Kevin Durant Unveils the “Weatherman” Nike Zoom KD IV

Nike Zoom KDIV "Weatherman"

“I always wanted to be a weatherman when I was growing up. I like natural disasters, so they made a very nice shoe around that theme.” – Kevin Durant

One day after Kevin Durant confirmed the release date of the highly anticipated “Nerf” Nike Zoom KD IV, we spot him rocking the “Weatherman” Nike Zoom KD IV for the first time in public (Twitter) eye. If you recall, Kevin Durant stated that the “Weatherman” KD IVs are “better than the ?Nerfs? in our interview with him in Dallas. From what we can see, the “Weatherman” Nike Zoom KD IVs feature a mainly green upper with minimal orange hints throughout the base. A unique graphic, reminiscent of the weather schemes you would see on a Doppler radar, surrounds the Swoosh on the lateral side and also appears on the translucent outsole. What are your preliminary thoughts on this shoe?

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Nike Zoom KDIV "Weatherman"

Nike Zoom KD IV "Weatherman"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Weatherman"

Nike Zoom KD IV "Weatherman"

Nike Zoom KDIV

Kevin Durant rocking the "Weatherman" Nike Zoom KD IV


    1. the only thing is the contour lines on the strap dont match up with the contour lines on the shoe

      1. Melo NYC says:

        This nigga is a fag he doesn’t like fine chicks

      2. Anonymous says:

        That would look pretty sick

    2. Smiththesenuts says:

      idk i like the nerfs better kd whyling LOL

      1. nine half says:

        I really love the sole. That’s so creative.

        1. Jshawngrant says:

          Yeah but did he just say he likes natural disasters?

        2. Kelso11508 says:

          Aye bet yall didn’t notice the “storm patterns” on the sole is in the shape of his foot…like if you see what I’m sayin

          1. unreal says:

            I actually think it’s just utilizing the available space?nobody really puts significant pressure on their arch the way it’s depicted. I see what you’re saying about the foot “shape”, but then again it’s on the sole of a sneaker?what did you expect the pattern to look like?

          2. Kelso11508 says:

            lol i didn’t expect to see storm patterns in the form of his feet but *shrugs* Nike stays doin things way worse that make us ask “why???”

          3. Ryan says:

            wtf is wrong with people saying like this if or thumbs up if lol we know how the liking and thumbs up system works on websites you dumb mother fucker lol

  1. Pompo says:

    the hype didnt do them justice ehh

    1. Connor Norton says:

      SUPA HOT FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KD KICKS, I COP DAT

  2. Guest says:

    Hmmmmmm, btw 1st

    1. your not first you ole lil bitch ass boy

      1. Ghettoboiallstar says:


  3. big sneak says:

    Agghhh!! Just three up in my mouth a bit. Me no likey….

  4. big sneak says:

    * threw up

  5. UNCLE JOE says:

    Nerfs> these

  6. Brandonroy says:


  7. JakeP says:


  8. Brandonroy says:

    they are better than the nerfs in my opinion

    1. Brandonroy says:

      fuck that didnt see the first pic too busy tryina comment 1st lol ?uglier

  9. seoulkorea25 says:

    first, and no!!!!!!!

    1. Sammyjam5 says:


  10. desgrafiks says:

    Love em. But still, YOTD>Nerfs>Weatherman

  11. Anonymous says:

    ?yo these kicks look like kobe vi grinch’s

    1. Sammyjam5 says:

      except they don’t at all..

  12. These are fye not as great as YOTD or the Nerfs but they are fye

  13. Miles says:

    These nice!!!! Imma have to cop scince imma have to miss nerf realease.

  14. fatboi says:

    The concept is sick but that strap ain’t it!!

  15. WAY says:

    i’d say NERFS…

  16. Sddvewvv says:

    nerfs so much more dope

  17. sheedthesneakerhead says:

    These are dope but nerfs> weatherman

  18. CJ says:

    ashy ass legs..

  19. GabO says: