Can you believe we’re only two days away from the biggest sneaker release of the year? The Air Jordan 11 “Concord” will be a pretty hard shoe to come by considering the demand behind it. However, if you’re in the Austin area, know that the Nice Kicks shop will have the “Concord” Air Jordan 11 in all shapes and sizes Thursday night at midnight. No matter what size you’re looking for (adult, GS, PS, toddler, infant), the “Concord” 11s look extremely crispy and are a definite must-have. Check out photos of all sizes and view our store information below.

Air Jordan 11
White/Black-Dark Concord
378037-107-Adult ($180), 378038-107-GS ($120), 378039-109-PS ($75) 378040-107-Toddler ($55), 378049-107-Infant ($45)
December 23, 2011

Nice Kicks
2815 Guadalupe
Austin, TX 78705

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” GS

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” GS

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” GS

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” GS

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” PS

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” PS

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” PS

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” PS

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” PS

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” Toddler

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” Toddler

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” Toddler

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” Toddler

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” Gift Pack (Infant)

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” Gift Pack (Infant)

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” Gift Pack (Infant)

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” Gift Pack (Infant)

  • S Bailey

    If you sleeping on these you on Santa’s naughty list…shame on you

    • KOBE


      • real1

        what happen? i was just there

    • Anthonygolden18

      what time is everybody getting in line

      • Bigshirt21


      • Kgcj85

        Not gonna be in line…I got that inside connect…I will have mine by 5:00 today…YEA BOY!!!!!

        • Denisealston

          hook me up need a pair

    • Thomasslayday

      pass im gunna fall in line for the new shape ups release, raw as fawk!

      • Pyrojf

        I have an attachment to these specific jordans… i grew up watching jordan and the bulls i remember the comeback wearing these shoes and 45… these are the first jordans i bought with my own money… NOSTALGIA… im literaly buying nostalgia. Except im probably not gonna play Bball in these.

    • Bolon3761

      wasnt sleeping…they only hade 2 pair at finish line….an 16 pair at footlocker….waited all night..sux..crazy stampede…really wanted them!

  • Smitty023

    excellent shoe i am looking forward to copping these. retail is definitely the way to go yo!

  • Armando Alcantara

    So why do I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t want these shoes??

    • J. Slack

      probably all of the hoopla around it. if i didn’t think i’d regret it later on I’d pass cause of all of the hype.?

      • Nick Mastro

        fuck the hype. this is and always will be one of the greatest jordans of all time

        • Anonymous

          you should have started with “imma let you finish”

          • MelloShon

            haha, but yeah im looking forward to a campout

      • guest

        this is ugly

      • sneakahead

        I’m the same way. i know ill regret it later if i don’t get them, but prob wouldn’t cop if not for all the hype

    • Pyro

      Your not the only one…

    • Leezy

      Don’t Worry You Not, They Over Hyped IMO, They Are Not Even In The Top 3 Of The 11 Series If You Wanna Be Honest…

      Top XI
      1. Bred XI
      2. Cool Grey
      2B. Space Jams?
      Columbia’s Then These Concords..!!!

      • Shway Mayfield

        NIGGA PLEASE!!!!

        • Leezy

          Its Always An Ignorant Person In 1 Of These SMH…

          • MelloShon

            Still, these are the OG Colorway, these arent ones he wore in a cartoon, these arent ones he wore with the wizards, these are a retro of THE 1995 AIR JORDAN XI

        • P-Money


      • Thomasslayday

        why doesnt that list include shape ups in there?!?!? those are my grails!

      • MBFLIGHT21


  • SneakerHead_23

    I had an orgasim just lookin at these pics friday needs to hurry up nd get here

    •!/Tahoe17 Tahoe Seventeen

      Not that serious and you spelled ORGASM wrong!

  • Anonymous

    passing on these and no I won’t regret it?

