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Earlier this month, Washington Wizards shooting guard Nick Young expressed his discontent with NBA owners and their stance during the NBA lockout. He specifically showed his dissatisfaction with one of the player-turned-owners we are all too familiar with, Michael Jordan. After learning about MJ’s stance to offer the players no more than 47 percent, Nick Young took to his Twitter with this comment: “I’m not wearing Jordans no more. Can’t believe what I just seen and heard from MJ #ElvisDoneLeftTheBuilding.”

We caught up with Nick Young a couple of weeks ago to ask him about the comment he made regarding Michael Jordan. Will he continue his strike from Jordan sneakers or was he just speaking out of frustration? Check out his comments below pertaining to this subject matter. Also, Young speaks on his anticipation of Kobe Bryant’s new sneaker and how NikeiD is his favorite site.

On his comment regarding Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand Footwear:

“I was just a little hurt by the comments that I heard from Michael Jordan. As a kid, that was like my favorite player. It was just the things he said about the lockout and how we, the players, don’t deserve too much. It kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I was just speaking out of frustration though because I was a Jordan kid growing up. I had every Jordan when I was younger. I actually like the “Doernbecher” Air Jordan 4s that just came out. Those are really hard.”

On NikeiD and the Kobe Bryant signature line:

“That’s my site right there. Nike knows that. They send me NikeiD pairs sometimes. I’m waiting on the new Kobes to come out. Those look hard. I’ll definitely be wearing Kobes when the season starts back up.”