Release Reminder: Air Jordan 4 “Doernbecher”

Air Jordan 4 "Doernbecher" Official Images

Set your clocks and get comfortable with your Refresh button. Tonight at midnight, the highly anticipated Air Jordan 4 ?Doernbecher? will release online at Nike Store. Fans worldwide will have their chance on the web with the rest of the pairs releasing on Saturday at Nike Town locations. Contact your nearest for opening times.

Air Jordan 4
November 5, 2011


  1. Govy413 says:

    Do these Release on Swoosh?

    1. hAtErS LuV mE says:

      cant wait to buy 2 pairs of these and resell for triple the value!!!!?

      1. DyNaSTy201 says:

        ppl dont like u haters hate u if u not gonna wear da damn shoe dnt cop it its real Sneaker heads they cop shoes to rock not to sell get a real job. prop sum prep a** kid living of his parents smh!!?

    2. Lucky_Lou says:

      BUYER BEWARE: The midsole paint WILL CRACK after a few wears!!!!!!!

      1. guest says:

        and you know because you have them…?

  2. Kelso11508 says:

    will be on there … thanks to nike twitter …size 9

  3. It’s gonna be chaos as usual!


      Thats what your mom said when I told her we r gonna fuck tonight

  4. Lacefiend says:

    i dnt think these will be instant sell out like the 6s or 3s were; they may sit 4 a while jus like the 2s did for a while… and i wanna see what the othe doernbecher model shoes look like

    1. The Daniel Blair AM95′s are pretty fresh!

      1. Optimistic-android says:

        That’s true. I usually don’t even like 95′s but when I saw those I wanted em. Impressive for a kid with limited vision to design something that looks better than Nike designers could.

  5. JamesJr2023 says:

    Can’t wait to cop my size 9, tonight!!

  6. EdDaKid says:

    If you plan on camping out in Beverly Hills don’t bother…. Wristbands were gone by 10:15 this am!!!

  7. Snooky89 says:

    What tores do “store pick-up?”

  8. Jordanman0 says:

    Do u know what time they will release? Midnight pacific time or eastern time? Big 3 hr difference lol

  9. Luemas says:

    “Fans worldwide will have their chance on the web” – wrong.. Unless you have a USA credit card it ain’t going to work online

  10. Tristan Xavier says:

    hey are these releasing eastern or pacific time?

    1. SteveP says:


      1. D.713 says:

        what website do i go to

  11. Tristan Xavier says:

    thanks dude. appreciate it

  12. Bmx721 says:

    they diddnt release on nikestore -___-

    1. D.713 says:

      yea i know i was kinda bummed., where else can i go

      1. Kelso11508 says:

        i swear i’ve hit add to cart like 80 fucking times…then it never says do i wanna check out soo i go to my cart that has a (1) and then shit goes blank!!! #FuckNike

        1. alan_g says:

          the same thing happened to me back when the eminem 2s came out

  13. Jonlew20 says:

    ok i see the kids but when i tried to click on the men snkrs exactly at 12 for men it said”
    Product was not found or is no longer available”. Damn is my computer not fast enough or somethin lol

  14. Smina218 says:

    was anyone able to find them? ive been trying since midnight?

  15. Rg0425 says:

    i need help

  16. BMB181 says:

    they aren’t on Nike Store!!

  17. Smina218 says:

    does anyone know of a different website?

  18. shoe22 says:

    After all the shit fags on here were talking about how ugly they were people sure flooded Nike. Prolly just to resell like the weak fucks you are.

    1. Sferris1923 says:

      LMAO so true!!!

  19. danny says:

    no i havnt?