Nice Kicks x New Balance 1500 Night Shots

Nice Kicks x New Balance 1500

Last week when we gave a first look at our upcoming project with New Balance, a few noticed the reflective material on the tongue of the Nice Kicks x New Balance 1500.? Over the weekend we shot a few night time shots to give you an idea of how this shoe lights up the night.? Stay tuned for more about this project that releases December 16th.

Nice Kicks x New Balance 1500

Nice Kicks x New Balance 1500

Nice Kicks x New Balance 1500

Nice Kicks x New Balance 1500


  1. Famousmf1 says:

    I need these… There’s no where to buy NB’s around me in CT all these sneaker stores are Nike D*** suckers

    1. Nice Kicks says:

      Thankfully we can help you out with that. ?These will be available online for purchase no matter what corner of the globe you live.

      1. Drew Stone says:

        thank god. ?I want these so badly!

      2. John says:

        How much does international shipping to Canada cost ?

          1. John says:

            SOLD! See ya online on the 16th : )

          2. HuntMcGunt says:

            no way this is a? real conversation…..planted!

          3. Nice Kicks says:

            It’s as real as it gets homie.

    2. Joe Morris says:

      Wat? New Balance is based in Boston. I’d think it would be exceedingly to get NB’s (unless CT stands for something other than the state that borders Massachusetts).

      1. JW1797 says:

        New Balance is based in the UK.

        1. Izm One says:

          Nope. Boston. ?They have a plant in the UK, but they were founded in the USA and still headquartered in MA.

          1. JW1797 says:

            Oh yes, i got my facts wrong.

  2. Goaji says:

    How much? These are straight butter!

  3. G U est says:

    Them janks look straight WORN. If there is a crisp clean pair I might not think these were so ugly.

    1. Nice Kicks says:

      They’re night time photos. ?The shoes are brand new. ?Have a look here ->?http://www.nicekicks.com/2011/11/nice-kicks-new-balance-1500/

  4. You guys are so legit letting everyone getting a crack at these. I live in San Marcos so ill be at the store release

  5. Goaji says:

    $25?!?! GTFOH…

    1. Mike says:

      That’s to Canada bro. Shipping in US is free.

    2. John says:

      Better than spending $45 shipping like other stores/ebay charge Canadians..

    3. Curly says:

      U FOH! If you dont like em, dont buy em! I’m def trying to double up on these, and not for profit, but for longevity…

  6. Anonymous says:

    so clean!

  7. kiddynamite says:

    great colorway. what is the pricing?? Hopefully not 180+….

    1. Nice Kicks says:

      $150. ?Same price as inline 1500s, but the materials on these they were supposed to be $180.

  8. Goaji says:

    Haha… Got it, $25 for shipping. How much for the kicks?

  9. Culry says:

    Cant wait to cop!! 2 pairs please!!

  10. Goaji says:

    These are dope. NB are some of the most comfortable sneakers out there. Easy cop!

  11. bukakkee splash says:

    shoes for virgins!!!!

  12. baller says:

    how much is shipping to Australia?

    1. Nice Kicks says:

      $40 or $45. ?We are negotiating a lower shipping rate and will know soon :-) .

  13. JW1797 says:

    How much is shipping to the UK?

    1. Nice Kicks says:

      $40 or $45. ?They are part of the package we are negotiating with Australia and mainland Europe.

  14. W the 1 and only says:

    What time are these hitting your online store on the 16th? I cant miss these.

  15. bunz says:

    NB heads complain about the shape of the shoe and how it look like a muh fuggin rocking horse but i fucks with this regardless

  16. Chouyulee says:

    Can i but this in Hong Kong? Or just on line and shipping?

    1. Jccsbz says:

      Hi. Are you from hk? You like this 1500 . Can I have your contact?

  17. Pokes says:

    Are these Made in USA?