    • Nick Mastro

      yeah you will

      • blumpkin

        regretting buying shoes is like regretting gettin your d wet. jus sayin

        • fuck_those_lines

          nah there’s always next time

      • Anonymous


      • guest

        this shoes are ugly.Jordan dick rider

  • Zick

    good ima need one of each

  • Itcrob

    Can’ t deal with all the HYPE anymore…

  • Stpimpin25

    Goin down Thursday night/Friday morning

    • what?

      youll se me standing in line at sketchers for the new shape ups!

      • MEAT


      • D Mail Man

        Dis guy got my poster in his room.

  • LaFlare SoIcey

    no mid-night release here in Maryland tmrrw that fucked up,fuck it i aint sleeping tmrrw nite umma stay up?

    • MIke

      No midnight release in Maryland? U sure cuz I know pg county stay having mid night releases

      • LaFlare SoIcey

        my friend call up at the blvd they said no mid-night release but they will be open at 7am. but am gonna call all them shoe stores at the BLVD and PG Mall to make sure

        • MBFLIGHT21


  • LaFlare SoIcey

    i aint the first or some where in the middle of the line or if i dnt get my pair umma let the choppa loose

    • Naptowns Finest

      Preach!!! I definately had the ak ready on space jam release day!

      • Naptowns Finest

        Niggas is lucky I got my size 12 or somebody wouldve had the worst christmas ever! I didnt buy a ak 47 for nothing!

  • CUZO904

    Its not about the hype even though there’s a lot of it…this is arguably the BEST SNEAKER EVER

    • Naptowns Finest


  • Southside

    Ok if you are a sneakerhead or just an ordinary joe that likes kicks these are a must. If you don’t have the funds just say that. Don’t hate on the shoe cause you know yo money funny right now.

    • blumpkin

      word. when your broke as me scrappin to get a pair, just back the hell off and wait for your day when you can flex nuts and robo cop without caring.?

  • IMDenise

    I wear a kids 6.5 or 6 and with all this damn hype i’m nervous I just might not be getting a pair! Everybody and there grandmas bout to be in line for these SMH I hate standing in line but I guess i’m going to have to.

    • JW1797

      I pre-ordered mine of the Nike website.

      • Robinsonsam20


  • Allen


  • John Estrada

    All sizes BUT 15 right?

    • Rg

      if you wear a size 15 kill ya self

      • JE

        No you should kill yourself, your girl tells me everyday how she wish’s you wear a bigger size and?didn’t?wear the same shoe size she does

      • MelloShon

        How about we dont promote suicide on a damn sneaker blog

  • Ronkd30

    what time yall plan on going to the mall?

    • MoneyMindedENT


  • Amber Williams

    what time all yall going to start lining up??

    • Thornhill98


    • LaFlare SoIcey

      umma go at 10pm if not early stores here in Maryland gon open at 7am

  • Naptowns Finest

    air jordan xi is the best shoe made period! I got my cuz in iowa grabbing me a pair down there so me and my cuz in naptown can film the mayhem! If you thought the space jam line was crazy wait til friday its gonna be crazy!

  • Igotgameronron

    how early are you going to line up , before the store opens

    • Thornhill98

      right now

  • Aj425074

    Shit i got 4diff locations to stop n cop so i aint trippin dem jays already n the bag. Now dat limited holliday pack is wat im after dat will b hard ta get for og price

    • Anthony Savoy


  • Fifa Pele’

    Greatest Jordan of all time…

  • Whore

    GOAT?! Really?! 3-9 buk erthing else

    • Mr1stackOutfitz

      I agree with you but I say 3-8 and 11 by far the illest Jordan’s. You know us 30 and up club know this and we don’t just buy cause of hype. Jordan’s are like time machines they remind where you were back in the mid 80’s, 90 and 2k ya dig. Y’all fake hype beast know nothing. Also if you do buy sneakers put some swag with them, and don’t have them laced like you hooping in them have you Looking extra unswagged throw some GG’s on ya belt, YSL, hermes, trues, or Fitch on don’t be looking square also you already know my 11’s want see the air until summer time no jean denim bleeding on mine. I got my size 9, wifeys size 6, and my son size 9 gs like always perfered customer already been paid for for 2 weeks picking them up in Thursday cause my store say the ain’t risking being shot lol

