Kicks On Court: Dwight Howard?s D12 Celebrity All-Star Game Recap

Kicks On Court

Although an NBA season seems far-fetched at this point, our Kicks On Court column will still appear on the site in some form or fashion. Following the debut of Durant’s “Wolf Grey” Nike Zoom KDIV in Dallas, we spotted an abundance of sneaker heat in the Dwight Howard ‘D12′ Celebrity All-Star Game Recap. In detail, Penny Hardaway was spotted in the “Memphis Blues” Nike Zoom Rookie during warm-ups and later switched to his all-white Nike Air Foamposite One PE for the game. Another surprise came in the form of Gilbert Arenas’ footwear. The combo guard laced up a custom Air Jordan 6 that featured multiple Orlando Magic elements such as the black/white pinstripes and the blue and white colored panels. Additionally, Lil Wayne, who coached one of the teams this weekend, paced back and forth on the sidelines while wearing the “Binary Blue” Nike Zoom Rookie. View these kicks plus more, worn by Dwight Howard, Quentin Richardson, Earl Clark, Steve Francis and others, below.

Kicks On Court

Penny Hardaway and Gilbert Arenas wearing the Nike Zoom Rookie "Memphis Blues" amd a custom "Orlando Magic" Air Jordan 6, respectively

Kicks On Court

Penny Hardaway in the "Memphis Blues" Nike Zoom Rookie

Kicks On Court

Penny Hardaway in his all-white Nike Air Foamposite One PE

Kicks On Court

Penny Hardaway wearing his all-white Nike Air Foamposite One PE

Kicks On Court

Penny Hardaway in his all-white Nike Air Foamposite One PE and Lil Wayne wearing the "Binary Blue" Nike Zoom Rookie

Kicks On Court

Gilbert Arenas' custom Air Jordan 6 "Orlando Magic" and Penny's "Memphis Blues" Nike Zoom Rookie

Kicks On Court

Gilbert Arenas' custom Air Jordan 6 "Orlando Magic"

Kicks On Court

Gilbert Arenas' dunking in his custom Air Jordan 6 "Orlando Magic"

Kicks On Court

Lil Wayne wearing the "Binary Blue" Nike Zoom Rookie

Kicks On Court

Earl Clark wearing the Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Kicks On Court

Left to Right: Quentin Richardson in the "Concord" Air Jordan 11, Earl Clark wearing the Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark" and Gilbert Arenas sporting his custom "Orlando Magic" Air Jordan 6

Kicks On Court

Steve Francis wearing the Jordan 8.0

Kicks On Court

Courtney Lee in the "Light Graphite" Air Jordan 14

Kicks On Court

Jameer Nelson in the Reebok Zig Encore 2 and Mike Miller wearing the Nike LeBron 8 V2 Low "Wolf Grey"

Kicks On Court

Dwight Howard dunking in the adidas adiPower

Source: SN


  1. Chito Ferrufino92 says:

    Dammnnn nice shoes foamposite all day

    1. Aman128ok says:

      1: Nicekicks Gilbert Arenas Jumped off a Trampoline right?? because he was entirely to high
      2: Can someone please tell Lil Wayne that he needs to stay in the crowd..Next thing we know he will be the SELF PROCLAIMED BEST BASKETBALL player ALIVE lol

    2. KidKicks says:

      The foamposites are clearly one of the most dope nikes today but did u see those 6s? It’s one of my favorite PEs ?

    3. Sam says:

      Fuck Lil Wayne.

      1. prince says:

        fuck you

      2. Shortcrgs says:

        Fuck You Not Lil Wayne?

  2. TD says:

    Hate me all you want, but….Hey Wayne!?? Pull yer fuckin’ pants up!? Its played out!

