“Foamposite Fight” Assailant, 5 Others Expelled from Dean College

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Foamposite Fight at Dean College

Nice Kicks has just learned from a representative at Dean College that the perpetrator from the Foamposite Fight” that took place last Friday on campus has been expelled. ?In addition, five other individuals seen in the video have been expelled for cheering on the attack, taking part in the planning, and not helping the victim. ?Another three students are currently going through Dean College’s internal review process.

The victim, who’s name has not been released, from the attack was treated by nurses on campus at Dean College before taking him to a nearby hospital. ?We were happy to hear that the victim of the attack is doing ok and is back on campus attending classes.

Currently the Franklin Police are investigating criminal charges against the attacker as well as others seen in the video.

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164 Comments on "“Foamposite Fight” Assailant, 5 Others Expelled from Dean College"

  1. Anonymous

    These dumb ass niggas always puttin shit on video that could get them expelled/arrested. Y couldnt you have just beat up him took ya sneakers and been done with it?

    • So fucking dumb. Faces were clear as daylight and showed the college name in the video. Dude got his $200 sneakers back but then threw $20,000+ in tuition down the drain.?

      • Anonymous

        well look at that, they said kids parents found the receipt. I dont belive it but if its true, dude should have made that loud and clear ?from the get go. dude just stood there lol.

        • Anonymous

          Why would anyone try to explain themselves to a whole bunch of nobodies. The police said that the parents of that kid brought them the receipt. On top of that they are different sizes.

    • SdotC

      its? not like that’s the only college that exist but hey life goes on! When you from a society where things are constantly taken from you and you spent you hard earned money to buy the things you like ….its sometime hard not to overreact.

      • okraider

        a lot of colleges wont even accept you if youve been expelled from another one, these dudes fcked up and got there shoes back the wrong way

  2. Malburtu

    good justice was served! what a little fuckin broke ass pussy, like dude ur in college get a fuckin job to buy the kicks urself just like majority of the world does.. beating a kid up for his kicks is so grammar school lol grow up..?

    • K Andrew2891

      The guy stole the sneakers that’s why he got beat up. Those foams belonged to the guy in grey & the dude who got beat up stole them out of his room. The dude in grey wanted his kicks back

      • Malburtu

        ohh well if that is the true story then the kid definitely deserved the ass whoopin, but they are kinda dumb to post the video on the internet without blurring their faces out. The only reason I was so quick to judge the kid in the grey is because where I come from majority of kids who want something they cant afford will beat kids up for their stuff. So in this case I stand corrected.

        • flips

          the thing is, theres no proof that the guy in the green really did steal those shoes. The guy happens to own some foams the same size as the other dude in grey. So he doesn’t deserve that ass whoopin unless he really did steal them.?

          • Duhboii

            right thank you not only 1 person hz foams in one size…especially pines……..if sum1 stole my royal blues or sumtin i wudnt go around 2 ppl, (especially ones who r half my size) who hav da same shoe sayin “u size 12 4 dos royal blues…..cuz dos r mine!!” den beat dem up on camera….smh

          • Angst Tsgna

            Are people impressed with your writing style?

            You sound like a complete idiot trying to type like that…?

          • Anonymous

            IF you look at the worldstar video you will see it says that ?the kid who stole the sneakers was rockin the same jacket and pair of J’s all year then all of a sudden “poof” pine green foams, and if he stole them out my man room he had access and thats suspect.

            I knew clowns like this all the time in high school stealin shit out of lockers in gym and then getting beat up for rockin it a few days later. This shit is nothing new.

          • Malburtu

            u absolutely right mean_gene i knew niggas in my high school that did the same grimey ass shit..?

          • Angst Tsgna

            So, you are absolutely certain the guy stole them, and couldn’t have possibly bought them from the real thief and had no clue they were stolen?

            I love all the expert detectives on this case in the comments here.?

          • Anonymous

            if?I?bought some stolen shit and some dudes stepped to me (which?from?the video summary they knew him or knew of him, they most likely?weren’t?strangers) I?definitely?would have said something before. Dude just sat there , guilty.

