Nike Zoom KDIV "Weatherman"

The Nike Zoom KDIV “Weatherman” has been the talk of the town the past few weeks, giving sneakerheads and basketball enthusiasts plenty to discuss. Today, new images of this “neck-breaking” colorway have once again surfaced, giving those hesitant to line-up additional looks. Check out more images of this limited pair below and let us know if you’ll be picking up a pair next week.

Nike Zoom KDIV “Weatherman”
December 10, 2011

Nike Zoom KDIV "Weatherman"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Weatherman"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Weatherman"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Weatherman"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Weatherman"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Weatherman"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Weatherman"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Weatherman"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Weatherman"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Weatherman"

Source: KD35

  • alex

    how much?

    • Aman128ok

      KD said he would never sell a shoe for over 100 dollars….So anywhere from 80-95…..the last KD’s I bought cost me “96.43 with tax” (and I live in Missouri)

      • areweonthaair

        the nerf’s are 175 tho

        • Anonymous

          Dont believe this BULL above me, NO ONE knows how much the Nerfs are yet

        • ned

          no fucktard there 95 and so are the weathermans you whore piece of shit

          • Jerral94

            hahahahahahaha slayed!!

        • Alex M-H

          The nerfs are 95 dollars dumb ass.



          • treesty

            Pirates kick ass. ?Given that you have a peg leg, it must be pretty awesome to keep one shoe mint and rock the other. Props.?

      • Rfalkenstern

        Nerfs come in a fancy package with a nerf hoop ($95 is standard msrp) they will def be more than that

        • Nukka0501

          The ea sports came with nba jam for the 360 and the price was the same.

      • Mike Murphy

        I thought I was the pretty much the only sneakerhead in Missouri.

        • iHEARTFUSIONS<3!

          im the only sneakerhead in louisiana im sure lmao people in mandeville have no swag. i saw a kid rockin sperrys like how wale does lmao. i know its not his lace job, its just everyone knows what im talking about tho lmao

  • A Pimp Named Slickback

    Anybody else catch the “Big Chucky” on the heel? Can someone explain that to me??

    • Sam

      I think it was one of his coaches growin up who passed recently

    • was a coach who really impacted his life-its on all kd4’s, durants shoes are known for details like that

    • Evan1513

      i would think just a nickname for kd

      • Ddred08

        It was his coach who passed away at 35. . . and that’s why he wear the #35 now to honor him. and his nickname was Big chucky

    • Siki

      his aau coach rip

  • Evan1513

    95 bucks

  • ballsohard

    Will they be a general release?

    • Guestman

      For the weatherman they are GR not sure about the NERF though

      • Laric0730

        The weatherman r not a gr they will release in limited numbers very limited at selected niketown and hoh .

        • mesmoriz3

          i heard that only the nerfs are an exclusive release and the weathermans are a GR

  • Darnell Yancey

    The heat sensor feature on the heels is too sick! I like the Nerf better though.

  • Ddrake2020

    weathers or lb9 cannons

    • BPJR

      Really, the cannons if you have the money. Not even close!?

    • Benji McElroy

      I’d go with the Weatherman’s everyday of the week. The KDIV is just a better looking shoe, plain and simple.

    • mesmoriz3

      cannons fasho dawg

  • Rataface805

    Kevin Duran is a douche bag he didn’t give me props at Nike Santa Monica fuck that niggardly

    • K.Born

      You still talking about that shit? Damn, you act like he whipped your ass.

    • X_henryg_x

      Kevin Durant is one of the nicest people and greatest basketball players of our era you asshole.

  • Yungseazer

    how much woulda yall pay for these?

  • d.mills

    why weatherman

  • Benji McElroy

    I’m absolutely in love with these but…

    I just noticed the radar on the bottom makes a foot…OH MY GOD!

  • Anonymous

    of course its a limited release…

  • Reggie10

    Where would these shoes drop?

  • kidjude

    This shits hot. Literally haha

  • Grantzellers

    where are they gonna drop? and how much? i gotta cop these

    • X_henryg_x

      December 10th, $95

  • BlacArmz

    Deez sneaks r waaaaay to much!!!! Nerfs to they jus way to busy

  • Ajserna360

    Can you cop these online??

  • RH

    What Stores Are Going To Have Them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????

  • prolific

    Where to cop?

  • Stephan

    Will these be in grade school? If not what’s the smallest size?

  • jaysAndretti

    They’re most likely Gunna release at HOH

  • RH

    HoH ?

  • prolific

    House of Hoops.

    When there are HoH releases, are those always in-store only or online as well?

  • Rushdiddy

    Yo can I get these at footlocker or foot action?

  • Donavon Jackson

    yo when are the nerfs comin out ??? let a nigga know?

    • GodDamnGram

      nerfs drop on the 17th

  • Chase Webb

    I see hella bullshit about the price of the sneaker, still none of ya’ll niggas seem to notice the freshness of that sole….2 fuckin ill

  • Dora Ramon

    @acbd68f5198c2b6c75315f9872af599b:disqus?pay for these..?my best friend’s mother-in-law made $233904 so far just working on the computer for a few hours. Read more on this site..

  • Jarrongs

    Can I get these online?

  • Hogwild

    It seems like noone has the right answer for anything up in here. nobody knows the price and if they gonna be a general release.

  • Shohei

    I already got Cannons coming for Xmas but these are too fricking hot…you think they’ll ever be a better concept on a shoe???

  • jack Gelfond

    Where can you buy these and the nerfs

  • vasi

    anyone know where i can get these & the nerfs size 6 or 6.5???

  • jaysAndretti

    Weathermans are a HOH exclusive .. Nerfs are only being sold at 3 stores

  • Lynmarievega

    so do these come in a 6.5 in big kids?