Bring ‘em Back: Air Jordan 11 “Columbia”

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Bring 'em Back: Air Jordan 11 "Columbia"

?But wait, I thought those were coming back?? While rumors have persisted from packs to possible holiday placement, the Air Jordan 11 ?Columbia? is still yet to re-retro. We agree, a 2012 holiday drop is likely, but until then it remains the only OG 11 mid release not to complete the trilogy. If the ?Concord? confirmation was any indication we should be finding out soon. Until then we say bring ?em back!

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Kicks: Air Jordan 11
Colorway: “Columbia”
Released: 1996, 2001

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104 Comments on "Bring ‘em Back: Air Jordan 11 “Columbia”"

  1. 3o5phenom

    Str8 but I already have the anniversary 11 so I don’t think I’ll get um. 2 all white 11’s. Um idk. Even tho these do go harder than the anniversary. Decisions..

    • Mr Steviet

      Wouldn’t call it a disgrace by far … But ice blue bottom would bring them to look better… They would have been doper then with a blue bottom …

  2. Miggy

    Hyped? If anything Cool Greys are hyped.. This is a rare & underrated colorway in the 11 JB is doing the fans right with this one.

    • Mr Steviet

      #agreed the cool grey over rated twice … But. I would have preferred the retro cool grey from whatever year that was I didn’t have em so the year isn’t relevant … But that greyish purple look was fresher …

  3. Anonymous

    Only thing I was never crazy about 11s was the high arch…but the Columbias were always one of my top colorways. Because they were so damn fresh. Kinda like getting some baby powder on your hands.

  4. bfresh89

    This is basically the shoe that started it all for me, back in 1996 at Evergreen Plaza?in chicago I was 6yrs old. I saw them in kids footlocker?and my parents got em for me. I def. need these back in my life.

  5. Wayne

    I gotta get these muthafuckas..the carolina blue jumpman and black on the heel looks nice on the white.The icy blue sole will actually make these 11’s look better instead of worse thank god

  6. Blind18d

    These are going to look so good if they put the bright blue bottum same as concords. Yeah breds just came out. Even though I need another pair of them

      • Mr Steviet

        B.S. u don’t know enough most confirmations are already in date its just giving them release dates .. n which resourceful website will release the info to you so you can feel like u know when all the shoes come out…

  7. Belligio8

    Jb Should drop these around apr/may of 2012 so they can shine in the summer and some 11 lows snakeskins and unc then Bred dec 2012 “Wishful Thinking”

  8. Thinking we will see these next christmas 2012 and then the breds in 2013 with a possible new colorway for 2014 from what i heard the xi had a five year release plan



  10. Maggieandrade

    i love jordan i have bunch on jordan some of them i throw them on the trach hahahha jk……love them lmfao dont hate if u donnt have none

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