      • Daylan Johnson

        Shut your old ass up you should of grown out of this stage,? Us late 80s and early 90s babies have the childhood memories of these when we idolize MJ and couldn’t get the js bcuz they were too much, you old niggaz where grown then idolizing someone as old as you. We are the Air Jordan generation not you bum niggas

      • Louie Louie Louie

        you fucking asshole….you’re putting Hermes and Abercrombie? on the same sentence, as if they were SIMILAR????? You disgusting tasteless piece of shit…

      • Branegames

        Haha…nigga why are you living…please don’t EVER procreate!!

  • Poppin 30

    What does ps mean?

    • Dave


  • swagOnHaterzOut

    These right here is ah must have a lot of people been waiting on these and I herd lines is stupid crazy in the chi and Ny But Im coppin three pair ?

  • HIM

    Gotta have em

  • @NikesLacedTight

    Does anyone know how much they’ll cost for infants??

    • Kevin Soundz


  • Dope<3

    GS sizes ?

  • Kevin Soundz

    ugh we got a 6am release in dallas i think ima go at 1am…wish me luck

    •!/Tahoe17 Tahoe Seventeen

      Why you post your face tho fam? lol

  • Antoniohampton36

    them junk go hard real g Shit

  • Scott

    im gonna cop them

  • knoshit

    will be in line 2ma morning at 6…lawn chair loud and my ipod lls midnight release! 18 HOURS!!! gotta have em

  • Avemaria evans

    dumb question -.- it’s at the top

  • Anonymous

    Long line at Northline in Houston already!!!

  • Avemaria evans

    but yayyy only $120 in my size ^.^

  • imnotracistih8evryone

    bleezy,ipad,iphone,rachet just incase,lawn chair n im there in a few hours.

    • MelloShon

      iPhone check, Lawn Chair check, Winter Coat check, Breakfast check, Gun jk, Ok got everything, SHIT!!!! Forgot wallet!!!!

  • D3rrtydarun

    Copped mine yesterday in the for 200 even. The Owner ?opened the gate saying We only got 11 pair these cats few to the register lol me and my brother still got that 11 and 10 fuck waiting in line if u in Chicago there s hella places to cop early if you know where to go.

    • Leezy

      Where @ Bro, Cause My Cousin Tryna Cop ASAP…

      • SupportGoodBusiness

        shit if you close enough to river oaks go to dtlr if you catch the right motherfucker they hook it up

  • Opey76

    very nice

  • yuppitsme

    i hope i get my hands on a pair im praying

  • LaFlare SoIcey

    if u sleep or this or u didnt get ur size u gone have a nightmare when u go to sleep that same day. and when u see people rock em u gon faint and paralyze cuz they the shit they break necks especially somebody with small feets rock em

  • LaFlare SoIcey

    umma bring me an Armor Tank truck with me tmrrw night if i dnt get my pair,am going to war am spraying destroyin the entire MD believe that

    • Spidey

      I live in md (pg) Perfect reason why I’m just going to grab a pair of space jams so I can at least wear them to HS

  • Ben Taylor

    Having size 11 sucks, thats the first size gone haha what time should i be there if they open at 7AM

    • RDogg23

      How about….RIGHT NOW.

  • ???

    Do Size 12 sell out quick?

  • C32351

    You all can have the concords. I’m straight with my DS pair of DMP 11’s. Quality is better, they more comfortable on feet, and it has the clear sole. I bet the color way on the concords is black, white, concord, and university blue for the soles

  • DeLeon Hughes

    What stores get that limited edition holiday pack?