            I aint sayin im 100% right but most likely this wasnt just some random kid, the uploader even states they knew ?what dude was ?rockin before he coped the foams out of nowhere.

          • lol

            It don’t matter they plotted on the dude and filmed it(that’s?why they got kicked out). He’s a bully, plain and simple. If it was my foams i would have ran up on him by myself.

          • Anonymous

            I aint sayin its right, im just sayin people actin like these kids is actin brand new, when in fact, shit like this happens all the time to be honest.

          • Muffrockskicks

            exactly..i laughed at the video at first, but what if he just caught a ass whooping by being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the right shoes..

      • Duhboii

        das not da story..dont u think da kid who got beat up wuddda been charged 4 like stealin or sumtin….das da story da perpetrators said u idiot……how cud a kid who stole shoes from a swoll nigga buy a matchin jacket and hat 4 it and he knows hell get caught and beat up….think and dont believe descriptions ppl

      • Rshanks44

        yo the dude had a matching green hoodie and a matching green fitted. he bought that as an outfit, fam,? the bully never even asked him about the sneakers.? he asked who his “mans” was?? I think they just wanted to beat dude up and the sneakers were taken just to embarrass him.? they needed a cover story in order to post it on WSHH and theft is what they came up with.

  3. ShesBad

    They’re not goons (not REAL ones anyway). They’re bullies… with a splash of bitchassness. ?They are also broke cuz they cant buy their own shoes. ?So…to break it down… broke bitchass fake goon pussies. ??

  4. Anonymous

    Smh, Instead of just talking about it and confronting him in a smart way this kid and his dumb friends?now have to go to jail. Cant rock them foams in there. Hope it was worth it

  5. G'd Up

    Most of my fellow sneakerheads are soft. ?Type of dudes that would know someone with their stolen merchandise and wouldn’t do a damn thing, ?might call the cops at the most. ?These dudes are still dumb for posting video on WSHH and being on campus tho…..got to be smarter than that.

  6. Dude deserved what he got. He obviously stole them. If he didn’t steal them all he had to do was show some kind of proof that he didn’t steal them and it would of been squashed. Sneakers been out awhile and if you didn’t get them when they came out then all of a sudden he has them *FISHY*. If he ordered them online he would have a receipt or tracking number *beef squashed*. If he bought them from the person who stole it say so and expose the real thief *beef squashed*. Plus who is as calm as that dude if you’re being accused of something you KNOW you didn’t do *nobody*. Terrible world we live in when you have something stolen and nothing can be done about it. Cops wouldn’t do shit. Thief doesn’t have to show cops proof of anything just tell the cop that he bought it and thats the end of their investigation. Dude took matters in his own hands and his friends were thirsty to see a fight and hyped him up which lead to a poor decision.

    • Cant lie its a funny video. Laughed so hard when dude got slapped with the shoe. *you want the war over foamposites ?*

      • Guest

        wen he hit him wit da shoe it wz pretty funnny as well….itz still fuked up tho…if u were in da kids position who got beat da fuk outta..i bet u wudnt think itz funny

          • GaryisAMoron

            lol ^ you carry your receipts around? If some stranger comes demanding to see proof of something you bought, you gonna run home and show em like a herb? I’ll tell you what, I wouldnt, I dont care if i ?KNOW i got a receipt, I aint running for some stranger to prove I own something… Seriously though who carries receipts around for sneakers that came out that long ago… I’m not taking sides cause there is no clear story as to who did what… for now, the dudes who jumped him look like criminals. In the US you’re innocent until proven guilty… so it actually IS on the assailant to prove to cops that he has ANY type of evidence that might prove this man did something… you moron.

      • likewadupdoe

        yea cuz everytime i order sneakers online i carry around the tracking number to prove i didnt steal them………

      • When “ordered online” they send you a receipt in your email you moron along with a tracking number. All I’m saying is if he showed them a tiny bit of proof he didn’t steal them beef would have been squashed. Next time read carefully FAG.

