Foamposite Fight at Dean College in Franklin, MA

Last Friday, an altercation took place at Dean College in Franklin, MA that was motivated by an alleged theft of a pair of “Pine Green” Foamposites. ?After knocking the victim, and alleged their of the shoes, the assailant continues to beat the defenseless victim at one point taking off the shoe and beats him in the head with the Foamposite. ?Many people appear in the video laughing in the background mocking the victim after he appears to become delusional from the attack.

The victim did seek medical treatment but reported to police that he had injured himself from “falling down stairs” apparently afraid of reporting the incident to the authorities.

The video of the attack was made public and went viral Monday morning on viewed more than 1.6 million times. ?Commenters at WSHH identified the individual in the American Eagle shirt, Rock N Republic jeans, and Adidas Roundhouses as Kirk Dudley; however, the Franklin Police nor anyone from Dean College have confirmed his identity.

Initially the video was posted unedited, but this morning it was observed that WSHH has replaced the video with one that blurs the victim’s face to conceal his identity.

As a result of the video going public, Dean College was able to identify several of the individuals in the video including the assailant and have issued multiple suspensions. ?It was also released that the Franklin Police Department is investigating the situation for possible crimes.

At this point there have not been any confirmations whether the Foamposites in question were in fact stolen.