Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Cheetah"

It was once thought that the Air Jordan 1 was too ostentatious to be worn on-court. Oh how the times have changed! Today, sneakerheads and players are sporting colorways that are louder than ever. From the Nike Zoom KDIV “Nerf” to the Nike LeBron 9 “China”, we are seeing some of the most eye-popping colorways this season. Today, we get a peek at the all-new Nike Zoom Kobe VII “Cheetah”. This pair features a spotted purpled upper with accent tones of neon green scattered throughout. Red laces top this rumored Christmas release off, giving it a very Nike Zoom Kobe VI “Grinch”-like look. Will this be a purchase you make this winter? Stay tuned to Nice Kicks for more release information.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Cheetah"

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Cheetah"

Source: Sneaker Freaker

  • Henry St.eve

    These would look so fly if they didn’t have a cheetah print in the front.

    • Dopeboyfresh

      Cheetah? More like illegal leopard.

      • henry st.eve

        Sorry. I didn’t know nc had a zoologist criti. Nonetheless. I hope these aren’t the chaos bc I can’t 4 those

      • wat

        Illegal leopard? What a terrible joke lol.

        • Kane Makekau

          Bitch, it’s from the Chappelle Show

      • Jesus

        Fuck a big cat, we all know the lion is the king of this bitch But there is already a? jester who uses that kitty to represent his catshit of a game hiding in the 4th in his litter box.? Shit, I will get these and rock to a PETA rally in my mink.? FUCK YOU if you try holding down a line you lazy campers.? I show up on morning of, get my shit, along with my crew, yeah we will be there kicking your tent in while your bitch be given the crew some head service in front of your kids.? THIS AINT A GAME SON.? FUCK YOU CAMPERS WE WILL FUCK YOUR LIST WITH OUR DICKS

        • BitchImTheShit

          you’re not cool

          • G_9

            And he calls himself Jesus -_-

    • Airallenyoop

      Lookin more like some reptar joints Lmao

  • Guest

    Or if the cheetah on the back didnt actually look like a kangaroo.

    • treesty

      very true. ?it is an accurate portrayal of a cheetah’s recoil, but the silhouette doesn’t do it justice. ?They should have gone with the full stride. ?See pics.

    • cab

      i’m going to guess they didn’t want to get in legal problems with Puma. the stretched out cheetah would look a lot like the puma logo

      • treesty

        good call.

      • Luke

        I was literally just thinking that a second ago.?

  • Monstar

    Oso Dope!!! Could tjese be this years chaos cw?? If ao its the best so far at least with the color blocking

  • Das

    I would cop

    • CJ

      same i got these purple jeans and a sweater that would look nice with these..

      • DevinThomas

        PuRPLE JEANS?? I thought that new boyz faggot shut stopped lol

        • JohnDoe

          hes joking you stupid fuck

          • Joelromirre


        • HS3

          Right. my man CJ prolly got a purple Sweater to go with his jeans lmao…. Barney face ass…

  • GUest2

    these stand out more than the nerfs!!?

  • Rfalkenstern

    Damn these are ugly

    • CJ

      only white boys and asians can pull these off…

      • Aemonwilliams

        im preatty sure I would leave this to the japanese

      • Anonymous


  • iName

    Why does Nike hate Kobe so much? He easily has the WORST pro-brand.

    • Anonymous

      your obviously an idiot and don’t no anything about sneakers.

      • Darnell Yancey


        • Fyasko51

          Grammar police is in full force today people

        • Anonymous

          Just another reason….

      • Usc05

        Sup niggars

    • Darnell Yancey

      Sorry, that would be either between Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul or Carmelo Anthony. These do suck, but CP’s, Melo’s, and D. Wade’s kicks have sucked consistently, for a while now.

      • Monstar

        spoken like a true hypebeast

        • Darnell Yancey

          That makes no fucking sense, in reference to my comment.

          Spoken like a true dumb ass, that just needed a reason to use “hypebeast.”

          • CJ

            Fuck You

          • Aemonwilliams

            darnell go fuck yourself.

          • Darnell Yancey


          • Monstar

            Actually I was referring to the part of your comment stating “these do suck”, its apparent that you dont hoop or you’d know that Kobe’s are the best shoe on the market to hoop in

          • Darnell Yancey

            I never referred to performance, obviously. And I hoop in other kicks, and certainly not any lows! I’m not that stupid!

          • Aemonwilliams

            Oh hey oprah. Yeah hows it goin. You heard about my man darnell? Oh yeah hes a fag ain’t he. Yeah everyone on nice kicks thinks so. Oh cool. Yea I heard he has a vagina as well. Ok talk to you later

          • SirJb

            your trying too hard.

          • Aemonwilliams

            true, Im just fuckin with this darnell kid. He pissed everyone off

          • Give Me a Break

            Did he steal from you? Does he owe you money? Did he ruin something in your personal life? If no, then holding on to comments made on a website is dumb as fuck. Y’all taking this site way too serious!

          • justin m.

            Ok “Give me a break” aka Darnell lol

          • Darnell Yancey

            Yeah, that’s me, when clearly at 9:45 my black ass was in bed, until after 11.

            Shut the fuck up, seriously!

          • Aemonwilliams

            im a clown? get the fuck outta here hypebeast nigga smh

          • Darnell Yancey









          • Aemonwilliams

            man your just the coolest

          • Mikeymike


          • Aemonwilliams

            shut the fuck up .?

          • Anonymous

            You have a misused comma Yancey. I do it only because you like to proofread comments so much in here.?

