Set your clocks and get comfortable with your Refresh button. Tonight at midnight, the highly anticipated Air Jordan 4 “Doernbecher” will release online at Nike Store. Fans worldwide will have their chance on the web with the rest of the pairs releasing on Saturday at Nike Town locations. Contact your nearest for opening times.

Air Jordan 4
November 5, 2011

  • Govy413

    Do these Release on Swoosh?

    • hAtErS LuV mE

      cant wait to buy 2 pairs of these and resell for triple the value!!!!?

      • DyNaSTy201

        ppl dont like u haters hate u if u not gonna wear da damn shoe dnt cop it its real Sneaker heads they cop shoes to rock not to sell get a real job. prop sum prep a** kid living of his parents smh!!?

    • Lucky_Lou

      BUYER BEWARE: The midsole paint WILL CRACK after a few wears!!!!!!!

      • guest

        and you know because you have them…?

  • Kelso11508

    will be on there … thanks to nike twitter …size 9

    • Noradon Dixon

      Nike Twitter?

  • Darnell Yancey

    It’s gonna be chaos as usual!


      Thats what your mom said when I told her we r gonna fuck tonight

  • Lacefiend

    i dnt think these will be instant sell out like the 6s or 3s were; they may sit 4 a while jus like the 2s did for a while… and i wanna see what the othe doernbecher model shoes look like

    • Darnell Yancey

      The Daniel Blair AM95’s are pretty fresh!

      • Optimistic-android

        That’s true. I usually don’t even like 95’s but when I saw those I wanted em. Impressive for a kid with limited vision to design something that looks better than Nike designers could.

        • Darnell Yancey


  • JamesJr2023

    Can’t wait to cop my size 9, tonight!!

  • EdDaKid

    If you plan on camping out in Beverly Hills don’t bother…. Wristbands were gone by 10:15 this am!!!

  • Snooky89

    What tores do “store pick-up?”

  • Jordanman0

    Do u know what time they will release? Midnight pacific time or eastern time? Big 3 hr difference lol

  • Luemas

    “Fans worldwide will have their chance on the web” – wrong.. Unless you have a USA credit card it ain’t going to work online

  • Tristan Xavier

    hey are these releasing eastern or pacific time?

    • SteveP


      • D.713

        what website do i go to

  • Tristan Xavier

    thanks dude. appreciate it

  • Bmx721

    they diddnt release on nikestore -___-

    • D.713

      yea i know i was kinda bummed., where else can i go

      • Kelso11508

        i swear i’ve hit add to cart like 80 fucking times…then it never says do i wanna check out soo i go to my cart that has a (1) and then shit goes blank!!! #FuckNike

        • alan_g

          the same thing happened to me back when the eminem 2s came out

  • Jonlew20

    ok i see the kids but when i tried to click on the men snkrs exactly at 12 for men it said”
    Product was not found or is no longer available”. Damn is my computer not fast enough or somethin lol

  • Smina218

    was anyone able to find them? ive been trying since midnight?

  • Rg0425

    i need help

  • BMB181

    they aren’t on Nike Store!!

  • Smina218

    does anyone know of a different website?

  • shoe22

    After all the shit fags on here were talking about how ugly they were people sure flooded Nike. Prolly just to resell like the weak fucks you are.

    • Sferris1923

      LMAO so true!!!

  • danny

    no i havnt?



  • Sffeaf

    theyre on…but cant get through to checkout

  • Johnsonkhun

    that shoe sold out quick….

  • Noradon Dixon


  • candy

    someone said kids size wat website is that on???

  • kayswag31

    They were up for a fuckin second, clicked on em n the item was unavailable

  • Bang

    Was the shoe even on the website?

    • Sneakerhead2320

      They were I got a pair… Checkout crashed for an 1 hr.. but I stuck with it & got them…

  • Dreblake

    so did they sell out or are they not up???

