Police: Foamposites from Fight were NOT Stolen

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Foamposite Fight at Dean College

Earlier today we reported that following Friday’s attack on a Dean College student over an alleged pair of stolen Foamposites, the assailant as well as five other students were expelled with three pending internal review. ?The school has announced this evening that the three other students will be expelled as well bringing the total to nine.

More details have been released by the Franklin Police department including the rightful owner of the Foamposites was in fact the victim of the assault. ?As part of the investigation, Franklin Police were able to obtain a copy of a receipt from the victim’s parents as reported by NECN.

The identity of the attacker has not been officially released by the Franklin Police and due to an ongoing investigation, no further details were able to be shared at this time.

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260 Comments on "Police: Foamposites from Fight were NOT Stolen"

  1. X_henryg_x

    Damn! ?Nigga got molliwopped for nothing haha. ?Goes to show, even if they weren’t stolen. ?Don’t fuck with another dude’s shoes.

    • THEMAN

      What the fuck are you talking about you ingornant son of a bitch? somebody should beat your ass for some shoes and lets see how much you’ll be talking.?

    • Guest

      i bet it wudnt be funny if yo punk ass got beat up and robbed..and dont talk shit like u big…dat nigga wz swole as fuk

      • xSneakerFiendx

        it wouldnt be funny. what is funny is your spelling. what if someone beat you up for the way you type? the dude who attacks the kid is ignorant and deserves to go to jail, not to mention the lawsuit that he is gonna get for the crime. Looks like he is paying for more than one pair of foams.

  2. jumpman43091

    dude could have asked what size they were and looked at em first before he beat his ass,,,lol those werent even the same size as the ones that were stollen from him

  3. Shutup

    that dude threw punches like a straight up faggot. the first clue that the $225 Foams didn’t belong to him was that whack ass american eagle tshirt he was wearing for $12.

    • cmonman

      hahaha that’s the FIRST thing I noticed! I was like “oh man, shits about to go down with these thugs…..wait a second, is that American Eagle???”

      Nothing made me more angry than all the pieces of shit jumping around and yelling, especially the one little prick screaming like a girl the entire time in the poor guys face as hes trying to regain his composure.?

  4. kdizzle

    The bully cant fight for shit. those weak slow ass sucker punches. Looked like a dumb brawler.. SMDH I would have beaten that piece of shit to a pulp. I hate it when people try to be so intimidating but cant fight for shit, they just depend on fear to win. This is why I train in martial arts, to beat fucking advantageous pussies like this bully any given time.

  5. Slikkrick79

    A bunch of Hood trash doing exactly the wrong thing never gonna amount to anything but the “thug” life…Threw away an education to stay fresh LOL

    • A.J.

      A lil bit lol…. Dude in green a straight up punk for just gettin his ass whopped, shoes stolen, and humiliation. I was weak as a bitch tho

      • mc'dick

        u gotta understand that would have been like a weak cancer pacient fighting shaq u kno ure not doin anything to him so he said y waist the energy plus that first hit dazed him all the other hits were a blur most likely?

    • Anonymous

      man i stay?paranoid, cuz yes ur being watched and people notice, im frm the hood, lived with goons, and yea dudes point you out but check this when u hear “ay what size is yous” you better?knuckle?up, run, or grip the pistol, Im not afraid to say i’d do all but mostly run.?

  6. Jordan

    Glad to find out indeed they weren’t stolen and these kids will be punished for being some punk ass goons.

    • I can finally agree with you on something. Don’t believe that his parents have proof of receipt but hey they have to make the story sound good. Cant make him look like a thief and get his ass whooped. What cops know about a sneaker receipt they could show anything and the cops will just say ok. Nobody knows the real story except the kid who got his ass beat and GOD ! A thief will never admit to stealing. I keep all my receipts in my boxes and none of my foams receipts say foamsposite with color.

      • GaryIsAMoron

        You wont believe cops who say the parents provided the receipt… but you’ll believe a world star hip hop caption accompanying the video? God, you’re dumb.

        • You’re a moron. Listen to my reasoning….. I said, “I just checked my foams “RECEIPTS” and none of them state the color of the “FOAMS”. For all we know the parents handed them some “fake” (not meaning something they hand made like some of you fools will think but not the correct receipt) receipt and the cops bought it. If you ever have anything stolen like I have you will see how far the cops will investigate. If its not a vehicle they say fuck it and move on.

