Air Jordan 11 “Concord” New Images

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Air Jordan 11 "Concord" New Images

They?re almost here. On reader?s radars since the top of the year, the Air Jordan 11 ?Concord? makes its retail return on December 23rd. New images up the anticipation, detailing the finer points of the ?Concord? 11s from the packaging to the icy outsole to the patent leather mudguard we?re all so fond of.

Air Jordan 11
White/Dark Concord-Black
December 23, 2011

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Source: Atlanta Got Sole

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        • Linden Mccreary

          fuckin dumbass smh getting somthing you want ahead of time doesnt make you a hypebeast, getting something that cost 1000 dollars just cause other people like it is a hypebeast smdh

          • soccerstar

            stfu, nobody was talking to you in the first place, and y pay 1000 dollars for a shoe that cost $180?

          • soccerstar

            Definition of Hypebeast:?
            A hypebeast is a slang for someone who is a beast (obsessed) about the hype (in fashion), and will do whatever it takes to obtain that desired hype. The term is meant to be derogatory by ridiculing of such with a lack of style. Hyped up brands sell their products for a price more than the average clothing company and can be seen re-sold along the internet for a price much greater than retail due to the fact that it is either exclusive, or somewhat limited. Yes, even when it was worn.

          • Rasta

            Over used phrase played out by everyone in the shoe world trying to make ones self feel better

          • Anonymous

            WRONG. Thanks for trying to sound “smart” you fuckboy. ?that’s?like saying “I really want this?Burberry?trench coat but it cost 1200$, but theres this Wal-mart trench coat for 30$ so i’ll buy the?Burberry?one”?Burberry?is a hyped up brand BUT i?guarantee?their trench coat will last longer than the Wal-mart one. A hypebeast is a person who wears clothing or shoes based on other peoples opinion instead of hisher own personal opinion.?

          • Anonymous

            STFU, A HYPEbeast is somebody whos wants a desired fashion, it has to do with fashion, juz read the definition below , or ill fuckin pound ur face k bye u bitch

        • you’re an idiot, i got these for 260 shipped to my house, for 70 dollars more i avoid lines and the risk of my size selling out. i don’t got time to wait 2 days outside of a mall for a pair shoes nigga

          • DugLast

            Not a bad move considering what it’s going to be like trying to cop on the 23rd. I love the hunt,? but this one’s going to be crazy.

          • Raymond Darden

            I will just wait and take them for 123 the original price when they first came out . aaron rodgers discount double check wit no lines no waiting pimpin

          • USGay

            i must agree. getting them early at a good price is a good move. getting them at retail is risky .u may camp out and dont get them even worst u camps out gets them and then gets rob..its a risky job and this shoes is marked for death… fuck steven seagal

        • Anonymous

          does it matter , mind ur own fuckin business, its his money he could do w.e. he wants, so stfu, before i pound ur face .

  1. Ezedaboy

    stitching on these really pops for some reason. and the spacing on the “23” looks a little sus to me.. @Big_Evv:twitter

  2. Anonymous

    Must cop!!!!
    I was just at footlocker and they said they only received 13 pairs. wtf????
    I was like, “13 in each size?”, and they said “13 total.”
    Thats just crazy.

    • Rsphoenix79

      doesn’t help that every other week nice kicks has “new images” or “closer look”. Stop hyping these Nice kicks…we already know!

    • Anambabygirl

      tell me about it so yhu mean to tell me a size 7 would cost $180 to ughhh idk i feel bad for my son idk if i could afford them shessshhh

  3. Chptrx

    for $180….this is getting crazy! ?and the quality is not catching up…the material they are using are getting worse in every release. ? Soon Jordan’s price will be like LV BUT lagging on quality, BIG TIME! ? pass…

    • Rsphoenix79

      ur i’ve been working with sneakers for years. i’ve even heard ppl sayin that the quality on the cement 3s suck. I have a pair of 2.5s and the leather on there is better. Even I had to pass on those

    • Anonymous

      price of living goes up (plus all the hype you guys give them), the price of items we want go up. thats how the world turns my friend. i wont be getting these too many ppl i know already want them. plus my ass will be broke so, NO

  4. Blur

    Nice, but I have to pass.? Not worth waiting in line for me.? I hope the breds come out next Christmas, though.

  5. Prez Ward

    I know I was feeling these. The word is the concord will turn into dark piss. And I know it ain’t no lie I’ll pass. NEXT! :-(

    • Rsphoenix79

      ppl are gonna wear these versus hoarding them. good luck lookin like everyone else and keepin ur white fresh white. jean dye is gonna kill em

      • Lol

        yep yep they will only last if you wear shorts. so unless you want jean dye, ?you have wait to bring them out. i will never wait in line at the store likes its black?Friday to buy?a pair of shoes at reg price. i will try online, if i get a pair they will stay in the closet for a while. because everyone is going to rock them out like foams

  6. Nathanielg8

    I’m going pass on these that dye from those jeans going on the white going kill’em I need those Last shots 14 Baby!

  7. Papers718

    all i want to know is what did nike do to the soles in 1995 that all these re releases didnt have because all 95 concords ds have very very little or no yellowing

  8. soccerstar

    everyone who is talking about the the quality can stfu, either buy the shoe or dont, nobody cares u are supposed to WEAR a shoe?

