Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan are both great Bulls in their own right with solid sneaker lines. Taking footage from Derrick Rose?s career and a previous voice over by Michael Jordans, Leezy Productions created this unofficial mashup, titled “Not About the Shoes”. What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comment section.


    nice mashup bro

    • hAtErS LuV mE

      I gtta cop 3 uhh deez joints and den resell 2 for triple da price I dun payd for dem?

      • Cdshizzle

        Why do you type like that? ?Or as a matter of fact, why would you speak like that?

      • Timmy912

        derick rose shoes ugly jus sign to jordan

    • realist

      This would be doper if DRose Shoes were actually as cool as J’s lol. But still good?

  • jokyu

    cool mashup!

  • Trehoward

    that was dope! d rose next mj!!!

    • SomewhereInSanFran

      Are you serious? Not hating on your opinion, but are you actually serious?

  • Dasigmas


  • Anonymous

    I miss my Chicago Bulls and D. Rose!

  • Chisom

    Tell Stephon Marbury that…… if he’s still alive…..

  • Kenlouisj1996

    I didn’t konw Rose had six championships…..
    He doesn’t….
    …..Oh, then he should shut the fuck up!

    • Bware113

      Chill out…he’s been in the leaue 3yrs. I dont recall Jordan winning one for 6-7years. Not a good comparison game wise….but your’s was much worse, 6rings vs 3yrs pro. That’s just not good arithmetic. ?

  • SomewhereInSanFran

    Anyone else find it ironic that as MJ was talking about failing they show LeBron?

    • Charles Hunter

      I still don’t see why people continue to take shots at LeBron. Maybe it’s just me.

      • SomewhereInSanFran

        I’m not trying to come at him, I just find it ironic how that happened. He’s supposedly the next MJ, and yet he hasn’t done as much as he could have up to this point. Been to the finals twice before hitting 30, which Mike never did, and jagging the entire series each time. Not a positive legacy so far.

  • Pat Leezy

    thanks for the love guys – this is patleezy, the guy who mashed it up. i’m glad it’s facilitating discussion about d-rose and mj but please understand this video was not made to compare the two – they play two different positions and rose is only 3 seasons in w/ his career. my idea was to show mj mentoring rose 😉