on my shoes…

    • MarcusJ

      Haha agreed was at the Santa Ana mall for 16 1/2 hours shit was KRAY!! Niggas almost fighting behind these joints. Was it worth the wait? YES will I do this again NO i’m getting too old for campouts!


      That is long time to wait… can make $400 in that much time, 16 hours.? I got my online though, sh*t is crazy with all websites not working.? I finally got one on Finishline.? I am very pressed because this is the first time I got this shoe and I hope my order went through.? I never owned an XI, because I wear mainly Penny shoes.? It was easier getting FOAMS, AJV’s and any shoe I wanted….but to get an AJXI and not pay an arm and leg was worth it.? I guess waiting 16 hours is worth it and I would do the same.? Maybe I would get 2 pairs.

  • Chris Williams

    Have a sz 9.5 and 14 available for sale.? Offer up on those, hmu at

  • Maurikaturner09

    Anyone have size 8 that i can buy?

    • Loyalty305

      I have a size 8 three pairs what are you offering didn’t plan on sellin them, they are my size but if it’s worth it I might let one go. Ht me up email

  • SneakerFanBeck

    If you nee a size 10.5 ,, email me @ wit a price!! No trades!!!

    • Loyalty305

      Also got a size 12 so far my highest bidder is 300 and that’s a local pick up, send me offers it’ll go to highest bid…my email is

  • Jay Ave

    yo it was madness out there! I couldnt even get a pair, fuck it tho, you hypebeasts are ruining the shit for the real sneakerheads. Youll be on to the next fad in a year or 2.? SMH at all the kids in line rockin vans.

  • jaysAndretti

    That 18-21 year old shit was dumb .. My dad bought me every OG Jordan for me when i was a kid from 1993 till 2000… I’m 18 and I rock retros proudly because for me it’s tradition and they look fresh as hell!.. People are going ta stay salty because they didn’t cop these

    • Jay Ave

      agreed, true heads can be any age. Im only 24, but you can tell which ones are just hypebeasts and trend followers.


      Okay you are the exception.? I am tired of all these hypebeast buying sh*T mainly to reSELL it for double the cost, that’s why these shoes went up from $135.00 to $180.00!!? Nike does not like people reselling it.? I started the shoe game in like 1996 and I had over 250 different pairs of Nikes that I wore in 1998 when I got really crazy.? One Manager (FootAction Security Sq. mall in 2001) asked me if I was a SNEAKER FREAK….like something was wrong with me.? I am always in the stores in all malls looking for my kicks.? Now….it seems everyone is a sneaker freak.? LOL!

      • Deestrukt

        Nike LOOOOOOOOVES resellers.? They are indispensable cog in the hype machine.? Plus eBay is like the stock market of sneakers.? Its a barometer of demand and perceived value as well as a free marketing juggernaut. ? Officially, they will distance themselves from resellers and make it harder to cop in crazy numbers, but that is only to keep the demand as high as possible.

  • SneakerFanBeck

    Highest offer for a pair of 10.5 concords is 225 right now. Email me @ if u wanna bid higher!

    • Anonymous

      that’s reasonable, re-sellers are asking for $400+…, and no standing in line in the cold, no risk getting mugged, stabbed or killed for them… :/

  • Garrett Harvest

    I waited 7 1/2 hours but at least I got em, the shoes look way better in person. RIP to those that died trying to get em. But that just shows we have a piece of history fellas. Some dude offered 350 for my spot in line…sheesh!

  • Garrett Harvest

    By the way anybody have a 9.5 and/or 7, because my girl missed out and she wanted to get her brother some.

  • Eric Fresh

    I got a mines!? Not too much stress either.? I got lucky I heard people were pepper sprayed at other malls.

  • Garrett Harvest

    I will be doing the same thing next year

  • Doernbecher 3

    If anyone knows where I can get a pair of Concords in a 15 email me :

  • ConcordSuck

    These shoes are ugly as fuck, its like planet of the apes down in ATL malls over these shoes.. look at the news.

  • hate fags

    @Air Penny
    Fuck you air penny you did create shoes nor were the first to buy n will not be the last go suck a dick

  • mcFLY

    Copped Follow me @HoesLove_GUAPO if you a sneaker head or a bad bitch lol

  • hate fags

    @Air Penny
    Fuck you air penny you did not *create shoes nor were the first to buy them n will not be the last go suck a dick

  • zharmane tv

    @ Garrett Harvest1 I have 9.5 what are you trying to pay for them n please no low balling

  • zharmane tv

    @ Garrett Harvest1 I have 9.5 what are you trying to pay for them n please no low balling

  • fevah blokk

    how much his for them shits though??

  • HeGotShoeGame

    What do y’all think about using one of my concords to ball in…you know there intended use? They known to be durable? I know the patent will get its scuffs but will the shoe itself hold up?

  • rdy2play36

    Got mine on the way from Nike cannot wait these are almost as sick as the 4’s releasing in Feb 2012

  • rdy2play36

    hell ya, RIP

  • Prez Ward

    It’s crazy how the bottom turn yellow. Man if I got these I’d would been mad ass f*ck! Waste of $190 got damn, dollars! SMH

  • Guest

    will any store restock the concords ????

    • Anonymous

      No when they gone they gone. Gotta hit up one of these online stores and pay that extra $.

  • Jeffrey Keil

    Im absolutely sick with anger! I woke up at 4 AM and got in line before 5, THEY RAN OUT RIGHT WHEN I WAS AT THE DOOR! idk what the fuck ima do…

  • HeGotShoeGame

    @ Darryl … I think the quality is pretty solid. I would agree w/ Rob on some of the shoes he mentioned with terrible materials being used…idk maybe the sweat shop kid didn’t have ample lighting to know he grabbed the plastic leather for the knock offs as opposed to the better leather for the over paying Americans. I’m wondering what the quality will be for balling tho…I’m on the fence in regards to that. Most my J’s I rock casually so. I would also agree w Rob that if u dig the shoe, get it. I think this purchase was worth it. If only ppl would respond in a civil n amicable way…blogs would be more informative.

    • Darryl

      I completely agree, thanks man.

  • infa23

    I didnt get mine today but the footlocker at the mall where I live are getting them on Tuesday this next week

  • Darryl

    Can anyone comment on the quality? Worth the $180+?

  • Tcbwonder

    Never will restock, u crazy if you think so.? Got my pair playas!! Waited in line for a few hours, got maced, knocked a nig out and I got my concords, rocked them today stuntin on errbody.? If you don’t got a pair you just hatin!!! Nuff said!?

    • Anonymous

      Ayo I’m interested in hearing your story LOL!!! When the space jams came out everybody on the site posted their stories, so what happened?

  • Jmoneymaker805

    Got size 10,11 for sell hit me up 9548225459 350 for size 11 400 for size 10

    • Sam

      you must not be that bright, posting your phone number on a public forum 😐

      • Loyalty305

        I just got my hands on a size 11, the 12 I had I sold….send me offers to my email

  •!/Tahoe17 Tahoe Seventeen

    Too much chaos for these!

  • Lanolano Dp

    Im starting a campaign. I need everybody to get on board.
    Bring back the snake skin 11s and the all white with the baby blue bottom 11s too

  • Marcochaponan

    Are any stores restocking these?

  • Kingbling07

    Alright fellas, if you missed out on em, my lil brother selling his pair for 150, size 10.5

  • guest 2.0

    Concords size 11 still on the ups truck offer!

  • Jevans_mal I have a pair for sale..size 12?$325 brand new with footlocker reciept.!!

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