Nike Zoom Kobe VII “Shark”

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Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Shark"

What happens when a Black Mamba meets a shark? We’re not sure nature-wise; however, it seems like an instant hint in regards to sneakers. Here is our first look at the Nike Zoom Kobe VII “Shark”. The Flywire upper features an ocean-like ripple effect that is seen throughout the toe and side panels, and the overall predominant color is a light, vibrant blue. To connect further with its nickname, a small, pebbled shark figure rests on the heel in blue. Is this one of the best Kobe VII colorways to date? Stay tuned for potential release info.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Shark"

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Shark"

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Shark"

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Shark"

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Shark"

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Shark"

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Shark"

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Shark"

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40 Comments on "Nike Zoom Kobe VII “Shark”"

  1. Guest

    I love the colorway,
    and this version of the shoe,?
    even though they put the LONGEST shoe on the display pictures.oh yeah by the way.F I R S T.

      • treesty

        My bad, shoulda said “these match NO color scheme”. I’m sure your words go far in the 4th grade recess world you live in. ?I forgot many people around here don’t actually know anything about basketball current events beyond Kicks on Court. ?

      • Sammyjam5

        he already got traded to the lakers soo he’ll be fittin ta have the tour yellows on at the forum fo sho. sterns the reason dirk isnt working in an office. fuck you.

        • treesty

          you need to fire your paperboy or get another source for news because you’re about 3 days out of the loop on the CP3 trade. ?And regarding the random ass Dirk comment, he played 5 years of pro ball in Germany before coming to US not to mention his mom was a pro hooper, so it’s pretty obvious Dirk didn’t need Stern to do his thing. ?It’s also pretty obvious you are a typical NK troll that doesn’t know shit about basketball. ?

  2. SW

    Saw these in the black/yellow Colorway @ footlocker the other day…not impressed. Shoe just felt cheap, looked cheap, and $180…not cheap, haha

  3. guest

    damn!!!!!! i would definitely cop, hopefully theyre not 180 though. the extra padding on the ankle looks promising as well

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  5. Ldc7luis

    shoes are nice, wolfs are even better imo. however there not enough to convince me with all this damn heat coming out !!!

  6. pUp

    Nike has definatley found there groove with the Kobe 7’s. They’re starting to drop some dope cw’s, but I’m still waiting for that killer pair that’s gonna blow me away.

    • Flymjaf1

      Lmfao, good one bro. Either way Kobe is the best player in the NBA no matter what…..fuck lebrick “queen” James, dwlame wade, debrick rose, Kevin durant is the closest to Kobe.

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