        • Realitycheck

          cmon son who just has a reciept on them like that??? Then do those guys really look like they would have went with him for the receipt??? He could have thrown away the reciept. Most people throw away the receipt after purchasing..I mean why keep it? In case someone decides the shoes i bought were actually the ones that are his, because we wear the same size?..cmon so many holes in your theory dont know where to begin..FOH beef squashed hahahahahahaa simple ass

          • Hate when people read your comment see one thing and not completely understand what you’re talking about and they run with some bullshit without complete comprehension.?

          • GaryIsAMoron

            all you had to read was the effing world star description from the poster of the video who in all likelihood WOULD try to protect the criminals in the video and justify their actions… to firmly believe that this kid you dont know stole them… dont be a hypocrit now and start complaining that people are being naive or misconstruing something.?

        • You’re a fool. When some large heated teenage kid is in your face with a mob of idiots escalating the situation by shouting “yeah nigga, yeah”, you think a receipt would fix anything? There was going to be a fight regardless of any piece of paper you took out of your pockets, kid.?

          • Fucking idiot. He didn’t need the receipt on him. All he had to do was make them have some kind of doubt but he couldn’t so they ran with the idea that he stole them and his people hyped them up and he whooped dudes ass.

          • Anonymous

            dont even worry about it, im pretty sure they knew that kid,?because?nobody would just run up on somebody just because he had those shoes on, Just like the?caption?on the side of the video, they knew this kid.?

        • JustSaying

          So you’re saying those guys were going to let him show them proof of purchase? They talked for maybe 10 seconds before the guy attacked him. Whether the kid pulled out proof or not was not going to stop him from getting beat up.?
          Plus remaining calm is better than flipping out if you’re being accused of something you did not do.

        • lol

          some random person in the street ever ask you for a receipt for your shoes Gary (That’s campus pd’s job and yes unlike reg cops, campus pd would have checked it out). funny vid but dudes a bully

    • Guest

      even if da kid did stteal him…which i doubt hed be stupid 2 buy an outfit 4 dem and he knows he’ll get confronted by a swoll nigga……i think he had proof he jus ried 2 look like he wasnt a pussy and tried 2 stand up 2 da guy..which is dumb..and he got koncked out so quick he really didnt even hav a chance 2 show proof

      • Watch the video dude in the grey shirt is mad far away and seemed like he was just going to squash ?and say fuck it but kid in the green said something and his friends hyped it up and he got dropped.

    • Anonymous

      Why would he be carrying proof of purchase for the kicks he decided to rock that day? I?don’t?know how you roll on the daily but shoe?receipts?aren’t?typically an?accessory?with my outfit.?

      • Yo you fucking idiot. He doesn’t have to have the receipt on him. What Im getting at is all he had to do was show any kind of proof. People have emails sent to cell phones mad easy to show the email from the company that sent the shoes. “ONLINE ORDERING.”?

    • Anonymous

      Your dumb dude. Instead of just reading World Star why don’t you go to a news outlet. They are not even the same size (1). His parents ended up bringing the receipt to the police (2). (3) They are dumb as fuck as should be kicked out of school for putting that shit on the internet.

  7. You guys are making no sense. Even if they edited the video campuses have cameras all over. They would have been caught and the thief would of exposed them. If campus cameras can catch me when that tiny ass 4″x4″ inspection sticker has been expired for a month I’m pretty sure they can catch these dudes faces.

    • Gumsoulny

      Gary I dont know if you know…. but when most people (goons/thugs/criminals) have there mind set on beatin a persons ass, no?recite?or proof of?purchase?is gonna change their mind. I never in my life seen a person pull out a?recite?to prevent a ass whooping. Your trying to use reason and common?sense?with people that aint trying to hear that shit. ?

      • If you didn’t steal shit and you are getting accused of something you know for a fact you didn’t do would you be as calm as he was ? NOPE. Dude wasn’t a “GOON” they go to a private whack ass liberal arts school.?

  8. TopSlob

    Judging by the look on this kids face I’d almost guarantee he?wouldn’t?harm a fly. Looks like your average college sneaker nerd. F’ THAT PUNK that beat this helpless kid up. STOP BULLYING> Each 1 Teach 1 . Peace You’ll!!!!

