Nike LeBron 9 “Christmas” More Images

Nike LeBron 9 "Christmas"

Last year, the Nike LeBron 8 “Christmas” was one of the biggest shoes of the year. This holiday season Nike looks to duplicate the sneakers success with the Nike LeBron 9 “Christmas.” Designed with the traditional green and red colors of the holiday season, this pair is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching colorways of the year. Stay tuned for Nice Kicks release information and check out these detailed images below. Will this be a Christmas present pickup for yourself? Let us know in the comments section below.

Nike LeBron 9 ?Christmas”
Sport Red/Reflect Silver-White-Lucky Green

Nike LeBron 9 "Christmas"

Nike LeBron 9 "Christmas"

Nike LeBron 9 "Christmas"

Nike LeBron 9 "Christmas"

Nike LeBron 9 "Christmas"

Nike LeBron 9 "Christmas"

Nike LeBron 9 "Christmas"

Nike LeBron 9 "Christmas"


  1. Rataface805 says:

    I want the Kobe cheetah

    1. davonsellerz says:

      Those mugs are Fugly well only the color way if they had like a “Safari pack” color way like they did on the 95′s that’d look much better but these are just Idk… they look fake.?

    2. Damoiseau L'X? says:

      You’re not alone…

    3. bukakkee splash says:

      kobes a snitch ……..concords n xmas brons baby

  2. Devo_624 says:

    Will these shoes be a general release?

    1. Wale says:

      Probably the same deal as Cannons & Chinas..

  3. Wale says:

    I don’t even know if Santa can get his hands on these heat…

  4. Prez Ward says:

    Jordan guy for life. :-P

    1. Wale says:

      cool story bro

  5. Johndoe4126 says:

    Does anyone know what stores in GA are confirmed in having these?? would they come out on monday since most stores are going to be closed on christmas?

  6. All Hype says:

    Eh. These are just so boring. Same concept as the 8s. Should’ve done something different. Maybe all green with red laces. Imo, kobes are ugly, but at least its different.

  7. nobody is buying nothing but them Air Jordan Concord on Christmas.everybody is planning their camp out

    1. GodDamnGram says:

      nobody is camping for a general release?

  8. these are over hyped says:

    fugly only if they took off the green accents

  9. LUC LONGLEY says:

    FYI, These shoes run small. My Chinas are way too tight to wear and I think I’m gonna sell em on Ebay.

    1. DMellow77 says:

      All LBJ 9s pretty much run a full size too small … It’s a staggering situation!

    2. Paul Schiano says:

      wear them for a week. ?I thought the same thing about my Cannons, but now they have formed around my foot and are one of the absolute most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. Incredible to ball in too.

  10. Jah396 says:

    Plan B If I Dont Get My Concords

  11. Them J's all day says:

    Gayy!!! gotta be coppin them CONCORDS!!

    1. Them J's all day says:

      Who a actually likes lebron and his shitty shoes

  12. Anonymous says:

    All red with green laces…ZZZZZZZZZZZ ?wake me when they come with something worth talking about

  13. Dfrance83 says:

    An Icy green sole would have made these sooooo much better. ?I still like them, they just don’t scream christmas.

  14. Cucumelow says:

    I got lebron 9 china size 10.5 and size 11 email cucumelow@aol.com 375 or best offer get at me ASAP

  15. Nbuonanno97 says:

    which will resell for more money these or the concords

  16. these are a solid pickup. on monday from hoh?

  17. Flyaskicks says:

    when is the release date?

  18. Boblovesmen says:

    where and when will these drop ?

  19. Graham Kevin36 says:

    release date?

  20. Anonymous says:

    WHEN IS THE RELEASE DATE?!?!?!?!?!!!