Nike LeBron 9 “Nerf” Custom

Nike LeBron 9 "Nerf" Custom

Customizer, Mache, has delivered one of the most stunning customs of the year in the form of the Nike LeBron 9 “Nerf”. Designed to resemble the blockbuster Nike Zoom KD IV “Nerf” that released this past Saturday, this pair features a stunning mixture of blues, reds, greys and greens. From the gradient upper to the speckled midsole, this pair is near-identical replica of the neon-slathered Nike Zoom KD IV “Nerf.” Check out more images of this one-of-one collectable below and let us know how this pair compares to other customs we’ve seen throughout the year.

Nike LeBron 9 "Nerf" Custom

Nike LeBron 9 "Nerf" Custom

Nike LeBron 9 "Nerf" Custom

Nike LeBron 9 "Nerf" Custom

Nike LeBron 9 "Nerf" Custom

Nike LeBron 9 "Nerf" Custom

Nike LeBron 9 "Nerf" Custom

Nike LeBron 9 "Nerf" Custom

Source: Mache


  1. Garabageman says:

    Better than the KD Nerfs!?

    1. treesty says:

      Dope to see KD setting trends. ?Wish it would transfer to sale price.
      “Life is pretty simple: ?You do some stuff. ?Most fails. ?Some works. ?You do more of what works. ?If it works big, others quickly copy it. ?Then you do something else. ?The trick is doing something else.”???? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?- Leonardo da Vinci

      1. Garabageman says:


        1. GoodFood says:

          can you not comprehend the structure of what he is saying? ?

      2. Anonymous says:

        wow, da Vinci sounded like a hipster. did he really use the word “stuff”? lol

        1. treesty says:

          yes, brilliant writer that didn’t have to overwhelm people to sound scholarly. ?Google his quotes, he had a lot to say.

  2. MP says:


  3. i think these just MIGHT be killin the KD’s, :O

  4. Savage says:

    Better then the KD Nerfs…..

  5. JakeP says:

    Killin’ it!

  6. Cknolo says:

    I love these. You shud release them

  7. Garabageman says:

    Better than the KD nerfs!

  8. yeah these SLAUGHTER the KD’s…best custom i’ve seen so far.

  9. Alkali says:

    Burns my finger mane!! #heat

  10. FoamdUp says:

    these are better than the KD Nerfs

  11. davonsellerz says:

    KDs are the runner ups!

  12. big dre says:

    damn he did a great job on these. very impressed

  13. Marveno says:

    these are actually cool

  14. concernedcitizen says:


  15. Godsonjr21 says:

    Would’ve look great with that Knicks blue and orange but he took his talent down to south beach. Fuck that nigga Lebron! Oh yea the sneakers tough though

  16. Gabetorres13 says:

    never have?owned?a pair of lebrons….

    ID COP THESE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. freeballer says:

    Freaking awesome.

  18. Akam716 says:


  19. muthatrucka! says:

    amazing how good customizers are these days