Students involved in “Foamposite Fight” Suspended, Police Investigating

Foamposite Fight at Dean College in Franklin, MA

Last Friday, an altercation took place at Dean College in Franklin, MA that was motivated by an alleged theft of a pair of “Pine Green” Foamposites. ?After knocking the victim, and alleged their of the shoes, the assailant continues to beat the defenseless victim at one point taking off the shoe and beats him in the head with the Foamposite. ?Many people appear in the video laughing in the background mocking the victim after he appears to become delusional from the attack.

The victim did seek medical treatment but reported to police that he had injured himself from “falling down stairs” apparently afraid of reporting the incident to the authorities.

The video of the attack was made public and went viral Monday morning on WorldStarHipHop.com viewed more than 1.6 million times. ?Commenters at WSHH identified the individual in the American Eagle shirt, Rock N Republic jeans, and Adidas Roundhouses as Kirk Dudley; however, the Franklin Police nor anyone from Dean College have confirmed his identity.

Initially the video was posted unedited, but this morning it was observed that WSHH has replaced the video with one that blurs the victim’s face to conceal his identity.

As a result of the video going public, Dean College was able to identify several of the individuals in the video including the assailant and have issued multiple suspensions. ?It was also released that the Franklin Police Department is investigating the situation for possible crimes.

At this point there have not been any confirmations whether the Foamposites in question were in fact stolen.


  1. Rj1122 says:

    I know they’re foams but why fight over a pair of shoes? It’s not worth it!!!

    1. Jesus says:

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      1. MalcomX says:

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      3. CAPTNHAVSOME says:

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        1. Aemonwilliams says:

          what did he say it was flagged

    2. Anonymous says:

      This just fortifies my decision, When my kids get older they wont be getting ANY hype beast shoes. Its gonna be safe retroes and the occasional signature.

      1. Cranberrysauce says:

        safe retroes like foamposites?

        1. Anonymous says:

          nah safe retroes like bo jacksones and air max’s

    3. SdotC says:

      A thief deserves what they get it, next time before he decide to get sticky hands he will remember that asssswhooping lol

      1. Puerto_rican_love19 says:

        There is no proof that he actually took them. ?The whole thing is that he happened to have a pair, weeks after the assailant’s shoes were stolen. ?They all assumed that he stole them. But it is possible that he had them before and did not wear them or that he just got them. ?There in college he probably went home and got them. ?Who knows,?regardless, if the the attacker really wanted his shoes back and it was all over the fact that he believed that that boy stole his shoes he could have alerted the campus police. ? Is it really worth fucking up your whole future at this school and any and probably serving time and paying court fees over a pay of sneakers. ?The shoes are worth less than that!

        1. AumiA says:

          Besides, the description of the video on WSHH was written by the guy filming the whole thing, who was OBVIOUSLY one of the tough guy’s friends. Of course he would come up with a story making it seem like the victim is a theif -____- use your dead, SdotC.

        2. JoeThatHoe says:

          They already provided a receipt for the guy who got his ass beat he didnt steak them?

  2. Cranberry says:

    it aint even the royal blue foams… pitty the fool

  3. Songo2323 says:

    lmfao i would rock someone if they stole any of my foams

  4. Ajgdayugd says:

    Fucking tough. Don’t chill with the goons next time and you wont get your shit rocked.

  5. All over some damn pine green foams.. sad sad sad.

  6. I saw that on WSHH. RIDICULOUS. SMH.

  7. Patchalof says:

    fight wasn’t over the foams..he just took em cause they where foams..o boy was talkin shit to the whole group in pair of pines. he loafed

  8. Nice Kicks says:

    Even IF the person stole the shoes, is it really, really, really worth getting yourself suspended/expelled/arrested?

    Tuition + Room and Board at Dean College is a whopping $43k. ?I thought the purpose of going to college was to better yourself as an individual so you didn’t need to resort to violence over an allegedly stolen $190 pair of shoes.


    1. J. Slack says:

      yeah that’s gonna end up being an expensive pair of foams. It’s not worth it but at least be smart and turn off the camera.

      1. Nfamous Drew says:

        shoes ugly …..shit let a nigga try and jack me for my shaq’s

        1. Aemonwilliams says:

          was that a joke

          1. Dude. Put a pair of Shaqs and Foamposites together and you’ll get the joke lmao

    2. treesty says:

      Yep. ?Chuck D spoke at my alma mater a few years ago. ?Part of what he had to say was that acting g’d up on a campus makes no sense – both because of what you said and because WTF is a University thug? ?Someone that has the rec center and cafeteria on lock? ?

