The Air Jordan 2012 continues the theme of carrying over an aspect from the previous model while drawing comparison to anther classic. Boasting dress shoe inspiration (dare we say ?Concord?-esque?) and removable cushioning, this model looks to catapult off the success of the Jordan 2011 and write its own chapter. What?s your take on the latest AJ signature? Tell us in the comment section.

Air Jordan 2012

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

Air Jordan 2012 White/Black

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  • Guest

    better have some nice performance specs, because these are UGLY.

    • Stownes1

      Yea these gotta grow on me….lebrons,kobes,and kds….gonna gt my money n 2012!!

      • CJ

        These shouldve just been the Melos!!?

    • Upsilon

      The?silhouette looks reminds me of foamposite one’s

    • nicholas reese

      There is a pattern here, when tinker is not involved, the shoe looks like shit…
      to fix the problem… LET TINKER DESIGN THE DAMN THINGS

      • Darnell Yancey

        These are a fucking joke! Pure comedy!

      • Khdfkhsdf

        it wasnt just tinker dumbfuck…ever hear of Gentry Humphrey

    • jaysforlife


  • That Negro Terrance


  • PNasty

    Ummmm NO!!!

  • Jumpman67

    Uh oh.


    Uhh… i see shaq is the new jordan designer

    • Woogjones

      I see a fuckin dickhead is the new Jordan designer, they are seriously watering down the legacy

      • Gamer23

        What fuckin legacy? He’s not playing anymore!!

        • Anonymous

          You clearly have the wrong meaning of the word legacy.

          • CJ

            Jordan is a prick in real life

          • desgrafiks

            You’ve met him? wow…

          • Darnell Yancey

            At my last job, I came in contact w/a guy who has a landscaping company (here in Wilmington), and they did yard work for him… says the guy is a pure dickhead!

            I don’t know personally, but many can attest to that.

          • Lporter23

            Just check out camillionaire YouTube video about his encounter with mj . MJ Does have a rep for being an ass. Cam not some big shot I know.

  • A Dub

    They might be nice to hoop in but these are pure donkey ass aesthetically. ?

  • Verse

    The sock liner would make a better shoe…smh.

  • Onone


  • H_grave23

    Jordan Brand done run out of good looking shoe designs…? Is it just me, or do these look like they were made by Reebok?

  • Blunts4life

    lame as fugg.

  • nine half

    Would hoop in these.

  • Sam

    Wingtips? Uh… Nope.

    • RDogg23

      LoL!!! Ghetto Wingtips!!! I was thinking the same thing!!!

  • wale

    can JB stop making these ugly shoes and make more retros instead. this is disappointing.

  • hmm

    lebron 9 > Jordan 2012

  • Fred


  • PapiSuave

    Stop it JB, just stop it already!

  • Emmanuel


  • Freehand Profit

    Is it just me or would JB be better off returning to designers who took inspiration from the world around them (like the Vs and the P40 Mustang or the 14s and Ferrari) instead of designing shoes based on their own shoes. As an artist it can be real?detrimental?to create within a vacuum.

    • DugLast

      Thank you. That kind of thinking created iconic shoes (art in terms of design really). This is sad. Looks like a rehashed Jordan 19.5 with Flywire and wing tip patches. You can wear Concords with a tux, but tuxedo shoes weren’t the inspiration. Come on, JB.

  • Onone

    Looks like a cross between a golf shoe and a hyperdunk.

  • GaoTziTong

    Nice! Imma get one of these!

  • desgrafiks

    I love how adidas is doing the whole, “ALL FLIGHTS CANCELED.” Great marketing strategy to try combat with Jordan/Nike, especially these with the phrase “FLY OVER”on the insoles. lol?

  • 123

    looks bulky and slow

  • Ramos2006r1

    If I wanted to wear something that “LOOKED” like dress shoes I would buy some Stacey Adams or rock my great grandfathers church shoes!

  • td

    I think I’m going to be sick

  • Adam West

    This is the funniest thing I have seen all day. Why even release these?

