Police: Foamposites from Fight were NOT Stolen

Foamposite Fight at Dean College

Earlier today we reported that following Friday’s attack on a Dean College student over an alleged pair of stolen Foamposites, the assailant as well as five other students were expelled with three pending internal review. ?The school has announced this evening that the three other students will be expelled as well bringing the total to nine.

More details have been released by the Franklin Police department including the rightful owner of the Foamposites was in fact the victim of the assault. ?As part of the investigation, Franklin Police were able to obtain a copy of a receipt from the victim’s parents as reported by NECN.

The identity of the attacker has not been officially released by the Franklin Police and due to an ongoing investigation, no further details were able to be shared at this time.


  1. David_mcdowell22 says:


    1. Jesus says:

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      1. Mao says:

        The pitfalls of affirmative action.

      2. BBBritches says:

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      3. Donyboy09 says:

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    2. Matt says:

      I honestly couldn’t give less of a shit about this story. Wow, kids get beat up for their shoes! This was news in 1985. Not 2011. Nice Kicks gets worse every passing day. Stick to making shitty ass collaborations that nobody gives two fucks about.?

      1. Dennis says:

        That’s why you still come to the site to look and read lol so stfu

        1. Matt says:

          haha, bitch, your name is Dennis. How often did you get your ass kicked for that?

          1. Dennis says:

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          2. Mike says:

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      3. BBBritches says:

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      4. Silverdoggg says:

        In 1985 they didn’t record video of the fight and then do a roll call shouting out each of their names and showing their faces. Basically they dry snitched on THEMSELVES

      5. Anonymous says:

        Matt Halfhill??? I think you guys have good collaborations. Keep your head up.

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      7. Do u even know the whole story idiot?

    3. Where have you been?!?!?!?!? The robbing of shoes, starter jackets, hats, etc….has been going on since the ’80′s!!!!

    4. So 9 kids suspended. Multiple that by the school’s $43,000 tuition (including room and board) and that = $387,000 in tuition down the drain. All for some $200 sneakers.

      1. #SWAGGTASTIC says:

        not even suspended… expelled… so not only do they lose out on the semester but their whole career at the school because the expulsion won’t allow the credits to transfer… so they gotta start from scratch smh being the sneakerhead I am I still say DEF NOT worth it….

        1. My correction. They?don’t?look it but if they are Juniors or Seniors all I have to say is DAMN.?

      2. Alex Frisco says:

        its the point ugly ass nigga the fact they almost put him in the hospital

    5. Mrs.Honeycutt says:

      How can you watch that video of that young man being beat senselessly and not become enraged? and for the icing on the cake, no one helped this young man. It makes me sick to my stomach. I pray that the prosecutors go after these thugs to the full extent of the law. Looks like they wanted to become “famous” by shouting out World Starr Hip Hop! the law will do just that!

  2. Troll says:

    This post brought this blog down…

  3. LOL says:

    I giggled at the fight, but when they took his shoes… I went apeshit.

  4. Tjmaster10 says:

    He’s just mad cause he has some team jordan on…

  5. Cookieloverboy says:

    Foamposites really? i understand jordan or classy shoes BUT THOSE SHOES SMH

    1. what says:

      well foamposites are $250 so…

      1. NickM says:

        more like $350

    2. Joe Morris says:

      That’s not even the point.

  6. Ace Cherry says:

    Man thats some bs. Smh dumb stuff like this is how peoples lives get taken. Dude prolly knew they wasnt his shoes too.

    1. No “Prolly”, dude knew damn well those weren’t his shoes. He wanted a quick 15 minutes of fame on Worldstar and he got it, plus more.

      1. Ace Cherry says:

        Yeah your right smh

  7. X_henryg_x says:

    Damn! ?Nigga got molliwopped for nothing haha. ?Goes to show, even if they weren’t stolen. ?Don’t fuck with another dude’s shoes.

    1. THEMAN says:

      What the fuck are you talking about you ingornant son of a bitch? somebody should beat your ass for some shoes and lets see how much you’ll be talking.?

  8. damn. says:

    When they were beating him up I giggled… when they took his shoes, I died inside then went apeshit.

    1. Guest says:

      i bet it wudnt be funny if yo punk ass got beat up and robbed..and dont talk shit like u big…dat nigga wz swole as fuk

      1. xSneakerFiendx says:

        it wouldnt be funny. what is funny is your spelling. what if someone beat you up for the way you type? the dude who attacks the kid is ignorant and deserves to go to jail, not to mention the lawsuit that he is gonna get for the crime. Looks like he is paying for more than one pair of foams.

      2. sneakerfittedguy says:

        *pause* after that last sentence …?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Haha AINT THAT A BITCH! To those three dudes heading for jail probably, DONT DROP THE SOAP!

    1. Dubsco says:

      Don’t drop the soap, that’s original…..duechbag……..

