My 5: Kevin Durant’s Sneaker Rotation

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Kevin Durant

You may know Kevin Durant for his unique backpacks and hoodies off of the court, but he also sports a mean sneaker game when he’s not on the hardwood (as if he doesn’t rock nice sneakers on the court). In addition to our 1 on 1 interview with Kevin Durant in Dallas this past weekend, we asked him which five sneakers make up his current rotation. Of course, he threw in a couple of KDIV colorways (one we have yet to see), but he also incorporated some classic sneakers from the Penny, Ken Griffey and Jordan signature series. Check out our “My 5: Kevin Durant’s Sneaker Rotation” feature.

Nike Zoom KDIV “Nerf”

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Nike Zoom KDIV "Nerf"

Kevin Durant: “I’ll have to start my list off with the KDIV “Nerfs”. Those are really hot right now and one of my favorite pairs to wear.”

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  1. Soundwave787 says:

    Pretty solid rotation. I would rock all them boyz.

    1. Timmy912 says:

      ?other than the kobes

      1. Blazers2101 says:

        There were no kobes….

        1. Timmy912 says:

          o thit thought the weathermans were kobes im trippin

  2. Stownes1 says:

    They bullshitin with a look at the weatherman!!…show da shoe NK….

    1. guy says:

      they haven’t released pics of them yet

  3. Bradley H says:

    Man, the release info for the nerfs needs to be given already…definitely tryin to cop those….

    1. xander says:

      i know there coming out in november, but what date? these are a def cop

  4. Rj1122 says:

    Nice rotation I really want to know what the Weathermans look like tho

  5. Kingcold359 says:

    Kevin durant ! i like his choice of sneakers

  6. Super Zoom says:

    solid rotation

  7. Jbrodes says:

    nice choice in shoes..i would go with penny2 or flight one over the penny1..that is just me.. jayiii is super comfy but no xi?? hmm….yeah i would throw a kobe in their….i would go mvp or the mlkiv…the vi was super comy..love my china and lower merion cw!?

    1. Anonymous says:

      why would?KD wear Kobes when he has his own Signature shoe thats made to HIS liking?

      1. Jasonnajda says:

        then why does he wear pennys and jordans? dumbass.

        1. treesty says:

          because they’re not contemporaries dumbass

    2. justinj says:

      the grench, and bruce lee?kobes are the best kobes other than that i dont fuck with?his?shoe. IMO

    3. Dirty Mike says:

      Uhh dude this is Kevin Durant’s rotation?not yours

  8. Marky mark says:

    “I like natural disasters” dead

  9. Anonymous says:

    KD is a boss but did he really say he likes natural disasters??

  10. Dirty Mike says:

    Really Kevin, “I like natural disasters…” ?He was probably cheering when he heard about Katrina

  11. Clay says:

    Don’t hate kd. when he said that he likes natural disasters he means that they are interesting. as in he likes hearing about the science and shit of them.

  12. rickyr says:

    man first you abandon seattle now you rock the emerald griffeys smh lol

    1. Guest says:

      The team owner moved the team, not KD.

  13. Maybachmartel says:

    We got pussy jbrodes on here talkn bout what he wulda wore. No one even knows u coochie boy. Yall fukn kill me wit dat shit.

    1. Cudder says:

      “Coochie boy” LMAO

  14. WZA says:

    Yup knows wuts up!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    man stop messin with me like this i wanna see the weathermans so bad since i frist heard he said hey r better then the nerfs.

  16. Phwong says:

    we all know hyperdunks are the best shoes, you’re all gay arguing over kobe’s and kd’s. they’re both over rated.

  17. jtrain73 says:

    all junk apart from black cement 3s

  18. nice page very happy with what youve done

  19. a2455344 says:

    I’ve said that least 2455344 times. SCK was here