Air Jordan 11 Low “Playoff”

Are lows next? They just might be. After seeing the ?Concord? Air Jordan 11 Low in detail and on the feet of MJ, we now get a good look at the ?Playoff? colorway. Right now these are just dubbed a sample, but we can only hope that?s preceded by upcoming.

Source: Solefly


  1. gq777 says:

    omg……………been waiting for these

    1. auto-spell says:


      1. HeroAJ says:

        who complains about AJ11Lows tht arent IEs??wtf??

      2. Upsilon says:

        I like em better like this…

      3. dnice919 says:

        ur a dick?

    2. JW1797 says:

      I’m gonna go to Nike and somehow blackmail them into givin me these and the concord low’s early, like now.

  2. Browndaddy says:

    dat shit cray

    1. kike30 says:

      aint it jay?

      1. 24griffey24 says:

        what she order

        1. foamking757 says:

          fish fillet

          1. Will F says:


  3. ian solomon says:

    these fucking harddddd?

  4. YoungYeezy says:

    Uhhhh….No Thanks.

    1. 350 says:

      good. more for us

    1. Whip says:

      GOOF ASS

  5. Worm says:

    These and the concord lows are dope. Rather cop the lows

    1. mr.sneaker says:

      Stop it

      1. Charles Dennis III says:

        chill out

  6. Ihopid says:

    These are NICE.. Low Tops are Always Bomb for the Summertime rocking Hooping Shorts and a Fitted

  7. ambz123 says:

    Materials nasty, ill pass

  8. Evan says:

    wheres the mesh??

  9. wow, if these DROP!?!?….man, JB will be murking everyones pockets in 2012. would be dope if they released the Concord Lows and Playoff Lows in a package..

    1. Hilyte Music Dot Com says:

      That would be a crazy release if that ever happened!!!

    2. whats the point?? buying them separately costs the same as buying them together so…

  10. Raebeathea says:

    Wen these drop gotta have then

  11. SirJb says:

    not really feeling the material. dont go together.

  12. Drizzle1005 says:

    These are atrocious .. please no JB

  13. Anonymous says:

    These should be more than just a sample if they put the mesh back in. I would love a pair though.

  14. Hoon65 says:

    i like the leather insted of mesh on these lows its a nice change

  15. Bigg_gemm33 says:

    I think they are pretty sick, I’d get them for sure!!!

  16. Lamont_zello says:

    looks like some grown man shyt

  17. HeroAJ says:

    i get a feeling JB is gona drop these yo…im gona just keep praying for it

  18. ShoeGameElite says:

    they kinda ugly and odd looking.. IE’s look better.. in my opinion…
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