  • Jas

    how are they gonna come with this after the 2011, which was one of the best J’s for a long time!

  • Optimistic-android

    The goggles… they do NOTHING!!

  • Anonymous

    not JB’s best but i could get used to these…all of JB’s shoes were considered ugly when they dropped in the 90’s but they always grew on you, something a lot of these swagger jackin teenagers won’t understand till these become retros

    • Qball197580

      True words.

  • Carlos Montoya

    Not their best work…

  • henry st.eve

    I thought when the 2009s came out jb had just lost it, then 2010s looked mediocre n then this year I thought maybe, just maybe jb was coming out of its slump. But I guess not

  • Joshudson13

    These are bad but i bet with an all black colorway they’ll look better

  • Guest

    JB proving their not much without retros… smh

  • Trey Hemingway

    oh hell no! i’m officially done with Air Jordan 2009 > anything released..

    this is some BS….

  • E

    Is this a joke?

  • Joe Mar

    hopefully they perform better than they look

  • Evan Anderson

    These are fine.? Half of you will be on board eventually.? I’m buying.

  • Totallyterry13

    UGLY AF !!

  • Mrbaz87

    best looking thing is the insole..shoe straight garbage .. they’re jus getting worse by the year?

  • Biggins

    Wow.? Jordan Brand, how IN THE FIGGIDY-F$%@# did your team go from the AJ 2011 (which, I own, still love, and actually play pick-up ball in) to these??? If we’re being completely honest, slap a rubber sole on the bottom and that removable cushioning sock that fits inside the shoe is much better looking than the actual shoe itself.? Air Jordan used to be ahead of the curve, this is a MAJOR step back.? I understand the wing-tip dress shoe inspiration featured on the toe, but whatever happened to MJ’s obsession with the “clean” toe look.? Worse thing about this shoe?? Just like the new D-Wade signature from Jordan Brand…..this silhouette is AWFUL.? You could slap a Starbury logo on these and sell them at K-Mart for $45 retail.? Being the ever loyal Air Jordan fan that I am, a voice inside of me is saying “chill out… take another look, and find something good about the shoe, and hope that maybe it’s just this specific colorway that is the bothering you”…….but I’m unable to do that.? These look heavy, over-thought, UN-inspired, and have absolutely no soul (no, I don’t mean “sole”….I mean “soul.”).? I’m going home after work, fixing myself a stiff one and putting on SOME HEAT to make myself feel better & more hopeful about future Jordan Brand designs.

    • Lakers 2012 Champs

      i thought i was the only one that remembered the whole clean toe look that mj wanted on all his shoes…. jordan brand is the 8th wonder of the world now because all they do is sell ugly shoes for 150+ and people buy their shit. im deeply disappointed and probably never going to buy a jordan again unless its been designed by tinker hatfeild(excluding retro releases)

      • jaybee

        these are by tinker man, he let us down a bit. I heard it took him 2 hrs to sketch the final design on his I-Pad…

  • RJ Mikulski

    Not bias but I still think (even from the beginning) that the 2011 was the best original Jordan release in a long while. These might be too funky for me.

  • Anonymous

    no, no and no!!!!
    wtf JB???
    why do these seem to be getting uglier and uglier?
    Someone needs to be fired!

  • Jakeg70

    Atleast they stopped with putting 23 on the tongue

    • jaybee

      thats cool and all, i’d rather it b on the tongue than NOWHERE on the shoe! it’s like MJ don’t even endorse these to make ’em official.

  • EC Allen

    welp…another bad year for JB signatures. smh. like…why?? i agree…JB used to be ahead of the curve…but these just look like a bad pair of team J’s that nobody buys really. c’mon man. i also agree that if they honestly dressed up that sock liner, i’d feel WAY better about this. LeBron is the only person putting out signatures that are widely liked….i mean Kobe’s are cool, but i definitely don’t think they have the mass appeal.