      1. Anonymous says:

        Haha ok that don’t drop the soap thing wasn’t funny, but does making a bad joke make him a douche bag? Haha I’ve never seen a joke that I’ve heard before and gotten mad about it.

        1. Preston says:

          He’s probably one of the ones that got expelled haha

          1. Anonymous says:

            you could tell, He couldn’t spell “douche bag” right.

  10. Joe Morris says:

    Those are some expensive Foams now. Dude will be paying restitution the rest of his working life.

    1. yup yup says:

      thats exactly what i was thinkin.

    2. lol says:

      ruined his life for a pair shoes lmao (thats a true sneaker head!)

      1. sneakerfittedguy says:

        That’s a true idiot – when sneakers ruin your logic to the point of criminally beating down another human being, something’s wrong in your head and you need some sort of help.

  11. Abbklyn says:

    Some real bum shit!… Get ur $$ up!

  12. jumpman43091 says:

    dude could have asked what size they were and looked at em first before he beat his ass,,,lol those werent even the same size as the ones that were stollen from him

  13. Shutup says:

    that dude threw punches like a straight up faggot. the first clue that the $225 Foams didn’t belong to him was that whack ass american eagle tshirt he was wearing for $12.

    1. Ace Cherry says:

      Lol all bullshht aside thats was funny

    2. cmonman says:

      hahaha that’s the FIRST thing I noticed! I was like “oh man, shits about to go down with these thugs…..wait a second, is that American Eagle???”

      Nothing made me more angry than all the pieces of shit jumping around and yelling, especially the one little prick screaming like a girl the entire time in the poor guys face as hes trying to regain his composure.?

  14. kdizzle says:

    The bully cant fight for shit. those weak slow ass sucker punches. Looked like a dumb brawler.. SMDH I would have beaten that piece of shit to a pulp. I hate it when people try to be so intimidating but cant fight for shit, they just depend on fear to win. This is why I train in martial arts, to beat fucking advantageous pussies like this bully any given time.

    1. Sammy says:

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          1. Alex Frisco says:

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        2. NickM says:

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        3. Neckbone says:

          alright there chuck norris relax urself pal

        4. Anonymous says:

          I’ll give you my whole sneaker collection if you can find a way to beat the shit out of him right now.

        5. cmonman says:

          your on the internet you idiot…..this makes you look like a moron…end of story.?

      2. kdizzle says:

        Lmao I can tell you just a little punk ass kid looking for attention lol. You need a ass whopping you ignorant bastard so shut up before i use your ?face as a punching bag.

        1. this nigga gonan shoot up a school one day?

          1. Anonymous says:


          2. Anonymous says:

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        2. xSneakerFiendx says:

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        3. M.A.0223 says:

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        5. cmonman says:

          he’s mad bc he just got expelled from school guys show come compassion, shit….

    2. Sam says:

      Martial Arts???? HOLY SHIT YOU’RE COOL!!

  15. Izm One says:

    Straight punks man.? Sucker punch dude then mob on him while he’s out.

  16. Slikkrick79 says:

    A bunch of Hood trash doing exactly the wrong thing never gonna amount to anything but the “thug” life…Threw away an education to stay fresh LOL

    1. Suckaa says:

      Hood trash? It’s a bunch of kids in college, wearing american eagle and prancing around. It’s wannabe hood trash….at best

      1. Db says:

        T they definitely were prancing around

        1. Anonymous says:

          I hurd there crew is called the yung dandys

  17. wow these kids are getting what they deserve kid should sue the?assailant and buy more foamposites with his $$?

    1. Salman Hersi says:

      he tells them later “i bought these with your money niggas” lool?

      1. Chan Grail-E says:


  18. nine half says:

    Anyone else afraid to rock their heat after this bs?

    1. A.J. says:

      A lil bit lol…. Dude in green a straight up punk for just gettin his ass whopped, shoes stolen, and humiliation. I was weak as a bitch tho

      1. mc'dick says:

        u gotta understand that would have been like a weak cancer pacient fighting shaq u kno ure not doin anything to him so he said y waist the energy plus that first hit dazed him all the other hits were a blur most likely?

    2. NickM says:

      i have the same exact shoes. im so scared

    3. Anonymous says:

      man i stay?paranoid, cuz yes ur being watched and people notice, im frm the hood, lived with goons, and yea dudes point you out but check this when u hear “ay what size is yous” you better?knuckle?up, run, or grip the pistol, Im not afraid to say i’d do all but mostly run.?

    4. bukakkee splash says:

      hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill rock my shit wherever

  19. Jordan says:

    Glad to find out indeed they weren’t stolen and these kids will be punished for being some punk ass goons.

  20. smh @ the world says:

    5 already expelled and 3 more just got expelled, that equals 8 NiceKicks, not 9

    1. Afelm says:

      The assailant and 5 others expelled…that means 6. 6 + 3 = 9….