          • Garytheretard

            hey dumbfuck, even though the receipts dont state the color there are still ways to confirm it through the receipt.
            and cops tend not to give a fuck about or help sum1 who they deem to be a douchebag.
            thats why the cops didnt help your dumb ass. not cause it wasnt a vehicle.

      • bruh you sound a lil dumb yeah the cops dont know shit but in this case it wus sum serious not just one lil punch obviosly it wus a real recipt cuz it sais FOAMPOSITE GRN or sum like that cuz my homie bought a pair and that wud be really weird if it wus fake like the parents wud find a fake recipt knowing this situation wud happen? tf naw bruh but over all fuck the police nd these dudes ?but the recipt def wus real

  7. Dsampson1024

    It’s funny how so many “tough guys” were so quick to say “dire got what he deserved for stealing shoes” and turns out they were indeed his own to begin with. Guess when they were reppin’ their hoods/blocks for the attackers being gully and dishing out “street justice” they forgot to say that not only are they judgmental, but also too “Real” to say they were wrong for jumping to conclusions. Gotta love freedom of speech.

  8. Jiffypopyoass

    Someone should have beat the $hit out of the attacker for wearing those tight a$$ jeans& shirt and that bushy a$$ ponytail. Yelling about where your mans @? (Pineapples) u Punk a$$ mf…the only thing funny about this video is when the white kids show up on camera, and someone says let’s get out of here. Like they were going to report them. Dummies yall convicted yall damn selves..whatever fools are smoking nowadays; they need to stop..asap.

  9. I mean the victim was sagging his pants and wearing a sticker on his hat so i guess he deserved his ass whooped on but hitting him with a shoe was a bit over the top

  10. dude in the green jacket

    He got fucked up omg! Instead of telling the guy to get out of his face he should’ve been explaining to him when he bought his foams. That fool got beat up by shaq lookin ass nigga

  11. Jwilliams G1

    its sad to see this.. he could have just reported it to school officials or campus police, instead he took matters into his own hands and he deserves everything that he gets… and the indiots recording and not doing anything to stop the bullying, good luck trying to get into another college and getting a job in the future dumb asses.

    • Anonymous

      But it turned out that the kid didn’t even steal the shoes in the first place. His parents even had the receipt, if you even read the damn article. I think the big fat perp that did the whooping lied about having his shoes stolen.

      And, on a side note, I will have enough courage to say that i accused the boy for stealing in yesterday’s post, even though I felt that it was horrible the way that goon beat him up. And for that, I apologize. But it seems as if other folks on here don’t possess that same courage.

  12. freshsideny.com


      • It was obvious that these clowns didn’t make into dean based on their character or intelligence…..just sayin….something somewhere went horribly wrong…public schools don’t create this kind of monster..Hip hop culture today is all about idolizing death and violence. Unfortunately many young minorities believe this fictional glamorization of a so called thug life is an accurate one and should be mimicked. Parents need to stop letting little wayne and wocka flocka raise there kids and take some responsibility. i’m tired of paying for trash like this to go to school or to prison when hardworking families continue to struggle with little or no help from the gov. Wheres my free tuition?

        …. and im not making these assumptions because they are black, but because they look dumb as shit and ghetto as hell

  13. ChrisMan

    It doesn’t matter what shoe it was Holy shit I could’ve been $40 vans or $1000 yeezys point is these kids robbed and beat up this kid for no god damn reason! Cause the shoes were stolen? How many pairs of that same shoes are there? There’s definately more than one!!! These kids were idiots to do that cruel act and recording it! Mocking a kid because he got sucker punched and than his ass beat by a huge ass gorilla who didn’t even notice the kid wasn’t fighting back! I’m not a punk but I will never be a bully and that’s exactly what those goons are! If I was the police investigating IDE charge them with attempted murder send a clear message the a huge communities of people

    • Anonymous

      haha?exactly, I?pictured these dudes ending up lie chappelle in that one skit where he has to move with his grandma.?my favorite line from that sketch is “pick me up some rubbers…..the big ones”

  14. USGay

    they should all be arreested and rot in jail this is just horrible. he could of killed that young man. things like this just gets me angry

  15. DCvaMDfoams

    fuck that, the kid stole his foamposites wut would u do if sumbody stole yours and was rockin them around all in ur face. i would knock his ass out too the other kid should of just stayed down he keptin getin up so he had to knock his ass down again good fashion fight, no body else jumped in i wathch this video, this is a good fashion fist fight, racist comments for this are stupid because everybody fights no matter wut ur color is. People getin knocked out for the shoes been happening so what….