    • Stuntastic210

      Lebron and Durant r killing it this year with their releases. Whoever is designing for them needs to help out the folks at Jordan Brand cuz this atrociousness needs to stop.

      • jaybee

        Tinker designed these, and what ppl need to realize is tht Tinker’s pushing like what, 60? He may b either pooped out or uninspired, or even out of touch. I heard the 23s were supposed to b his last shoe then that horrible air jordan 2009 came out. Then Tink came back on the 2010s and has been back since.

  • Steve1825

    Really???? Looks like they ran out of ideas at JB.

  • Champion Redding

    not my cup of tea.. but i bet they are comfortable as hell.. they look like wingtip shoes with the perforations .?

  • jp36111

    thats a big jumpman…

  • Robert P?rez

    These shits is fire…wtf is everyone talking about? Can you imagine the colorways with this shit?!?! Watch when they drop a limited edition on these shits….everyone is gonna be on this shit like crazy!

    • King Nilla

      I agree everyone hates on jb a little to much. These are probably a nice shoe to ball in and the design I thought was ok not the best by any means but damn everyone on this site wants a classic with each jb release yall crazy. You can’t?appreciate something great without something that ain’t

  • Youngstaxs

    There going to take some getting use to!

  • Guess Who?

    I like the removeable cushioning and I hate the humongous Jumpman on the side it throws it off for me they’d be 1000 x’s better without it. These also look like they’d be better off as some team jordans rather than the 2012’s. Releases like this make me glad they stopped the number line at 23


    Sorry JB, I’m not a fan of these or any release after the number 23. The 2011’s were okay but I didn’t cop.

  • sollared



    looks like some typical JB trash hooping shoe. HUGE step down from the 2011

  • ASDF


  • Voon

    I usually tell myself, “wait, let them grow on you,” because so often I say I hate the new Jordans, but then I find myself liking them over time, finding something special about them, etc. I don’t think it will happen with these. These are about par with the 2010’s for pure hideousness (and that’s bad). What’s with those fake “flywire” accents on the midsole? And since when does Jordan label it’s own carbon “flightcarbon” ON THE SHOE. Come on, Jordan. Stick to subtlety. You’ve never labelled all the technology on your shoes before, don’t start now. Bottom line–these look like they should have been one of the branch-off shoes from the Air Jordan 2011’s (i.e. Q Flight, etc.). And quit with the “dress shoe” influence, you’ve done that on multiple Jordans already (the “2’s” made in Italy, the “16’s” with the spat, the “18’s” with the stitched bottoms). Weak. #JordansRunningOutOfIdeas

    • jaybee

      jordans used to have a boutique look about em, they always used to set a trend. these dont do that and they seem to b compromising on the edginess of new design risks.

  • balzynalzy

    I guarantee these are made purely for performance, and not aesthetic looks. You fucks are so spoiled by retros that you don’t realize that JB is still a performance basketball company.

    • Voon

      They can be incredible from both a performance AND an aesthetic perspective. That’s what distinguishes the great shoes. That’s what has made so many Jordans such great shoes.

    • Anonymous

      I was a ballplayer. But when you pay $175 for a pair of shoes, you still want them to at least have a tasteful enough design too. It’s what attracts people to the shoes.


    im buy em an put on ice for my son 10 yrs from now somebody gonna be lookin for an og pair lmaoooooo…………..NOT!

  • Pete Santiago

    how the hell??? they looked like they were headed in the right direction with the 2011, but this is the ugliest j ive seen in a while mabey ever…one step forword 10 steps back with this shit… discusted

  • Jedi knight

    Horrible ! The worst shoe I have ever seen associated with the jordan name !

  • Supreme of the Crop

    Another sign 2012 is the end lol

  • Supreme of the Crop

    Ok, the AJ2011 was probably the Air J to drop since the 13s, after that all Airs were hideous in my opinion. The quality on the 2011 was not the best, but comfortable and somewhat stylish nonetheless. My first take on these was yikes! But after a second look, i released It wasnt hideous. These are definately not at the top of my cop list but they might get better with age, like the 1s, the 6s, the 13s etc. Alot of other sneakerheads might find my opinion weird, like i hate the lebrons, def coppin stealth 10s. So just give this shoe time. Again this all my opinion and i ask that you respect that, please dont hate, please dont dickride.