  • Sffeaf

    wtf?!?!? ive been on this bitch for 30 mins and i still cannot check out….this is bullshit

    • Curtis Cook

      I just gave up. ?Had them in my cart twice then the site crashed.?

      • Sffeaf

        assholes just sent me a 404 page

  • natsone

    This is bulls***!!!! Anyone got through?

  • Billboyy

    how are they sold out if no one can fucking pay?!?!?

  • Mik3xsupreme

    damn clicked on them and the kids and site crashed 2 secs after they were up

  • Disdick

    got mine ordered

  • Noradon Dixon

    Product was not found or is no longer available.

  • Devon_whittaker

    i want them but its not popin upp at nike store wat do i do ?!?!?!?!?!

  • Steve De Veno

    WTF instant sell out

  • Disdick

    i got mines ordered

  • Mr.Calderon2013

    how cant i proceed, i swear i tried to proceed to checkout like 50 times!!!

  • Billboyy

    confirmation email! done. on to the next one…

    • Sneakerhead2320

      I’m with you homie… same here Confirmed!!!!

  • Sferris1923

    I didn’t try to get them but from the comments it sounds like the FL Ray 13 release all over again.

  • Ljoverton7

    Whose actually got their pair ordered?

    • Daniel

      I have a pair, size 10. I’ll let them go for $999.99… it’s for a good cause as well.

      • iheartFUSIONS<3


    • Sneakerhead2320

      I got a pair of size 11.5, but I’m rocking mines…. I got the 2 day shipping so I guess I be checking out the Wale concert in Austin next weekend in these IV’s…. Wonder what he’ll be rocking?

  • zopiijew

    their in my cart but it wont let me order them

    • Kevske

      Same here dude..yet another sloppy release on nike’s behalf.

  • Some

    real bull shit nike is so stupid for releasing 10 pairs in one night!

  • Tj

    have been on the phone with nike for an hour!

    couldn’t get through on the website.


  • Kevske

    Fuck Nike lol all of a sudden they were back in stock at like 1240 I had the 4s all ready to go & decided to use PayPal so my info was already ready & them bastards said I timed out due to inactivity..o well no loss tho them jawns look like some fake type jays anyway..mad props to Daniel on the 95s tho that kids story alone made me want em.

    • USGay

      an shut the fuck up..u mad cuz u just didnt get a pair.if u had u wouldnt be disciminating them..what u expect the enite ordering to..jackass.

  • Steve De Veno

    well the hype of seein em being put into my cart ended quick…. looks like i gotta decide if i want em bad enough to chill (literally) downtown

  • Noradon Dixon

    Its back i got though coped mine.

  • Roc

    So are they sold out?.. :(

  • Slikkrick79

    It’s like damn black friday except you can’t see the people you want to punch in the face…

  • Roc

    This is bull shit..i had then the site wana act all retarted

  • kayswag31

    They in my cart but I can’t fuckin checkout Nike is slacking

  • Coko420

    i’m pissed!! they’re in my damn cart…it won’t let me thru to pay tho!

  • Coko420

    @f45747cf86e4358445e3c909b4098059:disqus??noradon dixon…how’d you get thru to checkout?

  • F.U.C.K.U.




  • Ken

    just got mine?

    • Ckarp23

      did you just keep refreshing?

  • Coko420

    can’t checkout, or get a call thru to nike

  • Anonymous

    keep refreshing dont give up i just stayed in front of the comp since 11:55 till now talk ab no life lol i got them though

  • Steve De Veno

    checkout told me there aint no more but ima keep tryin… like a boss

  • SneakerAddikt

    Just got a size 10 over the phone after being on hold for over 2 hours!!!

  • Sneakerhead2320

    I got a pair of 11.5, does anybody know how limited they were? More limited than the YOTR 7’s, Sugar Ray 13’s, or BHM 3’s? Just asking cuz I really don’t know.. I

    Appreciate any info anybody knows of….

    I got the 2 day shipping so I guess I be checking out the Wale concert in Austin next weekend in these IV’s…. I Wonder what he’ll be rocking?