  • Daylan Johnson

    I find it amusing how every year no matter what XI is released its immediately the best ever. GTFOH ppl always talking bout hypebeast and complaning but yall are the hypebeast. These are replicas of the OG that what retros are replicas of the original. Thats why Nike doesn’t release exact copies of the OG. Now if these were the OGs from 95 yeah by all means call them the greatest but if you seen the OGs and seen these are by far not the same shoe. If you get them nice if not don’t worry. Chicago 10s are a way hotter release since they have Never been retroe’d these have been retroe’d twiced if you include the DMPs. Look in the mirror you are the hypebeast this shoe is nice but its not 6+ hours camping nice like they aren’t a bin or any other limited release. C’mon son

    • Anonymous

      People just wants some nice lookin shoe to Rock not no OG that us sneakerHeads already go to kep DeadStock so stop the hatin thers no need to write a paragraph?on why you mad at the release or why people shouldnt camp for someshoes they like lmao!!

      • Daylan Johnson

        OK is a nice pair of shoes worth a day of your life NO, I only camped out 12 hours for bins 7s are there were only 2059 of them. Cats are already out there for this GR, (insert reply to Gary here) and that’s my point lol

    • Gary

      STFU….. Bitches always talking about OG this and OG that.?You sound like you just learned the term OG.?Sneakers get changed for a reason. If you’re going to camp then camp I would never do it but hey some people do.

      • Daylan Johnson

        What I am saying is we are hyping the shoes up too much, its a GR and its already been retroe’d before. Thats why the ppl are camping out for them a day ahead bcuz everyday you got new pics of the same shoe for like the last three months so they thank it’s something special and its not. These shoes will not be valued bcuz their re-retros like the 10′ flints and you see nobody camp for those bcuz there is no need too. It just baffles me that WE(sneakerheads) are taking a re-retro this serious not knocking the ppl who don’t know better

        • Gary

          Again STFU…… Who cares if its been released mad times. You ever think that people missed out on it the last time and now they want it. You ever think its a new generation of sneaker heads sprouting up. You seem older but a child is born just about everyday so they want to jump in on the sneak game too. Plenty of reasons why someone might camp out for these. Fall back and wake up early to go cop or just STFU.

          • Dinky19810

            you got that right….go cop or STFU…HaHa

          • Daylan Johnson

            People died and fought over these shoes in the last 24 hours see my point this is what hype does, I got my two in the comfort of my own home

  • fm23

    Are these going to be sold online? If so, where?

  • Silk4534

    im getting them 120 for a 7 year old call me crazy but me and lil man gone be fresh but 120
    cmon mj u gotta do the kids for 80-100

  • Porterericp

    Hopefully 11pm will get her done.. I don’t care I’m getting my pair irregarless lol

  • Wegetbusy

    One thing for sure if footlocker sell out the hood always got them. I haven’t grabbed a Jordan on the actual release date in years. Its Just a sneak

  • Tianli Jia

    ComON everybody! Let’s go and rock the store tonight!! This the moment of the year I’ve been waiting!!

  • J Co

    Dont know if theyll be hard to come by, not here in OZ anyway… in my state, we had like 5 FootLocker stores get the SpaceJam, for the Concords, there is 15 FL stores, just in my area. let alone the country. They are gonna sit for days. All though we pay $215 for em, so a bit more expensive than you guys.

  • Reynoldsmj8

    Its a rap a def cop for me im tryn 2 b greedy to 2 pair but I wish they had the jordanz on the boftom of the soles like the gs tho

  • BasedKidd97

    lol ian gotta wait in line i know someone on my block or gym class gone have em lol its K’O SEASON WHEN I SEE EM IN SIZE 10.5

    •!/Tahoe17 Tahoe Seventeen

      Knock that weak sh*t off you broke bum! Only bum n*ggas say ignorant sh*t like this!

      • BasedKidd97

        broke bum never i got better shit ta spend my money on ?besides my bro wear da same size anyway so he gone waste his on it n ima wear em FUCK BOI?
        oh and igronant;Yes ]
        Broke bum; neverr

        • GuyAboveMeIsABrokeA$$Bum

          BROKE ASS BUM!