    1. Codeinefiend says:

      Stfu bitch, I’m not defending Wayne but he and everyone else has the right to wear their clothes how they wanna. If u wanna wear ur pants proper and on ur waist that’s u so stop worrying about the next person and wut u need to do is stop looking at niggas asses to see if their sagging or not homo ass nigga. U obviously are a follower/hypebeast talking bout that shit “played out”, be ur own man and do what wanna not wut others are doing gay ass motherfucker worried about trends, stop bitching about niggas pants sagging so gtfoh ho. It’s a shoe website so next time try looking at the shoes not how niggas wear their shit pussy faggot

      1. Codeinefiend says:

        Btw, nice foams, rookies, and concords

      2. Verz22 says:


      3. TD says:

        ?Look you dirty faggot, who the fuck you talkin to? You uneducated filthy piece of shit. Does talkin tough on a fuckin website make you feel tough? You bitchin bout what I think so you write a full paragraph on it? Fag obviously worried what people think. Im fuckin laughin as I write this, you pretty fuckin tough online, aint you….bitch. And hey you little cunt…pull yer fuckin pants up you dirty cocksucker.

        1. Tyler says:

          Not hating on Wayne cuz hes like my favourite rapper, but he should pull his fuckin?pants up. And whats the big fucking deal it doesnt fuckin matter really. Jeez calm the fuck down holy shiit. I also agree with TD but, really….god. Nice frickin kicks btw!

        2. Jimbo_Pistolas says:

          got ur panntys in a knot

      4. Pmi200911 says:

        havin ur ass hangin out of ur pants like that is a statement… and it stands for selling ur ass in prison…. js

      5. Willijs8 says:


      6. Heavy says:

        I really enjoyed this comment. Spot on!

  3. Cjay says:

    Whose neck does that belong to that Dwight Howard is on?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Word!!! the caption should have said

      Dwight Howard dunking some guy’s face into the back of his skull in the adidas adiPower, some guy receiving an embarrassing unnecessary facial in a charity basketball game in some whack ass Nike’s respectively.

      1. @jayare says:

        ^^ LMFAO, Im sayin tho, homeboy got shitted on.

      2. Iamrj7 says:

        Not tryin to hate but those aren’t some whack department store ass Nikes. They’re Hyperfuse V2 Lows. But he still got shitted on.

  4. sickicks says:

    Arenas’ chest is at the rim…. is that possible.

  5. Sterni1 says:

    IS Gilbert Arenas jumping off of a trampoline lol he’s high as f**k in the air

    1. bruh.. that nigga brought new meaning to ?above the rim? lol?

  6. POPPA BURR says:

    I was actually able to meet Penny after the game. He was in a rush to head back to the locker room but stopped to sign my Penny IIs!

  7. Viperz92 says:

    wtf i didn’t know steve francis was still on this eart

    1. hahaha. I said the same thing. He went from all-star to?disappearing?in space.?


  8. Savery says:

    Howard delivers the FACIAL!!! Damn, this is as bad as Jeremy Lamb dunk on Friday!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the trampoline Gilbert jumped off of?

    1. JustinJ says:

      on the gym floor

  10. Anonymous says:

    Foamposites on top of foamposites. Damn.

  11. Ry Stryker says:

    Who is that being given birth to by Dwight?

  12. Washoutlifestyle says:

    Why does Gilbert look like he’s about fly over the backboard????

    1. Drew says:

      they played with 8-ft high rims for lil wayne

      1. DonPerrion says:

        lmao if dats true then wayne ass is sorry lol.. even lil kids in da hood still play on 10 footers lol

  13. justinj says:

    that nigga Gilbert Arenas’ got super high,?must have been on a trap or something but loving all the shoes.

  14. justinj says:

    does mike miller play for them now

  15. justinj says:

    does mike miller play for them now

  16. Durrel_fonville says:

    holy shit steve francis?

  17. Durrel_fonville says:

    holy shit steve francis?

  18. PENNY IS ON THE COURT AGAIN! Someone get wayne off the court please….

  19. Abayomi says:

    it’s nice to see some form of KOC again :)

  20. Stownes1 says:

    Foamposites all day….except the rookies….way over priced….REALLY!!