    • Anonymous

      Are you mentally challenged or are you illiterate and don’t know how to read? It must be on of the two because it CLEARLY states up there that the shoes were the victims like I knew all along, yet fools like you go around saying garbage like “got what he deserved” and other foolishness. His parents even produced a receipt for the foams yet you write “fuck that, the kid stole his foamposites” which again, brings me to believe your in some way mentally challenged or just illiterate and plain stupid. This dude got mugged and beaten for his own property and even when the true evidence comes out like I knew it would you still defend the clowns who took part in this, prob cause you have the same ghetto ass mentality as them, smfh.

  16. gmgbPo

    Robbery= felony thats what they get lets see if can throw those same blows with a lifer over some shoes fuckin fool

  17. Anonymous

    Wow Not only I am Upset at the way these young men handled themselves, but the comments posted are just horrendous and barbaric. I cannot believe some of you promote this, mock this, or make fun of it. Africans fought their way towards freedom, but in reality they are still imprisoned today. Out of all the races, they have the worst image because of shit like this that gives them a bad rep. For example, if a average white person was in this situation, the person would have first peacefully asked him where he got his shoes from. And like grown men, they would have handled it from there. For me if I was black, I would feel suicidal knowing our race no matter what is not going to become a role model instead of the villain of society. Please and do not give me lectures about?growing?up in the ghetto. These men are given a wonderful?opportunity?to attend a college and become significant and contributing to society in a positive way. Instead they disregard what they are given and return to their “hood state of mind”. TO the people above that said ?they could beat that guy up or they would have stole his sneakers, please stop. This is?embarrassing?and uncalled for. GROW UP LIKE REAL PEACEFUL MEN. THAT IS HOW YOU SUCCEED

    • Anonymous

      bro I feel what your saying but stereo types exist for a reason, im from the hood, and yes niggas, not blk men or blk women, are like this, there disrespectful, bitch made snakes, always hating on someone?else’s. But now this shit is not for the hood any more in 06 i moved to my sis’s in a nice suburb of DFW and niggas wuz killin and robbin claming bloods and crips, i’m talking bout red brick homes with stairs and backyards, niggas r the way they are cuz the black leaders have faild them, but eveybody is free so the fact is black people suffer at there own hands cause what kept me from being a low life, what kept bill cosby, obama, etc all from the hood from being a low life, nothing just?themselves, the blk people who suffer, suffer at there own faults fuck that?racist?shit, I know dark ass aficans and hodgies who’ve made something out of themselves coming from?straight shit, so when I hear any American talking about the man, all I hear is bullshit, cause yea shit sucks, but American the best and only place where?so called low class people can make it, just gotta work your ass off. sometimes harder than the next man but still..u have the?opportunity?here

      • PhilWil

        Yeah so true. Personally I’m tired of people who are adults trying so hard to be hood. This just looks stupid. Don’t tell me about the man and how he keeps you down when in fact it is black on black crime keeping us down.

        Stop pretending it’s still 1965 and you can’t get a job or start your own business because your black. Do we still have to work harder? Yeah, but NO WHERE NEAR as hard as it was for out fathers and there fathers.

        if you live in the suburbs and think its all about the struggle, please stop.

  18. Byallmeensm3

    I knew those sneakers werznt stolen!!! how the victim got a matchn green jacket to go wit the sneakers…How BROKE CAN A PERSON BE TO GO N BEAT SOMEBODY UP N TAKE THEIR SHOES?? SMH..GET A JOB HATERZZZ!!!

    • USGay

      thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you finally someone else sees it also. why this kid has matching hat and jacket for the foams if stolen .. where did he found all that time to get matching gears.. i knew something wasant right when i seen this fight i knew he was innocent all this time and there .. he was fucking innocent all this time. he could of killed that young man. foamposite are type heavy shoes and for him to get a blow to the head with the shoe is horrible. when he got up.he could of barely walk. i swear if this didnt bring tears to my eye i am one big fucking lier.. i tell u that..uncalled for and horrible.