    • Gary

      BUM…… Another video posted of kids fighting over sneakers. Would of thought dudes would act better after that fiasco.

  • Mynameonacloud

    I don’t like getting or robbed for shoes that took less than 50$ to get produced so I’m just going to a pair of 09 space jams for retail

    • GuyAboveMeIsAnotherBrokeA$$Bum


      • spidey

        Calm ya self down i’m 16 there’s plenty of people at my school who got still space jams and said they will sell i’m getting the pair after the break…bitch ass nigga

  • Rbris03

    Can’t wait for that new Jordan smell in the morning…was 1st in line for the 3s hopefully my luck hasn’t ran out yet

  • rant and whine

    wait till that sole gets yellow and you’ll throw up

  • Williamsuca

    yeah this is big… there are people camping out here in S.korea..itaewon…
    guess I’ll be ordering mine online… :-(


    Yall Niggas is all talkinq about campinq and shit LOL, My Manager is already Holding my pair down for me and my other associates so we’re chilling. Goodluck to you Campers

  • Johndough

    who’s coppin theirs from river oaks?

  • Jays4life

    other than the nice kicks shop, what stores will have the concords?

  • Djjavi5600

    10 am and already a long ass line in H-Town

  • Nizzlepizzle

    Got mine already from Foot Action they hook it up, just gave a $50 tip!!!

  • bobbyl

    If you’re passing on these its beause you dont have the $200 to get them lol

  • dee

    Someone loan me $180 bills so a Brotha can get those concords. I have to fire my girl this month so I don’t have to buy her a Xmas gift…. Sneakers come first.

    • Gary

      Weak… A real G would make her buy them.

  • Dirk

    Got mines last Saturday for retail from a hookup. I ain’t got time for the lines.

  • whatmeworry


  • BlacArmz

    Damn cuz… U goin wear another grown man’s shoes?!?!?! Fuc outa here!!! Das wat females do!!!

    •!/Tahoe17 Tahoe Seventeen

      I can smell the anger through my monitor.


    Bring 2 cans of Bear Mace just in case! Black Rambo!

  • LaFlare SoIcey

    the BLVD in largo is doing a mid-night release tonight umm finna catch the metro and head up there right now

  • JC

    Will these be sold online?

  • MelloShon

    Cop 3 pair, ones to rock, ones to stock, ones for my infant nefew

  • JC

    Will these shoes be sold online tonight?

  • Kevin

    air people r stravin/losin thr roofs. get ur minds rite!

  • LaFlare SoIcey

    i got the last pair of SZ 11 at the BLVD footlocker last night am blessed as motherfucker. them bitch azz police niggaz almost cost me my shit telling niggaz to back up and shit unless they gon shut the store down.

  • LaFlare SoIcey

    i got a sz 11 for sale $ 450

  • marlon beck

    If you are lookig for a pair of Concords size 10.5 email me at wit a price!!! NO TRADES!

  • SneakerFanBeck

    Highest offer for a pair of 10.5 concords is 225 right now. Email me @ if u wanna bid higher!

  • jfreeze

    Man this shoe shit is gone too damn far people havin been getting killed and robber assaulted all year over shoes such as the foams Jordan concordance ect ….I would expect the sneaker companies to put a stop to this madness an we as sneaker lovers have to b the victims …..I guess these shoe companies r really all about money at all costs .

  • RDogg23

    364 days and counting for the “Columbia” 11’s…

  • Jauron_powell

    im HeLLa mad these Sold OUt whEN i TRied to get um FUk

  • Jauron_powell

    whaT is GS


      Grade school size.

  • Montrell

    Y’all have any left, or obtained anymore in a size 13?

  • Marlene8575

    Is it true that they are re releasing the Jordan Concords?

  • Mikem0214

    does anyone know if i spray some scotch guard on these will it f them up?

  • Al

    I need a size 15 concord and a tolder concord can someone help?

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