    • ThePrufessa

      those stealth 10s are a must cop. the 10s are my favorite Js of all time and those stealth joints are fire! i’m digging the potential of the AJ2012. i like the candy paint and the wing tip. i’m thinking like just about EVERY jordan has been in the past these will grow on people with time and some new dope colorways. i think the weakest AJ of all time was the 15s followed by the 19s and i own one pair of each. the 2012s are much better than both of those so i can see myself copping. i’m a true AJ fan and i see the potential these have.?

  • Eric Fresh

    These are the FLAGSHIPS?? They look like $120 JB swag.? One step forward….many steps back.



  • solesaved

    Someone said we shouldn’t?hate BECAUSE it’s about the PREFORMANCE when you ball in them. Yea Okay most of us already know 98% of the sneaks purchased is not gonna be?used for ballin. It’s like taking the ugly girl to the prom because someone said she’s a good dancer. When?mike was still playin yea i would?say preformance was important but?we all know it’s the looks?of the sneaks thats gonna draw you to it and?most jordans looked?straight as well?being a good hoopin?shoe if you did use them for that. Seems like when money retired so did his best designers. I?thought the?XX3 is the best yearly jordans to date and seems like with the 2011 things?was on the rize? but to me these are? wick, wick, WACK!?? Damnn Jordan giving the?nods to release these?with his name on it.?

  • Astablein21

    i like them, everybody hates on the jordan of the year. not one person here has seen them in person so dont be so quick to judge, remember last year? some cool colorways will have people copping these

    • sdiori

      Exactly. Everyone has a knee jerk reaction, and as soon as a must-have color combo surfaces, all of a sudden they’re robo coppin. After first not knowing what to make of the 2012s, I’m feeling the wing tip look. Can’t think of any other sneaker that’s tried to incorporate that specific look into a performance shoe. It’s the spirit of the AJ XI and its ‘luxury’ cues without the direct and obvious references (e.g. Patent leather). I think the first spy photo which had the black and white combo flipped looks more interesting. Either way, I’m excited to see these in stores to get a real feel of the look. Dudes need to relax and don’t rush to judgement; be a trendsetter and not a follower.

  • Guest

    what is happening to jordan brand these look like dancing shoes


    hold on tight guys…. these shoes are getting uglier…. wait for the 2013…. they really need to hire a better designer……. I say, FIRE HIM!

  • Guest

    I would rather hang myself then be caught wearing those.

  • Neef718

    Straight violation!!! U can’t b serious… They need to give the designer a drug test asap!!!

  • droy

    These are so disappointing.

  • yong lee

    i am loving this model~ ?i could wear them with my jeans. Boots + B shoes loving it?

  • xyesterdayx

    I like the wingtip influence… But more importantly, take a look at the insole pics. Am I wrong, or does that appear to be articulated zoom air in the forefoot?!?!!!

  • Jahisalaam

    ?wow. just…wow…

  • kaisan

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  • Lionel Cook


  • Solecollector2891

    SUPAUGLY!!!! ?Or like Big Sean says…… ass, ass, ass,ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass,

  • Cjay

    R.I.P. Jordan Brand….. It was fun while it lasted

  • Steve Stiffler

    Its Official. ?The World Ends in 2012. ?That is the only Explanation for these Ugly Ass Shoes.

