Nice Kicks Wish List

There is no need to wait until mid December to fill out your holiday wish list. The Nice Kicks shop is ready and willing to keep your personal wish list on file for the person who is interested in treating you this holiday season. Starting today, you will be able to come in and fill out a wish list of the top sneakers, t-shirts, watches, snapbacks, etc. you desire this season. After filling it out, we will store away the wish list until your parents, your special someone or anybody else that is expected to buy you gifts this holiday season, visits the shop and asks for your personal wish list.? From there, the buyer will receive 15% off of your entire wish list! This is definitely a great way to make sure the person buying you gifts this season keeps something in their pockets after generously splurging on you. The Nice Kicks Holiday Wish List deal ends on December 31, 2011.

**Note** The Nice Kicks Holiday Wish List is available and open to ALL ages.