  9. Aj

    if i didnt steal the foams and he was gettin at me like he did the dude who got his butt whooped should have started the fight because he calling you a thief and god as your witness you know you didnt steal them?

  10. tye24s

    Man this right here is total bullshhyt especially cuz that dude with the grey wouldn’t have done shyyt if the person was black but since it was a little white dude that he knew he could beat. Man let that monkey ass banana eating gorilla do that shyyt in Cali wooow it’ll b on

  11. you’re happy to hear that he’s doing okay and attending classes? HE STOLE THE SHOES IN THE FIRST PLACE! he deserved to get knocked out, no pity whatsoever for thieves! c’mon now!

  12. Niggas gonna be Niggers

    Nggers are so stupid. They’re still stuck in the primitive times. Most of them aren’t gonna live past 25 anyways. Either gonna be dead, in jail, or crack addicts.

  13. Anonymous

    Anyone who’s saying stupidity like “Well he deserved to get beat up cause he should have not stolen the sneakers” is a moron. That other dude just wanted to fight/rob him, don’t believe the description for the vid on WSHH because its complete BS anyone with half a brain can see that there’s no truth in it, especially seeing as how there’s no mention of the shoes while they’re arguing before the punches start flying. I highly doubt that a dude that size is gonna steal from another guy that size, BUY a matching outfit THEN wear it around campus so the guy could see……..Geez some of you are so dense..

  14. Ewd815

    Thats what they all get for recording and putting their assault on the internet, while in campus. Cmon son! Yo’ll in college yo should be smarter than that.

  15. Handzon

    Back in the early 90’s cats would get stabbed for a pair of kicks, nothing new… Now if a fool stole on me as the “assailant” claims, I would have done the same, it’s all about preventing the same shit from happening again and again, cuz if someone gets away with it the 1st time, then someone’s gonna try a 2nd time. Then again, we’re talking about the early 90’s and I was 12… Bottom line, dude who got his ass whooped had it coming if he did steal the foams, and dude who got’em back probably wasn’t smart enough for college anyway, it doesn’t take a genius to know there’s surveillance cameras and you’re getting caught…



  17. Anonymous

    I hope the kid that got beat up learned his lesson about stealing…..but the dude in the grey shirt was just being a bully. The way he just whacked the poor kid upside the head WITH the shoe was just overkill. While the kid was already on the ground, knocked silly! I hope the bully and his boys are happy with their 15 minutes of fame.

  18. Circumstantial Evidence

    1.? I only saw two things.? The white kid was assaulted and his shoes were stolen.? Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.

    2.? If anyone deserves an ass whooping it’s the dude that posted the video.

  19. Ya feeling bad for the wrong PERSON ! Dude got banged out cuz they had a good suspicion that he stole them. He had no way of putting doubt in their minds that he didn’t and not once did I hear him say anything but get out of my face. If I’m being accused I would be mad as FUCK and not calm and stressing the fact that I didn’t steal shit.

    • DB

      I agree.? But you don’t have to feel bad for the dude for getting beat up, he lost a heads up fight.

      In every fight there is that point where you have to realize, “this is going to be a fight.”? Whether or not he actually stole the shoes is irrelevant at this point and the fact of the matter is the fight is about to start.? The second someone jumps in your face in an aggressive way is the time to hit them.? Hypothetically the fight has begun before anyone throws a punch and identifying this moment is crucial.

      • Guest2222

        If the perpetrator said “Don’t touch me, I didn’t touch you” then swings a punch, most people would consider that a “sucker punch” especially for a guy twice his size.? DB’s interpretation of when a fights is suppose to start is laughable.?

  20. Link

    Son didn’t steal the shoes obviously so let that shit go… he didn’t deserve to be beat up by this clown who only did it because he had a mob with him. Thankfully the lame niggas got expelled and are bound for momma’s basement where they were destined to be.?