  • j Pizzle

    Are these Michael Jordan shoes or Michael Jackson shoes? Who ever created these needs to MOON WALK off of a steep cliff. Ohh, and take the entire inventory of these shoes with you. You know they’re bad, they’re bad, you know it! They whole world has to answer right now, and to tell you once again, THEY’RE BAD!!! They look like dwades church shoes. Do they come with a top hat? STEP your game up, seriously. Salvation army couldn’t give these Chicago BULLshits away. You might get away with selling these at men’s warehouse. They look like Carmello Anthonys wedding shoes. My foot separated from my leg for a second and jumped up and kicked me in the ass for looking at these. All jokes aside. Worst J ever.

  • SomewhereInSanFran

    What The Fuck Jordan?!?!?

  • albxny

    i like the shoe design. i just dont like that jordan logo on the side.

  • JE 44

    This could be a big hit or miss depending on how the shoe fits. The average person might not belong in these looks athletic

  • SneakersBestFriend301

    WTF… Who Gave The Green Light For These…

  • Sinista

    To some these may look Nice as hell; To some it’ll grow on them.

    To me; well…
    Their Inspiration was simple.
    Duck Tales
    They sell kicks like these at K Mart
    Proteges…With a nice insole
    I just don’t buy them
    they got them in the Sunday paper and the damn Ad on AllHipHop
    These will be found in Marshall’s everywhere soon…
    Just like the AJ 2009. HAHAHAHA
    Merry F***ING Christmas!!!

  • Qrentis

    Why Jordan cant get the same treatment as people give the Lebron kobe and KD lines?? Or even for that matter Roses?? This is a solid creative design, reminds me if the kobe 5’s a bit but jordan put leather on this design to stand out from the kobe 5 model. This black Flywire hits this black sole so hard! Sole is the best jordan sole since the 11’s. Still feel this should be a ice gum bottom but if feel it will make its way on one of these “in my eyes” highly anticipated colorways.. They dont want me to make they supposely “bred” colorway. Ill have all the jordan heads and sneaker heads alike waitin to cop it.. Year if the dragon should go hard too!

  • Young Simba

    If i played basketball i would probably wear these.

    Ahhh nevermind. KDs and lebrons are wayyy better than these

  • DeLaCeezy

    These are HORRIBLE. I’m a BIG Jordan fan. I wouldn’t wear these out. Only to go play ball. They just look like reg Jordan Brand sneakers. They shoulda stopped @ 23…

  • Jordan

    Oh gosh…well I’m sure these feel amazing and are great to play in…but jeezsh. Can we get just a little style…?

  • Nawtyshawty25

    they should bring only retros,because tha last 2 pairs are ugly as hell!!!!

  • Marcmaina

    Nike going to far with that Flywire crap..these are terrible!!


    Gonna wait until the all blacks come out to really judge them, but from the jump I’m not feeling these. I do however like the wing tip. That’s fly.

  • Super Zoom

    these really aren’t that terrible. i think these are really innovative and i like the look of these. except that jump man is soo huge! if they just took it off these would look a lot better IMO

  • Wagon

    they jus look too ordinary
    like one of them and1 sneaks.

  • lamar21

    Terrible to say the least. Wingtops and that flywire shit….smfh. These are prime example why I only cop retros. I just can’t rock with these at all. They look like some bootleg shit to be honest!The worst?part is that these are just black?and white.?When?they start making all those dumbass colorways they are going to look even worst!!!!! ?

  • capn

    I like these.

  • Triple_truth

    What, Jumpman Team Pro 2k12’s you say ?

    — Yea.. They would sell more just with the Jumpman Pro name, ‘steada tryna pass em off as Jordan 2012’s. We’re not buying it (Pun intended).

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be honest. I’m not really feeling these as I could be. In all fairness, I will say that they needed a few more tweaks before they settled on the end result. I’ve seen worse from the Jordan Brand (2009’s, 2010’s). They just needed to spend a little more time with these babies.

  • Brandon Procter

    Jordan Brand, please read the comments on here and realize that this is ridiculous… no one will really want these… please scrap these and go back to the drawing board…

  • maiyu

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  • Picaccu83

    Design-wise, Why can’t they make new Jordan like AJ1,2,3,4,11,12,13 these days?