    Yall are bunch of soft ass weak muthafuckas in my city all of your whites asses live in fear. #DC Niggas Run Dis Bitch

    • awoek_305

      Bring your pussy ass down south to the 305, we’ll show you whats up. blacks, whites, latinos, and asians will all take turns beating some sense into your backwards ass. ignorant motherfucker

    • If you put a white guy in cage full of drug fueled, maniacal baboons hed probably be in fear too….what the fuck is your point you ignorant mongoliod fuck??? Thank god for people as dumb as you….after all….someone has to clean the worlds toilets. Keep keeping our prisons full..we are running low on license plates.


    Whiteboys are victims lil nerdy defenseless pions weak frail crackas get took everyday soft ass bitches with even softer fathers every white boy is scared of us niggas that’s why they call the police and need help lolllll pussies can’t handle they own buisness help me the black guys have are deep with there mob and are kicking my ass and robbing me loll. helppp I csnt defend myself then bitch stop wearing expensive shit bitch

    • Anonymous

      im probably gunna sound a tad bit racists but im not talking about blk men or blk women but niggas, niggas is weak and only act hard in packs, ya niggas is retarded, unfocused,?conniving snakes, ands thats word. you gotta point niggas like you only fuck with the weak but thats cause you weak yo self, and I aint no white boi neither, ima player made mexican?

    • I’m white and believe me, your punk racist ass will get rode on out here, little internet thug bitch. Keep that racist shit in your mouth before you swallow it with your teeth. I’ve wiped the floor with punk ass bitches of all races and that superiority complex you got will get you fuckin stomped out talkin that shit to the wrong whiteboy…faggot. You need to learn something from those whiteboys and learn how fucking speak properly and get a fucking job, dick rider.?
      ? ? Everything you say on here is whiteboy this and spic that but we all know you would never pop that shit it public…little skinny jean wearing homo.

      By the way…DC if full of fags. you aids infested cheek spreading fairy…..you motherfuckers got more people on crack and wellfare in DC than in cities 10 times the size. You to school you ignorant fuck, and do something for your own race before you talk shit about others….Pookie ass nigga

    • Cadillacfag

      shut the fuck up. you know youll scream like a little bitch for the guards on duty or even the fuckin turtles to come help you when the lifers take turns running all up in your anus.

      or maybe u wont, but not cause youre “tough and dont need help”. itll most likely be cause you like it.

    • Pmi200911

      U dirty fuckin yard ape… try talkin that shit in boston.. the blacks don’t run shit but their cock suckin mouths… I never in my life have feard and black dude.. or any other race for that matter.. the most brutal dudes around where im from are white dudes… and the blacks are scared shit unless there is 50 of them at once… and if u really wanna try to prove a point I will give u my personal info and meet u in person to talk about how wrong u are… u punk bitch faggot.. holla@me

  21. kidware

    Cadillac, problem is is there are too many “black people” who are like you. You come on a shoe website and threaten white boys? Imagine what you do when you see people in person

    • CadillacPussy

      how the fuck is your pussyass talking tough when you need a gun or a knife to help you? anybody can pull a trigger. lil kids can fuckin pull a trigger. shit dont make u tough.

      throw the hands, or are all DC dudes as pussy as you?

  22. so where all the pplz that were sayin the kid who got beat deserved it cuz he stole dude’s foams??? ya’ll were quick to say he did it, but didnt know the whole story. and this is a fail on everyone involved…ya’ll basically threw away $43K over some $190 foams…smh…good job!!!

  23. Anteezy

    What can I say, I didn’t think it was funny the guy that got beat up was innocent and they ganged up on him and he got suckerpunched. Suckerpunching is what bitches do, I hope that bitch rots in jail.

  24. T-Bone

    If I was the nigga that got beat up for my foams, there would be nobody getting expelled and I wouldn’t even file a police report or get them involved. I’d give it a few days, call up my goons from the Bean, the nigga that did the beating would get bodied and his boys in the videotape will all just get a beating. Oooooohhh I wish that was me in that video….niggas wouldn’t even know what’s coming….REAL TALK

    • you do realize…these dudes snitched on themselves when they put the video on WSHH??? dude who got beat up didnt even have to file charges, or report the incident, them dudes did it to themselves.