  • Anonymous

    1st Post: I just knew I was getting them- so called sneakerheads were killing these things for weeks!!!- & now Nike is flooded???- SMH

    2nd Post: 2 Hrs later- copped! Got in bed then gut told me to try again!!

  • Ajm71292

    what number did you call dude?!

  • SneakerAddikt

    ….called 800-806-6453 (Nike)

  • Coko420

    did you call the 800-806-6453? because i can’t get thru to a live person on the phone!

    • Luemas

      i kept calling that number and a machine answered saying they were closed

  • Steve De Veno

    yea dont got my size no more… oh well i reckon

  • Sambakid17

    no fckin way they’re sold out

  • Steve Stiffler

    Funny how 99% of u HATED this damn shoe and yet they sold out immediately. Not to mention ebay is on fire with every pair going for 385$ minimum. We all hate resellers, but u cant knock the hustle in my opinion. Doubling your money with little or no effort or risk involved…

  • fuk_nike

    fuck nike….them shits shouldve come out at house of hoops at least..i was up since 1 fukin a.m? till 4?fukin a.m??i still didnt get a pair i kept refreshing everything i go to my cart that shit didnt have anything…my ass could of been sleeping all this fucking time?fuck nike stupid? faggots!!!!!!! i hope their website get fuck up and never get back…..footlocker is way fukin better!!!!!

  • DMS79

    No dice here, was online until 2 AM had them in my card 3-4 times even able to give my information and hit “pay” and kept getting a “your session has timed out” ?Hopefully my buddy comes through at Nike Town. You would think that the Billions of dollars that Nike gets every year that they could spend a little more on their IT department.

  • DugLast

    That was a total wash for me. NikeStore is a headache sometimes. With all the releases coming up, their site is going to crash on the regular.

  • Sneaker_head

    got me a pair nearly got two pairs but nike declined my card damn it guess they can tell when u use the same card twice?

    • MMak23

      whats the confirmation email say?

      • Kelso11508

        nigga don’t believe his ass

        • Sneakerhead2320

          It said on the website it was Limit 1 per customer… I was able to get a size 11.5, ?the email I received was an order confirmation with an order # , the shipping method & the total… shoe was $175.00 ?
          +$15.00 (2 day S&H) ?
          +$15.68 taxes
          = $205.68

          Does anybody know how limited these were compared to YOTR 7’s, Sugar Ray 13’s or BHM 3’s?

  • jeff

    man who got a size 7 for sale???

    • gritman828

      Inthe air Max’s ? @fuck_nike?

    • Mik3xsupreme

      i got a size 7

  • Devin Boyd

    when are you guys gonna catch on to the trick?

    specific way to order online.
    the server is gonna throw you into nikestore limbo if you miss the trick.
    i was able to get the 95,blue spizikes by the time i tried to go back in and?
    scoop the db4’s they were gone.

    • Anthony Savoy

      What trick is that?

  • Mik3xsupreme

    dont even trip you still get these on ebay for like 300$ they not that limited since they in kid sizes.?

  • Steve De Veno

    Copped mine this mornin….? Still wish the wing was lime green

    • MMak23

      they look good in person/on feet?!

  • Zewcq

    i didnt even cop these, i got the knicks instead xD

  • T-Raw

    If anybody is looking for a 14 get at me!?

    • Rcg2fly

      i’m looking for a 14!

  • Jaysallday

    You all should’ve kept trying.. I got them and while I was on the computer trying to refresh over and over again until they fixed the site I was on the phone calling until I got through – so I got 2 pairs..? go hard or go home

  • MidWest312

    Isaiah , Don’t let it get to you little man . Keep your head up I
    personally love the shoe you help inspire. I always wanted to do a
    custom lime green shoe and a few years later you help it come true . The
    Superman patch is a one of a kind . Only 1 shoe in the whole Jordan
    Brand line up has that or has a different patch . Live is full of ups
    and downs and ignorant people keep your head up!
    MidWest312- best regards