Nike Air Max Sweep Thru “Christmas” Release Date

Nike Air Max Sweep Thru "Christmas"

NBA players all across the nation will be getting their jerseys and kicks in order as the 2011-2012 NBA Season prepares to kick off this coming Sunday. Today, images of Amare Stoudemire’s very own Nike Air Max Sweep Thru “Christmas” PE have surfaced for all to see. This pair features an attention-grabbing look that includes an all-green leather base material with hints of orange and white featured on the straps, midsole, outsole, upper lace-eyelets and branding. Each pair is finished off with “AS” branding on the tongue as well as “Air Max” branding on the straps. Check out more images below and let us know if you’ll be copping your size on December 26th.

Nike Air Max Sweep Thru
December 26, 2011

Nike Air Max Sweep Thru Amare Stoudemire "Christmas" PE

Nike Air Max Sweep Thru Amare Stoudemire "Christmas" PE

Nike Air Max Sweep Thru Amare Stoudemire "Christmas" PE

Nike Air Max Sweep Thru Amare Stoudemire "Christmas" PE

Nike Air Max Sweep Thru Amare Stoudemire "Christmas" PE

Nike Air Max Sweep Thru Amare Stoudemire "Christmas" PE

Nike Air Max Sweep Thru Amare Stoudemire "Christmas" PE

Nike Air Max Sweep Thru Amare Stoudemire "Christmas" PE

Nike Air Max Sweep Thru Amare Stoudemire "Christmas" PE

Nike Air Max Sweep Thru Amare Stoudemire "Christmas" PE

Source: Sneaker Bistro


  1. wale says:

    lemme cop these too tomorrow?

  2. joeysway says:

    Fresh as hell

  3. Anonymous says:

    These are so clean, smooth, and have the right amount of hits.

  4. dayuum this joint are dope,i will actually cope em if the price is right,if i get my concord the day before this i will cope but if i cnt cope my concord than i aint gon get this

  5. i aint waiting for Wale or Joe Budden to have this on to make me cope am going to get em regardless if they got em or not

  6. cnt wait to see the Knicks color way

  7. connor barton says:

    poor mans yeezy’s

    1. You’re a moron. Nothing about these are “Yeezy” anything. SMH

      1. connor barton says:

        its a fucking joke and i wanted to prove how people hate so easy on these kind of sites. if you dont think they look like yeezy’s good for you, why does there have to be so much hate (darnell and kidswithkicks) ? everyone on this site is focused on being more knowledgeable than the other and so quick to correct others because everyone wants to be “better” than everyone else.

        1. Sure it was. Why not just comment seriously, instead of trying to joke; being trolls; etc.?? You fall right into the barrel with those, that say dumb stuff, just cause a stir.

          Do you even REALLY know what “hate/hating” is? Clearly, you don’t.

          1. connor barton says:

            you called me a moron and the other guy called me a stupid fuck because i said something you dont agree with? thats hating. the swoosh on this shoe is in the same placement as yeezy’s and it made me think of yeezys for half a second, thats not trolling at all. you clearly dont understand what trolling or hating is.

          2. Just like how the Yeezy’s Swoosh placement is the same as some other Nike sneakers? Hmm…

            If your opinion and statement comes off as “moronic,” calling it how I see it is not “hating.” Most “haters,” will “hate” based off sheer displeasure, jealousy, envy, etc. I’m neither of those, just because I think you’re a “moron,” for making dumb statements. lol

          3. connor barton says:

            ok the swoosh placement is the same and reminded me of yeezy’s. whether or not other shoes have swooshes in that spot (which isnt many) is?irrelevant. i said this shoe reminds me of yeezy’s, just because you dont agree my opinion, it isn’t moronic

          4. Got_me says:

            Connor Barton and Darnell Yancey you are like babies go back and sucks your moms nipples and get some fresh milk…

  8. Durty_Basturd says:

    Nice shoe but I hate that cw

  9. kidswithkicks says:

    How are these poor man yeezys you stupid fuck

  10. Jake says:

    Nike needs to drop the Chrismas shoes before Christmas so we can rock them on Christmas

  11. Jjp023 says:

    Where can i get this in NYC/ Long island?

  12. ImSo5-0-4!! says:

    How are orange and green considered Christmas colors?

    1. bsn. says:

      Think about the Knick’s colors. Blue/Orange. Replace the blue with one of the main Christmas colors (Green) and keep the Orange because it’s one of the Knick’s colors. Get it????

      1. JSvictim says:

        these will also be the St. Pattys day joints as well.

  13. Ken says:

    the knicks christmas ?day uni’s

  14. They will be available at Sneaker Bistro 12.26.

  15. wannabesneakerhead says:

    WHY???? WHY AMARE???? ?WHY THIS SHOE IT IS GROSSSSSSS…… I understand u hav 2 be bold 2 where shoes lik this but I would rather get KOBE VII Cheetah

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well actually, ain’t the cheetah kobes a lot bolder because of:

      1. the cheetah print, and
      2. the neon green accents?

      The kobes make this shoe look relatively tame.