adidas JS Wings 2.0 “Air Force Flag” Pack

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adidas JS Wings "Air Force Flag" Pack

Jeremy Scott continues to stir the pot of discussion with his newly designed adidas JS Wings 2.0 “Air Force Flag” Pack. These two pairs, which are scheduled to hit retailers in March of 2012, each pull inspiration from the American flag, utilizing white/red stripes and blue/white stars for a patriotic look that screams JS. These two pairs are set to retail at $334 USD and can be pre-ordered now. Check out more images below and let us know what you think.

adidas JS Wings “Air Force Flag” Pack
March 2012

adidas JS Wings "Air Force Flag"  Blue/White

adidas JS Wings "Air Force Flag" Blue/White

adidas JS Wings "Air Force Flag"  Blue/White

adidas JS Wings "Air Force Flag" Blue/White

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26 Comments on "adidas JS Wings 2.0 “Air Force Flag” Pack"

  1. Gu

    i don’t understand, the shoes look like shit but cost almost 2 jordan retro at retail.

    JS isn’t even good, so damn overrated

  2. DowntownBoy

    I will wear the red ones in a heartbeat, you people need to step your game up and stop with this ghetto mentality the ones who do not like these are the ones wearing snapbacks/fitted caps baggy jeans and t-shirts?probably?still wearing cheap sweat shop made jordans too lmao! These shoes match my fly rich kid NYC lifestyle! ?

  3. @adidas_overdose

    yea the price gives me da “UGHHH FACE” …but they not dat bad, i wud def pull these out only on July4th or Labor day….

  4. bukakkee

    haha call these the force faggerstrums…. so gay!!! adidas could slap 2 cocks on the side of a pair and cockboys will still cop em haha fuckin lemons

  5. ibet every body that hate these shoes wear dum axx nikes and j all day but love love lil wayne and bet yall dont even know that wayne owns every pair of jeremy scott adidas even these, be different and step yo game up, stop tryna look and dress like everybody else and please stfu and stop hating…….ADIDAS all day

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