    • Jacob_gomez13

      about 24-30 hrs before release. release is at midnight. I waited 22 hrs last year for cool greys and i was the 2nd in line.

      • Occupy Footlocker

        lmao (for a pair of shoes),slept out side like a bum for a pair of jordans what a waste of time of life.

      • Anonymous

        i’m really not tryna go a full day ahead of time. i might do what alex is doing and roll around 8 or 9. for the midnight release for the black cement 3’s, i came out 10 minutes before finish line opened and was the 41st person in line and still got my pair. hopefully dudes aren’t too hyped for them out here in dayton and hopefully i’ll get a pair by going a few hours before release. preciate the help tho my fellow sneaker freakers..

  9. elopez

    You need a 7. That’s kid size you can just go to kids footlocker you won’t have to wait in line. Or better yet if you know anyone that is going to camp out just give them your $80 and they can buy a kids size when they buy there’s!

  10. Stevesrussell2006

    I’m glad my mom lives in a small city….she gonna be at foot action at 6am for the opening at 630….my dad got my cool Greyson at 730 in the am 1 hr after store opened….my mom gonna cop me two pairs

  11. Anonymous

    Concord …
    2000 $USD.125 / JPY.$16800?
    2009 $USD.175 / JPY.$16800
    2011 $USD.180 / JPY.$16800
    why u wanna rip off your same country citizen money in stead of japs……..

  12. DooDooStainsInYaMomsUnderwear

    BlacArmz….cut it the fuck out nigga. You and those wack ass 2011 Concords ain’t about shit other than the kind you’ll step in in the summer because you’re a dumb clumsy ass nigga with very little income and a big mouth!

  13. BlacArmz

    First of all dem Concords is da least of wat I’m doin…. Second I’m glad u watchin me Yung bull cuz if u r so is ya dusty ass bitch!!!! Lmao

  14. Majgon22

    Got to see a pair today, they look clean….But the carbon fiber is garbage! I can’t believe the quality is that horrible in comparisons to the CF on the Lebron’s…. I mean they’re both nike!

  15. Anthony

    Fuck these shoes everybody tryna get em. Even ppI who dont?get Jordan’s during the year.?They wait til Christmas to get shoes. SMH. I refuse to camp out for some sneakers. It’s not that serious. And u run the risk of getting robbed. (I live in MD)

  16. K Lloyd51

    yea i already got mine , cant buy dem til dey drop but still got minez on deck . i feel bad 4 those who gon b waitn n line 2 get dem lol . i aint wait’n n shit i wrk at s shoe store lol

  17. John_Ceiling

    ?dudes who copped early or got the hookup or work at a sneaker store rubbing it in the faces of those who didnt = some hoe ass niggas, i work at a sneaker store too my pairs held but dont gloat about it fags

  18. Rawb1123

    Im going to sleep in on the 23rd. Wake up around 12 and drive to the mall to buy my concords with no line and no hassles. My city= no sneakerheads. Just white boys who wear sperrys, vans, running shoes etc.

  19. RDogg23

    I Pre-ordered mine off eBay for less than what most are asking for ($300++price range). These are gonna be damn hard to get on the 23rd. Good luck my sneaker bruthas! Stay warm, and arm yourselves…

  20. Bigniq05

    How crazy does the Internet get when these release online? I’ve read a couple blogs about how sites get frozen due to overloads of customers!!! Good thing about Cali is we can go on @ 9pm the day before and try to cop em online…..either way imma have my blunt lit waiting

  21. RDogg23

    Just got mine in on Tue Dec. 13th!!! The quality on these are sick. Even better than the “Cool Greys”, and the “Space Jams”!!! There is no glue residue on the patent where it meets the mid-sole, like on the “Jams”. No, absolutely, no little speckles on the white mid-sole like the “Greys” last year. Theses are a Perfect 10!!! Fucking Gorgeous!!! The packaging is even better in person, the white box is worth it!!!

  22. Anonymous

    I already had these 2 months… Y’all are dumb late lol Im tired of them now n Y’all bout to camp out? lmao lames

  23. J.ortiz

    I got mines On this monday that just passed by, I paid 350 for 2 GS size Concords. since i am not going to be here for Release Date….

  24. Tauntdragon

    Yo why are you niggas camping out for them??? Just sit in front of your PC and order them offline dumdass’s! That’s gonna be hard too, but rather do that then camp out in front of a store for 5hours getting into fight or worse getting robbed!!

    • Anonymous

      Problem is that footlocker fucks people over makes em wait then says sold out. Also sites crash due to the over load. I’ll just wait on line then online. robbed? depends what city. I’m in the Bronx it’s a jail here and most Footlockers call the police to do patrols and even in some cases they stop in front of the store.?

  25. Ramzilla

    Damn House of Hoops in Chicago doing some bullshit ticket role call three times a day till friday shit. Im there though. Haha!

  26. Shug

    Hoping yal are overexaggerating on the lines n crowd. Going to try to cop these for the boo who’s deployed and may be considered a “hypebeast” from what I read lol. 2 pair of size 11’s…seems like I’m gonna have quite the adventure getting them. Up by Detroit at that =/ Wish me luck!

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