  25. Bustinheads24

    Fuckin goonies need to get on they grind maybe they won’t have to steal… Fuck em they deserve whatever comes around

  26. It’s a sad era where footwear made of foam, leather, plastic or God knows what define one’s life. You pay $200.00 and up, yet only cost $30.00 to $50.00 to make. Kids get assaulted and murdered for them. The sooner people can understand that status is not in your footwear of choice, the better off the youth will be.

  27. I don’t GIVE A FUCK !!! Kid deserved what he got ! *1st mistake* Hanging with people who really aren’t his friends. *2nd mistake* after picking up his bag walking in the same direction as the crowd. *3rd mistake* you are being accused of something that the cops are now “claiming” he didn’t do but yet his parents have the receipt, a simple my parents bought these for me and whip out his cell and call his parents *easy*. ONLY 2 PEOPLE KNOW THE TRUTH. GOD and the kid who got his ass beat and nobody knows if he is telling the truth !! Pine greens released early September kid got his ass beat early December. I could understand if the kid kept the receipt in the shoe box like I do but come on his parents held on to a receipt for 2 MONTHS. Kids notice after pines been out for 2 months this dude shows up with a pair of pine green foams that dude has been missing for 2 weeks. My next question for the COPS would be how much did the receipt say they cost, cuz after 2months they would of had to of gotten them for more than $200. Pines on flight club are going for almost $300. You guys are JUMPING on people who said he deserved it cuz they didn’t have the true story well neither do you cuz cops never said the DATE OF PURCHASE on receipt and COST. If the cops give that info we will know what the truth is.

    • GaryIsAMoron

      dude seriously you’re a moron… do you read what you type?!? You’re complaining cause peopel say he didnt deserve it cause they dont know the full story and only two people know the truth…. yet in all of your points, you give damn near 100% credibility to the caption on the video that says they are stolen??? Do you fail to see the lack of logic in your argument? Seriously people who say he didnt deserve it are wrong cause they dont have the full story, but youre reasoning is stronger you read the caption on the video that was most likely typed by someone involved in the video??? and why is it hard to believe the parents still had the receipt… dude is in college so its totally possible he has a credit card under his parents name and they can refer to statements that prove it… and any REAL sneakerhead knows its totally possible to buy kix two months ago and keep em on ice for AT LEAST a couple of months. God you’re a moron.

      • Anonymous

        yuh i still hav sum iced stealth spizikes frm like the summer b4 last, not 4 any reason,and most the time i rock my beat up chucks, i dont rock heat everyday, if people were to say sumthing bout my kicks it probably be sumthing like what they sayin bout dude. and all my kicks have the receipt in the box idk why just how i organize but folks is right no one knows the story either side could be fabricating on the sly. but the fact remains that these douche?nozzles have shit 4 brains?

  28. Beans

    Whether or not he stole these foams ten lives are ruined over a pair of expensive plastic and nylon cloth. And all of us (including myself) indirectly supports this type of behavior because we buy these kicks on the regular….

  29. Scottyg433

    The “victim”?should have saw the?trouble coming, theres some dude twice the size of you talking shit about your kicks.

  30. john doe

    i am close to this situation and let me to you all this .. the shoes were stolen. ?The family obviously reproduced another receipt to show the cops to try and throw them off, but I can guarantee you that when the “bully” shows the serial number from inside the shoe it wont match the receipt and then everyone will feel stupid for?believing?whatever the fcuk the media tells them.. smh fcuking puppets yo i swear .. I hope the bully does get jail time even tho I wish he’d never took matters into his own hands and I hope that the victim is okay but everyone needs to mind their business and keep their two cents to themselves #realfcukingtalk

  31. MexicansOnTopofTheGamee

    Fuck your guy’s race is a disgrace that foo beat up th kid thinking he had his foamposites
    Beacuse they were appearently the same size and color smh so if i loose or get stolen a pair of js or foamposites ima go after the person that has same color of shoes and size!!!Damn these typee of people make your race look real bad for you guys that arrent like thesee monkeys!!!

  32. Anonymous

    I never comment on this site, but after reading this, I really think it’s incredibly sad that we go from commenting on sneakers we like to hate-driven internet battles.?

    If you’re from the hood, maybe you understand the logic of those kids who encouraged the beating of the one kid who allegedly stole the big guy’s shoes…but isn’t it sad that he and the others got expelled? If you had a chance to make it out the hood and get an education, shouldn’t that be worth more than your shoes being stolen??I had my BRed 11’s stolen while I was hooping at a rec center in college…guess what? I have another pair and a GREAT job to buy all the new sneakers I want. Take some time to think about that.For the?Caucasian individuals who have been reading this, please know that there are some African-american individuals who do not condone this behavior. However, you only add fuel to the fire to assume your insults somehow help low-income black people get it right.?