  21. I watched the video mad times. Ya need to watch it again and use your critical thinking skills. Dude was confronted and his bag was on the ground. Thief picks up his bag and instead of walking in the opposite direction he walks with the crowd *1st mistake*. Dude in the grey when shown on video for a quick second his first step was backwards then he went to his boys. Dude in green puts his hands up and gets confronted and beatdown proceeds. Victim obviously knew these dudes and they knew he was a bum with no gear whats so ever. Dude in the grey originally was nowhere near him as if he already confronted him had no way of really proving he took them and was about to let it go until his dumb friends hyped him up to make a POOR decision. Feel bad for the kid who got his kicks stolen and made a stupid move. Don’t feel bad for the thief !!! Dude gave up $200 dollars of his own money and got his kicks stolen now headed to jail cuz of his bad choice and stupid friends.

    • The Truth

      it was said in the original post the alleged thief and him did not know each other and they approached him because he had on a pair. he had never been to the guy’s dorm room where they were stolen from..? worst case scenario the alleged thief bought htem off from the real thief.? Second he was maliciously assaulted and robbed himself, of said shoes and his hat and whatever else was stolen while the camera turned away. these guys knew the schools rules and regulations.? secondly if $200 was too much to waste imagine wasting $40,000 by being expelled, lawyers fees, plus that tuition if it was student loans now has interest.? All these guys are in the same boat and if you read the news the ALLEGED thief is still in school because 9 times out of ten he was innocent

  22. King Nilla

    Honestly videos like this piss me off. Fuck all you fack ass gangsters out there. None of you are tough like you think hints as to why you roll in packs for back up. I hope that clown spends time behind bars

  23. BigDog

    First why are you guys saying he’s white? He’s a light skinned african american and 2nd what the fuck would you bitchs do if your shit was stolen the fuck ya’ll think money grows on trees? That dude spends 200 dollars on kicks gets them stolen and you think he should be cordial? Anybody who thinks the thief was wronged in any way is a fuckboy too. Its 2011 man. And fyi if the dude does go to jail it’ll only be for a few days misdemeanor assault dont carry no fucking time especially if he hires an attorney to defend him instead of a court appointed lawyer.

  24. So you telling me that I can’t get foams with my hard earned money because niggas like these are going fight me for it? LMAO wack ass niggas…………..GOOD LUCK

  25. so thats assault and robbery. And its on tape. dummies. Also Im tired of people saying id do this and id fight back. He was approached by a stranger and accused of something. the shock wouldve been enough, then the guy sucker punched him really good. He was done for before the fight started

  26. ~LancePantz~

    regardless if the guy stole the sneakers or not, you cant go out assaulting people. especially over some kicks…. i mean come on people why u giving people reasons to be like ” niggas aint shit.”?

  27. see you know whats crazy is that if they wouldve reported the shoes stolen or something the college wouldnt have did anyhting about it. so what is the dude suspose to do just say oh well shit happens and act like nothing happened? Hell nah im in college and if i seen somebody wearin my shit that ive been missing for about two weeks especially if they $200 shoes best believe somebody gettin they ass whooped!


    Bunch a geeks that can’t protect yourselves pathetic bunch of wimps in my city my squad would be in all y’all pockets click clack


    Bunch of crackas on dis website lolll soft asses u should hurt people those guys are bad waaaawaaaaaawaaaaaa yalll are soft ass bitches

  30. Because-Im-Not-Ignorant


    Yo, Gary, I’m just gonna let you know that you sound dumb and ignorant. Were you present when this happened? Did you record the video and post it with that obviously botched description? Nope, and nope. These idiots are on campus, where cameras are all over, videotaping themselves on a camera phone, showing each one of their faces (Strike 1). There is about 9 of these dudes, versus the one guy (Strike 2). Not a fair fight, so obviously there was nothing that the dude could have done. And don’t bring up the whole “receipt” idea, because who the fuck is going to say, “Wait, I didn’t steal your shoes. Let me bring the email conformation up on my phone really quick.” when a swole ass dude like that is standing in your face??

