NeverWet Spray Set to Shield Sneakers

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NeverWet spray provides a silicon-based coat that repels water and heavy oils on a variety of surfaces to include sneakers. How did the white canvas kicks handle the chocolate syrup? Watch the video to see for yourself.

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Ian Stonebrook lives in Austin, TX where he spends most of his time kicking it with friends and fam, hooping, golfing and going out.

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  1. blackkeke

    Damn!!! Wish I had this when I was piping my friends mom. She squirted all over my raging bulls and stained them..

      • DN0R Norris

        Number one rule of owning true selvedge jeans is not to wash them for at least the first couple months of wearing them and by the time you do decide to wash them (if ever you do), it’s hand wash only. Basically, you’ve ruined your selvedge jeans and completely missed out on the point of owning selvedge (breaking them in, etc) if you did indeed wash them before wearing. The more you know..

          • Anonymous

            I agree ^. I know DN0R you’re trying to mean well but you’re sounding like a pretentious a-hole. I own “true” raw denim jeans that are not just APC’s and sometimes it’s recommended to soak once before wearing. So not washing before-hand is not the “number one rule”

          • Dorian813

            Thank you I’ve read on plenty of jeans to flip them inside out and run them thru the machine on a cold rinse to keep the jeans from bleeding onto your shoes. Back when Tim’s were a must you had to do this to keep your buttas looking fresh.

    • jocrak

      they make a spray u spray on the jeans or the sneakers and it stops the blue from running.. idk the name but google it er sumthin i know its out there

    • you have to spray your jeans in water proofing spray that you can get at your local kicks store. you can also use it on your shoes. i’ve been spraying my shoes in waterproof spray for over 10 years. make sure you get the laces and tongue as well.?

  2. Willijs8

    Just checked, this stuff isnt ready for consumer uae yet. Website suggest that it may be super expensive anyway.

  3. Willijs8

    Just checked, this stuff isnt ready for consumer uae yet. Website suggest that it may be super expensive anyway.

  4. Anonymous

    i wonder how often you would have to re apply the product (if you have to)…i can’t really see one can being an end all solution.

    • TheGooman

      I’m fairly certain you wouldn’t have to. ?They submerged a circuit board coated with NeverWet in sea water for literally a YEAR and it was still dry when they removed it.

  5. Anonymous

    I wonder how this product affects the shoes ability to breath? if it’s a sealer then might end up with a situation where your kicks look clean but smell horrible due to odors being trapped in with no way to escape other then when their not being worn..

    • Bllenoir42

      You might have to use sneakerballs… that stuff from finishline is really strong “Fresh Frogger” I use them in my basketball shoes

    • TheGooman7

      Great question, but I don’t think that would be an issue. ?In my understanding, this material doesn’t seal what it’s sprayed on, but rather it changes it’s surface properties so that water doesn’t adhere to it.

  6. Jabz215

    Man they been making ish like this for yrs.. this just happens to be marketed towards sneaks… Think about what it does to your kicks in 10 yrs??? Do they even know? I wouldn’t risk it personally…. Think about water not getting in = air not getting out… So your sneaks wont get dirty but your feet are dank and sweaty.. Your kicks and feet stink.Plus probably a bad case of athletes foot to boot.. Why on earth would you morons wanna wear some 11s in the rain anyway?? ACGs or dunks fo sure! Stop buying into the gimmicks..These Vans were definitely? PREPPED( dipped in a bucket of this shit) for this video…. C’mon Man….

  7. ummmm i’ve been water proofing ALL my shoes for over 10 years. i buy a new can about once a month. you can get it at your local shoe stores. the last can i bought was from target and it’s made by kiwi. it’s really for outdoor use (tents), but it works on your kicks and coats just as well.?

    interesting story. on the grey nurse fusion Vs the waterproofing spray gave the leather a distressed look so i have a one-in-a-kind pair of them now. i had wanted to buy another pair to have the original green color but never did, even after i saw they were on sale in eastbay.?

    with that said on premium leather (like the jordan 2011s) it would be best to use a non-spray waterproofer if you don’t want to discolor your kicks.?

  8. Derrick31181

    F*cking around with my nieces,nephews and some dumb ass friends I should probably spray my whole damn house!!!? LOL? Where the hell can we get that at?

  9. F***HermanCain

    all you hypebeast need this for when your doing really suspect things like dripping syrup on your shoes or whip cream whatever your prefrence is………………

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