Bring 'em Back: Air Jordan 11 "Columbia"

?But wait, I thought those were coming back?? While rumors have persisted from packs to possible holiday placement, the Air Jordan 11 ?Columbia? is still yet to re-retro. We agree, a 2012 holiday drop is likely, but until then it remains the only OG 11 mid release not to complete the trilogy. If the ?Concord? confirmation was any indication we should be finding out soon. Until then we say bring ?em back!

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Kicks: Air Jordan 11
Colorway: “Columbia”
Released: 1996, 2001

  • Daniel

    I need these in my life!!!! and first btw

  • Daniel

    I need these in my life!!!! and first btw

  • Daniel

    I need these in my life!!!! and first btw

    • hAtErS LuV mE

      bring the BREDS back!!?

    • Timmy912

      ?yea thy will say bring these back but watch next year thy bring out the breds

      • Albert Turd Sneeze

        Bred just came out in 2008……… why would they bring those back out…..smh?

        • SraowMan Jr.

          breds came out in the cdp pack, not a release by itself. the cement 3s in 08 too with a cdp pack, i know you’re not shaking your head at those coming out in the next few weeks…

          • Perezd78752

            real shyt i feel you just tryna get niggas hyped and watch em pull out the breds…

          • Albert Turd Sneeze

            but i have both 08 cdp pack…in vnds condition, soo iguess im still shaking my head, your right they didnt have a release by them self……

        • william hill-geanes

          and the 08 cdp breds were bullshit material

        • Mike_cmm

          kid the breds are comin out nike is never bring the columbias back? get over yourself?

    • Aman128ok

      MAN I need these soo BAD…. These were my FIRST pair of Jays I remember Getting… My Mom?Struggled?alot and She Saved up her money and took me to Footlocker the Day these released and I got them..Man I have so many memories from these shoes..Been waiting 10 years PLEASE JB! I need these they are my FAVORITE PAIR my FIRST PAIR..Cant wait another year.. need these they bring back soo many of my childhood memories?

      • lil b

        cool story bro

        • Dleefresh

          tell it again.

      • HeroAJ

        stop hating,i like his story yo.amay 1st Jay was the OG Bred 13s when i was like 4,and the 1st Jays i bought myself were the Piston 6s 😀 and im proud of that!!

        • lil b

          cool story bro

        • mike

          why would u ever be proud of buying piston 6s?

    • Roscoe J. Blackmon

      these come out next year actually

  • Andrew

    No… You don’t need to bring these back… I don’t need anymore white shoes… Brink the Black/reds back

    • Qball197580

      No. Don’t post. Don’t open your mouth.

  • Andrew

    No… You don’t need to bring these back… I don’t need anymore white shoes… Brink the Black/reds back

  • Andrew

    No… You don’t need to bring these back… I don’t need anymore white shoes… Brink the Black/reds back

  • DMV

    These are rumored to drop x-mas 2012… if the world doesn’t end on 12-21-2012 lol

    • Logic

      they drop this december… smh you hear bad rumors… these to hyped anyway.. space jams over this any day.

      • Tone.

        They do not drop this December idiot.

      • MR23

        Are you fucking stupid or just ignorant?

      • Anonymous

        ur stupid the concords drop this december

      • DMV

        Smfh at a df who calls himself logic but?obviously lacking in that department.??

      • really?

        i love how this kid prolly liked his own comment to look cool too

        • Timmy912

          ?god man the fuckin concords come out this december u fuckin crackhead

      • Charles Hunter

        Some people should really really research their information because making comments.?

      • bob


  • DMV

    These are rumored to drop x-mas 2012… if the world doesn’t end on 12-21-2012 lol

  • Sxcg

    Was rocking my 96 OG’s yesterday.

    • ChosenOne

      How can you rock shoes that old bruh? They must be falling apart, poor shoes………

      • That Negro Terrance

        lmao some people in the world know how to take care of shoes so they don’t fall apart

    • Mr Steviet

      Them shits gotta b killed 96 material I know them ain’t rockable .. I could see stored but not worn …

  • Soloman


  • Naptowns Finest

    best jordans ever! the best shoe ever!

  • President Ward

    Air Jordan 11 black/white/dark concord all day! Can’t wait till dec. 23, 2011.

  • President Ward

    And don’t get me wrong air jordan 11s colubmia are HOT too!

  • [Nameless]


  • astablein21

    anybody wanting breds forget tht they came out in the countdown pack nearly 4 years ago?

    • Anthony Okafor

      so did the cement 3’s

  • Pjmerk

    I think the bred’s should come out instead..?

    • Qball197580

      I know u shud get merked.

  • Sirjb

    too early for breds. we need these.

  • @Juhvaughn_

    I seen a white/navy XI sample earlier… Drop those.
    I think a fresh new colorway on the XI would be dope!!

  • Anonymous

    too much white shoes coming out, we need more colors!!

  • Stownes1

    I would def cop….please give it a blue bottom like the concords…Yessssser!!

