Derrick Rose/Michael Jordan “Not About the Shoes” Video Mashup

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Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan are both great Bulls in their own right with solid sneaker lines. Taking footage from Derrick Rose?s career and a previous voice over by Michael Jordans, Leezy Productions created this unofficial mashup, titled ?Not About the Shoes?. What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comment section.

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17 Comments on "Derrick Rose/Michael Jordan “Not About the Shoes” Video Mashup"

  1. Kenlouisj1996

    I didn’t konw Rose had six championships…..
    He doesn’t….
    …..Oh, then he should shut the fuck up!

    • Bware113

      Chill out…he’s been in the leaue 3yrs. I dont recall Jordan winning one for 6-7years. Not a good comparison game wise….but your’s was much worse, 6rings vs 3yrs pro. That’s just not good arithmetic. ?

  2. thanks for the love guys – this is patleezy, the guy who mashed it up. i’m glad it’s facilitating discussion about d-rose and mj but please understand this video was not made to compare the two – they play two different positions and rose is only 3 seasons in w/ his career. my idea was to show mj mentoring rose ;)

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