adidas adiZero Rose 2 "Silver Lining"

Remember when all-white shoes ruled the world and the only thing better than all-whites was white with silver? Go from remembering to reliving with the adidas adiZero Rose 2 “Silver Lining”. Icy sole and silver accents provide a post-millennium feel on the cleanest and sleekest from D-Rose. Look for these to drop opposite of the ?Triple Blacks? on November 10th.

adidas adiZero Rose 2
“Silver Lining”
November 10th, 2011

adidas adiZero Rose 2 "Silver Lining"

adidas adiZero Rose 2 "Silver Lining"

  • Bigpimiping3

    icey sole yes please

  • Stownes1

    I like them too….wen Reebok started using icey soles???

    • G-Phi 2K6

      Reebok used icy soles on the AI Questions…But these are made by Adidas.

  • Guest

    ^ Adidas

  • Soundwave787

    I wonder how Adidas translucent soles are going to hold up. Maybe they figured out?a way they wont turn yellow… probably not. Time will tell. Love these shoes though.

  • G-Phi 2K6

    I really like the white, black, and red ones but I like these a lot more. Adidas did a great job on D. Rose’s second signature.

  • Greet-trade

    all colours i have one ,60$/pair““

  • Philip__

    damn might get thrsr ovr lebron 9s..these good and dnt cost an arm and a leg

  • Pharaoh03

    ^yea the only lebron 9’s?worth getting are the miami nights and cannons, or else you’re paying $170 for a shoe everyone will have.

    icy soles aren’t?post-millenium, they’ve always been a prime sneaker feature, and to me the best feature. best d.rose 2 colorway, def a cop over garbage new jordans

  • wat

    These are sooooo ugly. Sick concept but adidas can’t design for shit.

  • Ogie Fermo

    icy soles on the grey neon please

  • ambz123

    These are fresh!