  • phillybul


    • soldsole

      shoes dont have pussies. stick your dick elsewhere. your gay as fuck

      • Qball197580


  • Omar Powell

    i like the columbias but i dont like the columbias. might cop if they release again

  • Mclovenhotness23

    Omg!!?….super sexy! Lol

  • 23r

    No way their dropping the breds anytime soon, but these are FIRE def. gonna cop

  • Therenwilsoniii

    Icy blue bottom and its a wrap…..

  • bsn.

    I hope they turn the sole icy. That shit would KILL.

  • Bburt09

    the breds came out a few years ago. You LATE if you missed out.

    • Guillermo 12 94

      so did the black cements

  • Kick’s it

    Dope but I like the concords better

  • Anthony Washington

    Out of all the 11s these are my favorite depending on the weather. Most of the time from November-March these are my favorite 11s. Hate this word but these are the definition of “ICY”

  • Pmi200911

    Im gonna get raped for this but 11s r over rated..

    • soldsole

      respect that opinion only because its true. 10,11 and 12 are the simplest sneakers i have ever seen since payless shoes

      • Mr Steviet

        U don’t know shit …

  • lil b

    I think these will be next holiday’s XI’s..

  • Cashmere_brown

    these are one pair of J’s I can actually say would be?ILL wit da icy blue soles!

  • protectyaneck

    Still got mines!!! Even tho they yellow lol

    • Mr Steviet

      U real


    Still have a DS OG pair, and a beat retro pair. I really hope these drop next year

  • Sam


  • Millz2121

    Carolina blues are better ! Had mine yesterday

  • 3o5phenom

    Str8 but I already have the anniversary 11 so I don’t think I’ll get um. 2 all white 11’s. Um idk. Even tho these do go harder than the anniversary. Decisions..

    • Mr Steviet

      Them anniversary looked bootleg … Them was very boring …

  • Anthony Savoy

    the 2001 retro was a disgrace. lets hope 2012 will be better

    • Mr Steviet

      Wouldn’t call it a disgrace by far … But ice blue bottom would bring them to look better… They would have been doper then with a blue bottom …

  • Miggy

    Hyped? If anything Cool Greys are hyped.. This is a rare & underrated colorway in the 11 JB is doing the fans right with this one.

    • Mr Steviet

      #agreed the cool grey over rated twice … But. I would have preferred the retro cool grey from whatever year that was I didn’t have em so the year isn’t relevant … But that greyish purple look was fresher …

  • Anonymous

    Only thing I was never crazy about 11s was the high arch…but the Columbias were always one of my top colorways. Because they were so damn fresh. Kinda like getting some baby powder on your hands.

  • WZA

    Yes Plz

  • bfresh89

    This is basically the shoe that started it all for me, back in 1996 at Evergreen Plaza?in chicago I was 6yrs old. I saw them in kids footlocker?and my parents got em for me. I def. need these back in my life.

  • Wayne

    I gotta get these muthafuckas..the carolina blue jumpman and black on the heel looks nice on the white.The icy blue sole will actually make these 11’s look better instead of worse thank god

  • Blind18d

    These are going to look so good if they put the bright blue bottum same as concords. Yeah breds just came out. Even though I need another pair of them

  • Tinker

    You Guys Need To Catch Up

    • That Negro Terrance

      no they haven’t it was just a rumor JB never confirms something like this over a year in advance

      • Mr Steviet

        B.S. u don’t know enough most confirmations are already in date its just giving them release dates .. n which resourceful website will release the info to you so you can feel like u know when all the shoes come out…

  • That Negro Terrance

    if they make the soles as icy on these as the Concords they’re going to look absolutely beautiful

  • Shoe Etiquette

    Stop playin with my emotions and drop these ho’s already.

  • 2Trill

    this r sick i want em

  • Belligio8

    Jb Should drop these around apr/may of 2012 so they can shine in the summer and some 11 lows snakeskins and unc then Bred dec 2012 “Wishful Thinking”

  • jubby

    at least these will look good with the blue sole

  • Chris Petty

    Thinking we will see these next christmas 2012 and then the breds in 2013 with a possible new colorway for 2014 from what i heard the xi had a five year release plan

    • whodi

      ^ this



  • Mr Joski

    I aready have these….. An they Freash…..

  • Rich

    December 2013 just watch.?

  • Jamal Walker

    I’m not old enough to remember when these came out, but I definitely need these! Super clean.

  • whiteboyfresh

    so fresh and so clean clean

  • Djhoops718

    Add a blue tint to the sole to match the jumpman

  • BlaSiaN Kenny

    maybe #SolesOverHoes

  • Maggie DiMarco??

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  • @KOflyKICKZ

    The perfect platform for the icy blue bottom

  • Maggieandrade

    i love jordan i have bunch on jordan some of them i throw them on the trach hahahha jk……love them lmfao dont hate if u donnt have none

  • Ctbigmike

    Can’t wait for these to dro