    You have a valid argument that people shouldn’t steal, blah blah blah, but it doesn’t change the fact that this guy was assaulted. Let’s say your younger sister (hypothetically) is approached by a group of girls and beat on, but the other party says, “Oh, she stole my -whatever-, so I beat her ass. Fuck that bitch.” Go ahead and tell me that you are just gonna be like, “Oh, well, sis you shoudn’t have stole the -whatever-” and let the girls who beat on her go. Go ahead, you dumbass. I’ll wait…..

  31. KingLee

    Try pulling that shit with a 6 foot 3 nigga like me with hands on deck pussy ass nigga soon as you reach I teach

  32. Ufgvbjj

    All I see on this damn comment page is $200 shoes…. $200 shoes…. $200 shoes. Really? That’s what you guys care about nowadays? “He probably worked hard for that money to buy those shoes, just to have this nigga steal them.” True, he could have, but NONE OF US, including myself, really knows what happened because we are just watching from the perspective of a fuzzy ass camera phone. -____-?The dude recording probably started recording after a whole lot of the confrontation already went down. Thats probably why he only chose to START recording because he knew this nigga was going to fight him. Plus, that nigga is big as hell compared to the other guy. You want your shoes? You could have took em off his feet after he first fell out and been a man and walked away, but instead he was a BITCH NIGGA and just continued to beat him because he could. That’s foolish.?

    • Ufgvbjj

      And he beat the dude with the shoes at that….. Obviously he didn’t care THAT much about em if he just willingly damaged the fuck out of em….

  33. Tsaet

    All you retards spelling like 5 year olds arguing about him showing proof of ownership are retarded. Getting your ass beat over a pair of shoes is fucked up in itself, and they are rightly being charged with assault.

  34. Dennis Donaldson

    Looking at the Video itself and not paying the explanation of what happened seriously, these guys were solely out to make a WSHH video nothing less.?

    Guy in grey said, ” who’s your mans, there is nobody out here” (waited for the Money Mayweather moment)The Dude has time to steal the foams, buy a matching jacket and hat? (don’t think he stole them)Guy in the grey actually bought the kamikaze reeboks- (he is not buying foams buying those reeboks, sorry).?If its your shoe why would you fight the guy on the PAVEMENT, then HIT him with the shoe? (you really value your shoes huh?)The foams are scratched up now!!!! waste of education, good pair of shoes, a guys chin, and a guys pride.?

  35. you're all dumbasses

    oh he showed up with a matching outfit? because it’s real hard to find a pine green hoodie for not even $20. get real. if you believe that shit of a description they put on WSHH, you’re about as smart as that guy who thinks VTEC is something special.

  36. not for nothing that shit is fucked up if that kid really didnt steal those kicks…but why would anybody other than the attacker be facing criminal charges? thats retarded…i guess i can understand getting expelled but not even…criminal charges though? for watching some1 get their ass whooped? smh

    • url

      That comment is the very reason Charges need to be filed. Because of people like you that think its okay to “assault” someone and rob innocent people. We live in a society of Laws, this isnt’ the Wild Wild West..

      The attacker should have criminal charges brought upon him, and he should get atleast 300-400 hours of community service for what he done…

      These dudes aren’t children they all over the age of 18. And atleast 1 of the 10 involved is a father, and have a son. What a shinning example to his Son on how to behave smh*

  37. Anonymous

    The video picks up with the time for talking over. There was no receipt, no conversation, no nothing that was going to stop a fight. The simple thing here would have been to test how good them kicks are, and RUUUUUUUUUN!
    Home slice sucker punched dude and then went to town. I think it gets grimy when dude keeps going after dude was down and when everyone is laughing at dude stumbling down the sidewalk. That’s disgusting. And then people seem so surprised dudes carry heat on campus. Some people talk like they would have fought back, but dude was outnumbered at least 6 to 1. Game over. These idiots get what they deserve for posting this trash.

  38. fbhb,qhvv

    Stupid thing about the whole situation is they were actually dude in the green’s shoes.smh ignorant ass people get no where in life

  39. cookieface4750

    HLN reports it costs $43,000 a year to go to Dean College.? Nine students expelled, 4 years each, amounts to $1,548,000 for those pair of sneakers!

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