Are lows next? They just might be. After seeing the ?Concord? Air Jordan 11 Low in detail and on the feet of MJ, we now get a good look at the ?Playoff? colorway. Right now these are just dubbed a sample, but we can only hope that?s preceded by upcoming.

Source: Solefly

  • gq777

    omg……………been waiting for these

    • auto-spell


      • HeroAJ

        who complains about AJ11Lows tht arent IEs??wtf??

      • Upsilon

        I like em better like this…

      • dnice919

        ur a dick?

    • JW1797

      I’m gonna go to Nike and somehow blackmail them into givin me these and the concord low’s early, like now.

  • 2uincy Candor

    These are hot.

  • Browndaddy

    dat shit cray

    • kike30

      aint it jay?

      • 24griffey24

        what she order

        • foamking757

          fish fillet

          • Will F


  • ian solomon

    these fucking harddddd?

  • YoungYeezy

    Uhhhh….No Thanks.

    • 350

      good. more for us

  • Ihopid


    • Whip

      GOOF ASS

  • Worm

    These and the concord lows are dope. Rather cop the lows

    • mr.sneaker

      Stop it

      • Charles Dennis III

        chill out

  • Ihopid

    These are NICE.. Low Tops are Always Bomb for the Summertime rocking Hooping Shorts and a Fitted

  • ambz123

    Materials nasty, ill pass

  • Evan

    wheres the mesh??

    • Trey Hemingway

      its a sample.?

  • Trey Hemingway

    wow, if these DROP!?!?….man, JB will be murking everyones pockets in 2012. would be dope if they released the Concord Lows and Playoff Lows in a package..

    • Hilyte Music Dot Com

      That would be a crazy release if that ever happened!!!

    • Ron Simms Jr.

      whats the point?? buying them separately costs the same as buying them together so…

  • Raebeathea

    Wen these drop gotta have then

  • SirJb

    not really feeling the material. dont go together.

  • Drizzle1005

    These are atrocious .. please no JB

  • Anonymous

    These should be more than just a sample if they put the mesh back in. I would love a pair though.

  • Hoon65

    i like the leather insted of mesh on these lows its a nice change

  • Bigg_gemm33

    I think they are pretty sick, I’d get them for sure!!!

  • Lamont_zello

    looks like some grown man shyt

  • HeroAJ

    i get a feeling JB is gona drop these yo…im gona just keep praying for it

  • ShoeGameElite

    they kinda ugly and odd looking.. IE’s look better.. in my opinion…
    check out my youtube page… ShoeGameElite for vids,reviews,tips… and add on Fb…ShoeGameElite

  • Scott

    imma pass

  • zvz

    the red lining throws it off

  • Wassupfoo

    whats mesh?

  • Blue

    need the mesh?lost longer?

    you?kinda?of?tried?this with the cool gray 11?suede


  • Craig Washington

    not feelin it smh

  • Halfmanhalfamazing72

    They already ?have that style in a running shoe……. Maybe a high top with the air bubble like the 2.0s would be better!

  • Marc Zuzolo

    There White upper not black, and they might have IE

  • Michaelknight1011


  • Lanolano Dp

    Jordan should bring back the snake skin 11s for next year.

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