    The futures of youth everywhere are distorted and/or even corrupted for the sake of swagg…I think it’s extremely sad.

    I serve Jesus Christ and I am still able to see the deep implications of all of this. Some say Christians are not connected with the world and are just religious fanatics, but I say this type of stuff is exactly why we tell the world they need Jesus.


    A Christian Who Likes Sneakers



  33. KeepItaHunned

    Thats the breaks hood life. pussys wit extra punds prey on the fly and fuccin bitchez. Ya mans feelins was hurt cause he seen dude crushin on him daily and couldnt cop a loose ciggarette. They was gonna jump money but they just didnt have to, cause that sucka punch did the joib erly. I saw th e bitch inhim when he was gettin ready to sneak him.

    ??Best advice that lil cat?need a gat, that?keep hatin scukas back.?

  34. Huuu

    I didn’t know ghetto scum went to college. Moronic hooligans like the ones in the video need to be put in prison.

  35. paulie

    This happens when ppl believe their worth is defined by status symbols like clothing, shoes, iPhones etc. I had never heard about these type of shoes before today. The $200+ price tag for these tacky sneakers is the real crime here. Sneakers that cost about $12.50 to manufacture in Indonesian sweat shops, Marketed for millions and sold to fools whose priorities are misplaced. This whole story is sick, Im happy the little guy is ok and that those guys got expelled and charged for their crime.?

    • Over some ugly ass shoes honestly how can you ignorant pricks not notice how fucking ugly those foamposites are, they look fucking dumb on your feet they make you look like you got big ass clubbed feet, but for some reason ya’ll will still say THEY HOT etc. WHY THOUGH? BECAUSE WALE ROCKS THOSE SHITS? HUH? GIVE ME A GOOD REASON TO SPEND $200+ on some ugly ass embarrassment of a shoe. what the fuck is wrong with your ignorant asses??

      • guest

        Everyone likes differnet shit let people like wtf they want to if they wear em just cuz wale does then they cockriders. And if they actually like em let em rock tf. Ok theyre way over priced but what the hell is everyone supposed to do we dont own Nike we cant change the prices. You ugly as fuck but you dont see me bitchin at you for that.

  36. Pmi200911

    That big retard smashin on that skinny ass kid is a stright coward… and their faces in the camera and acting like they are sumone special are even stupider… id slap that big long haired faggot for doin that.. skinny kid that got robbed shoulda fuckin stabbed him… not to mention vedio taping shit ljme this is the most foolish thing
    u could do.. clearly these kids arent to street smart

  37. Bradfordw11

    Like I’ve read most of these posts, and honestly some of you people need help. it doesn’t matter if the shoes were some wing-tip dress shoes…someone was beat up and robbed. the shit is sad because it could happen to anyone. I just hope the guy who thought he was a goon, to take someones shoes is man enough when he goes to jail…

  38. Atmos

    I thought this was a ridiculous reaction when I thought the guy actually stole the foams.. these guys are just flat out embarrassing?

  39. Blanxman

    I Really Love How Damn Near No One Comments About The Stories. SMH. LMAo. I Guess This Is Everyones Way To Release Their Anger. (Stress Relever)?

  40. cookieface4750

    HLN reports it costs $43,000 a year to go to Dean College.? Nine
    students expelled, 4 years each, amounts to $1,548,000 for those pair of

  41. K1llak3v5k3

    gotta love black people lol..roid rage ass dude in that tight ass AE shirt beatin some nigga up over GRs..shits real lol..broke ass dude..n my mans Rock&Repubs were dumb fake..smh how ironic its in MA too the epicenter of foam hype.

  42. Silentstare

    This show that you can try and buy education but not class. It’s embarrassing that you have to be expelled from a college and ?lose an opportunity to get a better life not because you didn’t have good grades but because you beat up a kid who didn’t even steal the shoes you thought he stole from you… And the guy wasn’t even smart enough to realize that he was being filmed the whole time, he probably loved having an audience while attacking someone. Can’t say he didn’t have a chance to make something out of himself and in a way he did make something out of himself: a fool…

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