Nike Zoom Kobe VII “Cheetah”

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Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Cheetah"

It was once thought that the Air Jordan 1 was too ostentatious to be worn on-court. Oh how the times have changed! Today, sneakerheads and players are sporting colorways that are louder than ever. From the Nike Zoom KDIV “Nerf” to the Nike LeBron 9 “China”, we are seeing some of the most eye-popping colorways this season. Today, we get a peek at the all-new Nike Zoom Kobe VII “Cheetah”. This pair features a spotted purpled upper with accent tones of neon green scattered throughout. Red laces top this rumored Christmas release off, giving it a very Nike Zoom Kobe VI “Grinch”-like look. Will this be a purchase you make this winter? Stay tuned to Nice Kicks for more release information.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Cheetah"

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Cheetah"

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  1. Jonboy

    these are hideous, like the wolf colorway way more….having said that if i were rolling face or tripping the life fantastic in an lsd laced haze i might like these a bit more….is this the year of the animal theamed kobes because if they bring anymore of this too market im out…. 4-6’s was a good run but i can no longer support these shenannigans

  2. muthatrucka!

    Diff looks like a renamed chaos cw. Not sure I am feeling the air bushed, custom look going on with these and the sharks.

    • Jeffrey Keil

      uhhh? NO. if ur on some wack shit you will wear these, shit I can only imagine somebody from the west coast in these, u would never in your wildest dreams see somebody from DC these.

  3. Anonymous

    I like the shoe, just putting the animal things on the back of the shoes makes it cheesy. well at least for me. Are we still in kindergarten?

  4. Ell

    Best shoe to pull off a real unique animal print has to be the Supra Skytop I Kamikaze… The print here is corny to me.

  5. Bafang

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  6. Nugr0h017

    It’s funny how Kobe use all carnivore theme for his colorway… Snake, wolf, shark, and now Leopard… what next?? Eagle? T-rex?? haha

  7. shoe22

    And whoever that douchebag is saying he will kick in peoples tents that are camping, you might wanna think twice. You never who has a chopper for your ass these days.

  8. Jerrykb24

    If these shoes are f’d up or you bitches don’t like ‘em then don’t buy the fckin’ things. Why are there so many haters out there?????? Go buy your Vans or your DVS’ or whatever it is you girls wear.

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