    3. BPJR says:

      Not that I condone what happened in the video, but if someone stole your shoes and you saw them, what would you do. Getting stolen shoes back is one of the hardest things, especially if you do not have a receipt. You guys should ask that staff member of yours who was in the army what he would do if someone stole his foams and was right in front of him not willing to give them back, but minus the camera.

      1. Puerto_rican_love19 says:

        I agree, its all just a little suspicious that he decided to confront the guy who supposedly stole his shoes on camera?

    4. Nfamous Drew says:

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    5. Jozyjazz says:

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  9. Quest Ion says:

    Here’s an idea: let’s commit assault and battery, tape ourselves, and (here’s the best part) put the video online!!! What could go wrong? SMH…

    1. Bware113 says:

      ^^ LMAO!!!?That logic is full proof.

  10. Nfamous Drew says:

    shoes ugly as fuck anyway and nicekicks must be having a slow ass day cus ive seen this on wshh yesterday ….smh get it together nicekicks

    1. Nice Kicks says:

      Clearly you didn’t read the article…

      The purpose of the post was a followup to what transpired after the video was posted yesterday. ?These announcements by Dean College and the Franklin Police were released just a couple hours ago.

      1. Nfamous Drew says:

        who gives a flying fuck..stop it

    2. AumiA says:

      Randy Drew, I think I speak for everyone on this thread when I say shut the hell up.

  11. seriously this is college not high school some people really need to grow up

    1. Jesus says:

      this is america, not africa

      1. hmm so that explains it! Dayumm only in America!

      2. Actionbraxton says:

        You’re a lame faggot, not clever.

    2. wat says:

      When has fighting been an age thing? Honestly?

    3. You think because “it’s college” no one fights? Take into consideration they’re still YOUNG homie. Also meaning their mind state isn’t as “grown up” as you’d think. You can only say this from a stand point, that you’re probably not “college aged” anymore, as neither am I.

      But these are still “kids.” Let’s not forget that.

    4. Gary says:

      People do need to grow up but thats the world we live in. People get stabbed at my university. When there is a big campus party cops are out on horses patrolling with pictures of people who are no longer allowed to attend parties or even be on campus. When Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots are playing for a championship riot squads come out with shields and shoot rubber bullets and if you are hosting a party tell all your friends to come early because nobody is allowed into dorms after 8pm without a school ID. Shit like that happens when over 20k people go to your school. A lil fight over some sneakers wouldn’t even make the news at my school.

  12. Juancena27 says:

    Wait, so he beat his ass to get his shoes back? Or he beat his ass to get some free shoes?

  13. Guest says:

    now who want the war?

  14. Chan Grail-E says:

    If he cared that much about his foams(which?might not even be his) he wouldn’t be using them as a?weapon.

  15. Trendsetta305 says:

    wow guys….the?description on the WSHH vid says that the “victim” stole the Foams from the guys closet and he went to go get them back! he wore them the same day the guy in the gray lost his. the victims said that he got them from a friend and when he was confronted by the grey shirt guy. thats why he said “whos ya mans” in the vid. asking him who did he get them from. the victim?didn’t?respond so right there he?automatically?gave himself up. so he took his shit BACKKK! i would have done the same shit.?

    1. Bboy2660 says:

      That’s just a description. We don’t actually know any of that. All we see is a random guy cOme up to another and punch him and take the shoes. Which is assault. There’s. I way to even prove those are his shoes. That was really dumb in his part. And also how are these guys in college. Smh at dean college

      1. Pay attention to the dialogue in the video. There’s clues

    2. AumiA says:

      The description of the video was written by the guy filming the whole thing, who was OBVIOUSLY one of the tough guy’s friends. Of course he would come up with a story making it seem like the victim is a theif -____- use your dead, Trendsetta305.

  16. grams says:

    Fukin poor ass bitch! That all they can do is jack some else. How can u take pride in walking around with knowing something is stolen?? Thats wrong. So mad. Hate people like this. Stealing something they can’t afford.

  17. Godsonjr21 says:

    Grown folks fighting, smh? I pray for peace on earth and for money who did the beating too get his ass waxed. Shit like this isn’t funny ever, I hope the people who witnessed this and just laughed teeth rot!

  18. Hotsauce8386 says:

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  19. David Gamboa says:

    Wow, people fighting over a pair of shoes. no wonder the world’s going to end in 2012

  20. Nattidude19 says:

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