Release Reminder: Nike Zoom KD IV “Nerf”

Nike Zoom KD IV "Nerf"

The Nice Kicks shop in Austin, Texas will be one of the few stores in the nation to carry the Nike Zoom KD IV “Nerf”. A definite pair of “heat”, this pair is creating ?lineups at sneaker stores all across the nation. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Twitter feed for updates on the lineup pertaining to this release. You will also be able to purchase the “China” Nike LeBron 9 and the “Last Shot” Air Jordan 14 at the midnight release tonight. Which pair will you be going with on Saturday, December 17th?

**Note** Each Nike Zoom KD IV “Nerf” will come with the special packaging as seen in this photo gallery.

Nice Kicks
2815 Guadalupe
Austin, TX 78705

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf" Packaging

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf" Hoop

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf" Hoop

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf" Hoop

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"


  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s a damn shame some people camped out 3 and 4 days for these making it impossible for us non hypebeasts to get a pair.

    1. Mike says:

      pisses me off that I cant get them cause I am in Canada..?

    2. JESUS says:


    3. Tony says:

      yea its gonna be even worse for the concords

  2. Laze1000 says:

    U obviously dont know what a hypebeast is.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well they’re beasting for some hyped up shoes, aren’t they?

  3. Gabetorres13 says:

    ^LMFAO ?….shaking my dam head

  4. Andrewg32090 says:

    sick i went to 34 st like 8 am there was already like 50 people on line fucking feens. they reminded me of the bitches that line up outside my Broken down Bushwick apartment for some little white rocks?

    1. treesty says:

      you’d be astounded how few people turn up at some of the small town HoHs. ?I don’t want to put the store where I cop on blast because it’s nice not having to deal with the people you speak of, but if you’re ever near a smaller town on a big release day, you should hit it up.

      1. Kara says:

        They didn’t release everywhere, not even in Oklahoma where he plays. I went and was told Houston is the closest place to OKC. I was pissed!?

        1. treesty says:

          yep, that and NK in Austin. ?I had someone check out the east Dallas store for me and they weren’t there.

  5. Lol says:

    that’s dumb camp 4 days for a ?pair of shoes, I cant stop shaking my head.?

  6. Laze1000 says:

    Boomdigga, if u use that logic, then everyone who waits for jordans is a hypebeast since jordans are hyped. Do you know how many of the people camping actually like the shoes, no u dont, so u cant label them as hypebeasts

  7. Smitty023 says:

    these are actually pretty dope! not worth camping out for but dope to say the least.

  8. Dedication to the game is what’s called when someone is willing to camp out that long for shoes of his or her like.

    1. Anonymous says:

      What do you call it when someone is willing to camp out that long to push the shoes straight to ebay and only make a hundred bucks profit? I call that working for minimum wage, and being a dick about it.

    2. Do guys who collect star wars action figures call it the “the game” too, lol, shoeheads thinking they are cool as shit. I love these messageboards.

      1. MR. NIKE says:

        actually yes because star wars is one of the most hyped up movies of all time. ?if you collect star wars figures and you want a specific one. you have to grind to get it. i collect toys and cant tell you how many times i raced old heads into toys’r'us at opening time. the sneaker game aint easy and telling by your comment you have never waited in a sneaker line. im not knocking rock climbers,card players,collectors,musicians,artists,athletes because we all have our games we play….PS if i’m rocking nerf’s or china’s or yeezys and your not i am cool! ?

  9. jakeg70 says:

    It’s too bad most of us will never cop these…that strap is straight fire

  10. Detroit says:

    Are they sold on the website at midnight?

    1. Tony says:

      yea some websites do that but you need to click it within the first 5 seconds if the shoes are fiah or there are lines at the stores

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is pretty lame. Only way anyone is gonna actually wear a pair of these is if they buy them off ebay. I thought they were pretty cool until I realized that they were just another unattainable something that I shouldn’t waste my time caring about.

    1. Pieter Swart says:

      we’re being ripped off by the idiots who just want money. ?this is exactly what durant wanted to avoid by setting his shoes at lower prices

  12. Jaire Perry says:

    so mad i couldnt get my pair

  13. goodwoodboy says:

    there were people camping 4 days before at beverly center nike really needs to step up their game

  14. Jjdd says:

    when r gonna be online ?

  15. Alex Gandero says:

    if you missed out, they’re going to release again publically soon

    1. JAMR123 says:

      r u serious ?

      1. FEETS MALONE says:

        That’s the greatest lie ever told!!

    2. Kushiekushh says:

      where did you get that info at?

    3. Tony says:

      yo kid yu do not know what yur talking about there limited edition for a reason…thyre not be sold again dumbass

      1. Kushiekushh says:

        look at what happen with lj 9 china?

  16. Anonymous says:

    i see the longhorn mens bb wearing these against temple game

  17. Eyednttrusya says:

    …it comes with a TOY but doesn’t come in KIDS SIZES…W.T.F?

  18. Mike says:

    serious about being released again? no way!

    1. Tony says:

      no that kid id just a dumbass

  19. Billy says:

    Enjoying my pair right now. lol & smh @ whoever called me a cowboy when my name got pulled in the raffle at the Hayettesville HoH.

  20. Lyle_gabriel06 says:

    not available in philipines