Kanye West Rubs Shoulders with Models in Nike Air Yeezy 2

Kanye West

Sorry, still no release information regarding the Nike Air Yeezy 2. Yet, we now have additional, close-up shots of Kanye rocking this highly anticipated shoe. Following the back-to-back Watch The Throne tour concerts in New York, Kanye stopped by the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (also in New York) last night and performed a few songs while wearing the black/pink Nike Air Yeezy 2. Which is more appealing to stare at: the runway models or the new, detailed Yeezy 2 shots? Check out additional shots of the Ye performing on stage with the models and Jay-Z below.

Kanye West

Kanye West performing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in the Nike Air Yeezy 2

Kanye West

Kanye West wearing the Nike Air Yeezy 2

Kanye West

Kanye West in the Nike Air Yeezy 2

Kanye West

Kanye West next to Model Anja Rubik while wearing the Nike Air Yeezy 2

Kanye West Rocks Yeezy 2 at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Kanye West next to Model Karlie Kloss while wearing the Nike Air Yeezy 2

Kanye West Rocks Yeezy 2 at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Kanye West wearing the Nike Air Yeezy 2

Kanye West Rocks Yeezy 2 at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Kanye West in the Nike Air Yeezy 2

Kanye West

Kanye West on stage with Jay-Z while wearing the Nike Air Yeezy 2

Kanye West

Kanye West performing in the Nike Air Yeezy 2

Kanye West

Kanye West in the Nike Air Yeezy 2


  1. Esmrgreen says:


    1. THE_TRUTH says:


      1. Anonymous says:

        wow you’re a fuckin narrow-minded neanderthal

        1. Jimbo_Pistolas says:

          Did teddybass get his feelings hurt?

          1. batoloco says:

            naw, he got tithes under his shirt

          2. Anonymous says:

            nah bro, just tired of seeing ignorant ass comments like the one above

      2. Anonymous says:

        since when gay guys wear skinny jeans? distressed jeans, mostly

      3. treesty says:

        you just realizing kanye wears leather skinnies? ?FYI, he’s also an MC. ?The kids call them “rappers”. ?Let us know if you make any other brilliant discoveries. ??

      4. 1234 says:

        Normal skinny jeans aren’t gay. But when you take it too far (super tight ass jeans that hurt your baaaaaaawwwwwwwwlss), that’s where it crosses the line.

        1. normal skinnys are most definitely gay as fuck

          1. Chadlintok says:

            …said the nigga from a laptop, while the dude (kanye)

            In the ‘gay as fuck’ pants fucks one of the models he was jus performin on stage wit

      5. ignorant_kids says:

        your mad dumb watch when you see mad people rocking them kanye is always years ahead of what everyone else is wearing ex. college dropout rocking all polo no matter what now in 2011 everyones starting to rock polo with everything

      6. Kyle Behilng says:

        People on here are just ridiculous. ?What does everyone have to knock Kanye’s style because he looks like he dresses gay? How do you dress gay? I’m a gay man and rock Jordan’s daily, so if you do too, you must be dressing gay. Get over it people, let’s fucking move on. ?Everybody has his or her own likes. ?But why does everybody gotta hate?

    2. Timmy912 says:

      this is gay is that a green leopard on his shoulders n tight leather pants with pink shoes

      1. witness says:

        no homo that jacket is the new h&m and versace colab that drops on the 19th

        1. Timmy912 says:

          ?that jawn ugly as shit mutta sucka look like he shaved a leopard wit jigga man

        2. Anonymous says:

          why would you say no homo to that? there was no point…ironically, you made it homo by saying no homo.

        3. Cabbang says:

          how do you know that? not trying to hate im seriously wondering.

    3. PennyLoafa says:

      Im not gonna front i didnt even notice the models

  2. bellako says:

    When and where r the yeezy coming out? And what’s the price?

    1. realist says:

      Nike Reps told my brother (Manager at House of Hoops) They prolly wont drop till next year cause he doesn’t wanna release em while he’s on tour. They’ll be like 215 230ish?

  3. Sjaiknj says:


    1. Kevin says:

      The shoes or those leather pants??

      1. Cliffordburnwt says:


  4. [Nameless] says:

    Wow…. Jay dresses like a freaking security guard, but still has more swag than everyone around him.

  5. freshsideny.com says:

    Dam he got some skinny ass legs lol

  6. JW1797 says:

    One of the models is like “get out of my way!”.

    1. JW1797 says:

      He is also wearing a versace for H & M jacket.

  7. P-Money says:

    Which one is better to look at. im sorry but pussy > kicks

  8. Joe Mar says:

    always wearing those leather tights

  9. Ctubbs says:

    I thought Kanye didn’t like white girls (Taylor Swift).

    1. P-Money says:

      Thats dumb to bring race into it since he was dating a white girl (Amber Rose) when that happened

  10. Cats always complaining about Kanye’s pants, do you really think he cares what other people think? Hasn’t he done enough to convince otherwise?

  11. Soundwave787 says:

    Kanye lookin real fraud in those skinny smedium leather pants. No love.

  12. physical says:

    It bothers me that I’ve never seen a picture of these shoes where Kanye has them strapped. I am beginning to question the point of having a strap on the shoes in the first place.

    1. x_henryg_x says:

      This isn’t a basketball shoe, its a casual shoe using premium materials for his taste. ?If he likes the way the strap looks he can put it on without using it. I think they look fresh the way he wears them and the strap is one of my favorite parts

      1. physical says:

        I get that it is a casual shoe.?I was simply musing as to what his aesthetic goals were by putting the strap on the shoe. Does he intend that the shoe be worn with the strap undone? I’ve never seen a photo of him wearing it any other way, thus I come to this questionable conclusion.

        It is a form/functionality problem. Form wise, it is appealing to some (as you have stated). Function wise, it has no value unless worn properly. Actually, from a utilitarian standpoint, it reduces the functionality of the shoe by just hanging out there waiting to get caught on something.

        Ultimately, if I were to own a pair of these, Kanye’s approach to wearing them would have no bearing on how I choose to wear them. I am just curious about his intention.

  13. Omar Powell says:

    liking the shoe more and more w/ every new pic. (and that versace jacket…nice)

  14. “G.O.O.D.” for sure… but the pants man. =

  15. Kanye. Dressed like a dick as always. Nice to see his fashion sense reflects his talent.

    1. Chadlintok says:

      So, apparently someone who dresses like a dick, and talentless still makes more money than yu could ever dream of…


      Fuckin clown

  16. sesimeseed says:

    ugly ass shoes and GAY ass pants…whatta flamer…..and same goes to all you fags that like his style….smh all day long……..

    1. Chan Grail-E says:

      standing a couple feet from some models in “GAY” pants….?or sitting?you’re a couple feet from your mom writing about “GAY” pants… Hmm?which?to choose?

  17. Rataface805 says:

    The first pic with that model looks like a trans nasty ass Kanye west with his ugly ass shoes and models

    1. Cudder says:

      judging by your name I can assume you probably have the face of a rat and im pretty sure your current girlfriend (giving you the benefit of the doubt) is no where near model status… PS that jacket fly but them pants FUCK NO!

  18. I love Jay and Yeezy!

  19. Nono says:

    And the tightest pants awards goes to…

  20. w_mcfly says:

    Model mad skinny but the chick wit the WOE cape on, her box was damn near out ha!…skinny leather pants tho? SMH