            BTW… These kicks look stupid as shit.?

  • Jonboy

    these are hideous, like the wolf colorway way more….having said that if i were rolling face or tripping the life fantastic in an lsd laced haze i might like these a bit more….is this the year of the animal theamed kobes because if they bring anymore of this too market im out…. 4-6’s was a good run but i can no longer support these shenannigans

  • Anonymous

    these would be so dope without the cheetah print! but still a nice silhouette

  • muthatrucka!

    Diff looks like a renamed chaos cw. Not sure I am feeling the air bushed, custom look going on with these and the sharks.

  • Justinbaker2408

    Y would they put a cheetah if he’s the black mamba..that’s an animal to

    • treesty

      kobe’s just diversifying his portfolio… black mamba = reptile, shark = fish, cheetah = feline, and kobe = mammal. ?insect up next, and the tarantula is already taken. ?

      • Mukee

        shark is actually not a fish

        • idiot ^^^

          Are you an?idiot? Sharks are fish; they use gills to filter oxygen from water. They are just a type of fish that has?cartilaginous?skeleton instead of bone.

        • treesty

          sharks are indeed fish, but a tarantula is not an insect; I was wrong on that one. ?

        • Darnell Yancey

          Wait… WHAT? LMFAO

        • Mikeymike

          Either you were trying to get smart, or you’re the typical know-it-all that knows nothing.

      • idiot #2^^^

        a feline is a mammal….

        • treesty

          trudat; they weren’t meant to be mutually exclusive and “kobe = human” sounded stupid. ??

          • Kane Makekau

            Boys need to proofread their own comments. lol

  • B.A.

    these is dope.. but i really want the sharks

  • jazz

    what are they doing to ball shoes now ? lol

    • Darnell Yancey

      Right! Everything has to be themed or part of a “pack” now’days. “Predator Pack?” Give me a break.

      • SraowMan Jr.

        you realize this isn’t going to be the only color they’re coming out with…they’re going to have a million and one colorways, they have these “packs” to add a little character to the shoe.?

        • Darnell Yancey

          True. I know that’s a given, but it just waters the market down with 87465637.pairs of this one model.

  • Eli Moore

    if they come with the inner sock, this is an automatic cop.

  • 2-A-Those

    these are pretty tough actually…..heads are gonna want these

    • Jeffrey Keil

      uhhh? NO. if ur on some wack shit you will wear these, shit I can only imagine somebody from the west coast in these, u would never in your wildest dreams see somebody from DC these.

  • Cnap

    you guys are too funny. These are?ridiculous, personal preference I get but these are all hype to me?

  • Allen

    these are Charles Barkley terrible

  • Prez Ward

    Man this shoe era is F up! :-(

  • Sam


  • dead astaire

    this shoe needs to be blocked from going to retail for “basketball reasons”.

  • Zareh

    if these werent a supreme, i’d get em in a heartbeat

    • bsn.

      interchangeable?soles dude

      • Zareh

        Supreme commands a higher price dude

  • DEZto

    no graphics on shoes!! thanks!

  • Jake

    This colorway could be great on the sneaker but nike is just doing it wrong


    im into different shoes like these . so if i get the chance ill cop..

  • wally

    Like the 2 colors together..but the cheetah print is ahhhh..

  • Anonymous

    I like the shoe, just putting the animal things on the back of the shoes makes it cheesy. well at least for me. Are we still in kindergarten?

    • Darnell Yancey

      Garanimal Kicks!

  • joeysway87

    Kobe should rock with these on Christmas dayt

  • Philip_

    these are the kaos with cheetah print

  • Leija62

    i like them?

  • Guest

    Take away the cheetah spots, call em the jokers…. WHY SO SERIOUS!

  • Ell

    Just spotted Wale rockin em…………

    *Wait for it….*

  • Ell

    Best shoe to pull off a real unique animal print has to be the Supra Skytop I Kamikaze… The print here is corny to me.

  • Rudyescalera6

    Man must cop x2 !! Homie

  • thomas lopez

    honestly ill be surprised if kobe wears these on the court but its a great shoe something new with colorways which i like ?

  • edgarzzy

    Sick..def cop

  • Anonymous

    Beetles Juice, Beetles Juice, Beetle Juice!!! Hell yea I’ll cop these.?

  • WAY

    the cheetah pints killed it…

  • Bafang

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  •!/Tahoe17 Tahoe Seventeen

    These are crazy as hell! Nice

  • WZA

    These are too dope! Must cops along wit the Sharks!!

  • Nugr0h017

    It’s funny how Kobe use all carnivore theme for his colorway… Snake, wolf, shark, and now Leopard… what next?? Eagle? T-rex?? haha

    • MikeyMike

      I can’t think of one herbavore that I would be threatened by tho.

  • Uriahsn

    Nice!!! I’m coppin easy.

  • Anonymous



    Ohhh yeaaahhh pimp shit pimp shit

  • shoe22

    If you don’t get these you will regret it

  • shoe22

    And whoever that douchebag is saying he will kick in peoples tents that are camping, you might wanna think twice. You never who has a chopper for your ass these days.

  • HogWild

    Where are these gonna be released at? Are they limited or gr?

  • Jerrykb24

    If these shoes are f’d up or you bitches don’t like ’em then don’t buy the fckin’ things. Why are there so many haters out there?????? Go buy your Vans or your DVS’ or whatever it is you girls wear.

  • Anonymous

    I have size 10.5 and size 12 selling for $275 OBO make me an offer. If interested email me at