  • Kingsfoilr

    MJ’s favourite- Golf Shoes

  • ThatWacoKid

    I’ve said it over and over again, besides the retros, Jordans are getting wacker and wacker every year.

  • Jbennett1864

    Tinker hatfield #noughsaid

  • Erok

    The End of JB has come…..His apparel is wack…His attitude is shitty and it reflects with this shoe…I been done since april with the Bordeaux 7’s haven’t purchased a Retro since. Also look at this shoe… its a mix of Cp3’s, Melo’s And Wade’s shoes well the left over materials and specs. ?Fly wire Really? I hope Kobe Surpasses this clown, him or Lebron.

  • Tha Realest

    Freaking ugly!

  • Andy

    Just vomited in my mouth

  • Mikhallynn

    Call these TEAM JORDAN’S AND TRY AGAIN !!!!! I wouldn’t put these on to cut my grass!!!

  • guest

    These look like shaqs…

  • DA1


  • Elhadji Sall

    these hoes fugly and i bet they want 200 for them

  • DMellow77


  • Johnsterisboss

    everyone who’s designing these new jordans need to be rounded up in a crowd and shot. these are DISGUSTING. the only good shoes besides the retros are sc2’s (barely), flight 45’s, and sc1’s. everything else disgusts me.

  • Lem

    Outside the box is what the Air Jordan is about. ?Is it the best of the series…no…but there is nothing like it on the market. ?I will buy because I like them but also because so many people don’t. ?

  • Howard Lew

    the Jumpman figure is too big, twice??? It would still get the point across and look much better if the one on the side is about 2/3rd its size, and the one on the tongue reduce it to 1/2 its size….Ego…perhaps need reduction. If you’re wearing a pair of any J’s and you happen to wear anything else with his logo, you look like a billboard for Air Jordan…and people will think you’re obsessed…I like the X’s in the dark grey suede that has the checkerboard around the ankle…anyone notice the difference in the patent leather that they use on LeBron shoes and Jordan shoes…the LeBron patent leather, does not crinkle and hurt your toes like Jordan shoes do, like on the XI’s, the most popular shoe ever, right???

  • Fresh

    These are fire! ?Yes the retros are classics, but if Jordan were still playing ya’ll would be all over these. Some of ya’ll probly werent even old enough to rock some of the retros when they first came out. ?Ya’ll act like anything that isn’t retro is trash. ?The problem is ya’ll don’t know how to form your own opinion, everybody knows the retros are fire, that’s why you buy them. ?These are the freshest jays i’ve seen since the 23’s. ?Loosen the laces and these are flawless. ?

  • Anonymous

    Stop already. Just. Stop.

  • Greyagain

    they couldn’t have been worse i guess…
    Anyway,still waiting for the ‘CEMENT’s $’s’
    Best AJ imo.

  • Overdrive_91

    LOL… these look more like as if they’re going to be the Melo M9’s…

    The bootie thing is cool though, they look like prestos

  • Arshonyoung

    i wud never buy these even if these were the only shoes in foot locker

  • jaybeets

    oh, ok y’all false alarm, these are?actually the new Jamal Mashburns. Jordan’s giving out deals to other ritired gr8s like him!!! So hang tight for the signature, flagship air jordan thats going to blow your mind!!!

  • jordan fan

    I like it, actually. I guess the removable booties aren’t intended for wearing them without the outer shell. They are interchangeable. Can choose from two different comfort designs.

  • Bk_stillmatic25

    JB needs to fuckin stop…. All i see in there are some dumb white kid thinkin he’ll be better in ball cuz he bought these

  • Foamguy

    yo i’mma go clubbing in these jauns right hea!!

  • 3o5phenom

    I thought that they couldn’t make something uglier.. I thought wrong -.- well if u think about it outlets need kicks too so they’re just looking out. Lol

  • Gary Thomas

    I didn’t like these but it is KIND of growing on me…………?



  • Jay

    definitely the best looking J’s but I bet the perform pretty good.

  • ks

    a look no mama could love.? ugliest things from J-brand.? forget performance, b’c these kicks are fugly

  • You

    Look a lot like some baseball cleets


    They made these from the leftover parts from the jordan 2011’s! Wack

  • Birdman3003

    Should be sent directly to ALL Nike Outlets…to those that want Tinker back designing Jordans, take a look at the Jordan 2011 and? Jordan 2012s, he designed them both

  • jaybee

    I think that the design is lacking a lil, not enuf creativity i agree.
    The flywire base is uninspiring. I like lil things aboout it, but what
    ppl have to realize is that a lot of kids who buy jordans today, dress
    like they’re from the ’90s! I was a kid back then, and it was all about
    african prints (the Air Jordan 7) Patches and colors (Air Jordan 8) etc.
    Look at how Fresh Prince used to dress, he’s a perfect example. Jordans
    are inspired and designed by the generation that surrounds it, which
    means, today’s generation isn’t setting new trends ti inspire new
    designs that you all like. You dress retro and you buy retro jordan all
    the time, so of course you wont like the new shyt.

  • Jd32

    These Jordans are ugly as hell, they might look better in a black and red color scheme but come on man y’all can do better than these, that color scheme should never have happened those aren’t even Bulls colors those are bulls*** colors, be better off playing in the insole

  • Vernon Hansen

    I just do not like the huge logo on the outer side of shoe. The best Jordans have always been the one with the least amount of branding in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    These are fire, I dont care what anyone says. I will be copping, and when I rock them, everyone else will want a pair.

  • Jerrelwade

    I will definitely give them a serious look when they hit the mall. Probably won’t be willing to pay the $180 or so pricetag though because as several have noted the shoe just looks like another JB Brand Team shoe. First thing I thought of was the Wade or A Strike. Nothing seperates the Air Jordan from the rest of the JB bunch, anymore as far as looks go.


    One word to describe these shoes….HIDEOUS

  • Mrgeorgemontes

    You got to be kidding me. Jordan does not deserve my $200.00 or whatever he is going to try to charge for this.

  • Mrgeorgemontes

    Please people do not buy these. We all need to show Jordan that he cant make these half ass ugly designs and sell them for almost $200.00.

  • Anonymous

    These are beautiful.

  • jordonnomore

    tinker tinker tinker tinker ….the rest including these uuuuuuuggggly ass shoes?? hey Nikelook .no $ from me after 19 .the shoes went to shit .pay attention nike !

  • ahmed samir

    I think that the design is lacking a lil, not enuf creativity i agree.
    The flywire base is uninspiring. I like lil things aboout it, but what
    ppl have to realize is that a lot of kids who buy jordans today, dress
    like they?re from the ?90s! I was a kid back then, and it was all about
    african prints (the Air Jordan 7) Patches and colors (Air Jordan 8) etc.
    Look at how Fresh Prince used to dress, he?s a perfect example. Jordans
    are inspired and designed by the generation that surrounds it, which
    means, today?s generation isn?t setting new trends ti inspire new
    designs that you all like. You dress retro and you buy retro jordan all
    the time, so of course you wont like the new shyt.

  • henhua

    Le dernier ajout ? la famille Air Jordan – Jordan AJ 2012 la Lite. Une des plus l?g?res chaussures de frapper la cour ? ce jour, le 2012 AJ est destin? ? la grandeur de basket-ball. Il dispose d’une haute construction de Flywire pour un soutien l?ger translucide et d’une semelle interm?diaire en mousse inject?e ?quip?e d’un avant-pied et au talon encapsul? Air-Sole ? pour une balade unit? de soutien. Sous les composants ultra-l?gers sup?rieurs se trouve une semelle ext?rieure en caoutchouc de haute technologie avec un motif de traction basket sp?cifique qui s’adresse ? l’usure durables de haute, haute larme mouvement ainsi que des rainures de flexion pour un mouvement naturel optimal – pour faire s?rieux sur le court exp?rience
    ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??