Release Reminder: Nike Zoom Rookie “Glow in the Dark”

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

We?ve all had kicks that shine, but have you ever had some that glow? Starting tomorrow, you can, as Nike is releasing the Zoom Rookie in this crazy glow in the dark colorway in limited numbers. A white upper in direct light conceals the unique nature of these Nikes, but the slightest shadow reveals the strong glow. Pick up your pair tomorrow at select stores, including Nice Kicks (Phone orders accepted at noon CST at 512.320.8100).

Nike Zoom Rookie “Glow in the Dark”
October 27, 2011

Nice Kicks
2815 Guadalupe
Austin, TX 78705

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"


  1. Omar Powell says:

    just nice kicks getting em? been hearing a lot of different things thru the grapevine about the release

    1. Does anyone know any Houston location getting these?

  2. Roland Green says:

    Mines already on the way!!!

    1. Bballlover2232 says:

      How is yours on the way no one has them they are only gonna be released online lol…….. So everyone will have to wait?

      1. Roland Green says:

        There on the way, believe me. The polite thing to do would be to ask from where I got then from instead of accusing me of lying. Call ShoePolitics in N.O and place a phone order.

        1. Ladonna says:

          Got it some ppl try and through you off my fault on these sites .. I got that number what kinds place is this … Do you trust them ?and do you know if they will be on any sites….

          1. Batsbenny1 says:

            He’s right I tried these on at politics the other day…Politics is all the way legit.

          2. swaggin says:

            bruh i live in mandeville right across the causeway ive never heard of shoe politics lol im still goin to champs and foot locker in lakeside mall lol anyway are they gettin early shipments of like black cements or concords? ima start going
            to this place now

          3. Trevahh says:

            They don’t get in shipments of jordans. All they have is nikes, vans, supras, and some other skate shoes. They got some dope clothes though

          4. Marcfresh81 says:

            theyll get jordans eventually. ?the new orleans location is newer thats why they dont have everything yet.?

        2. Trevahh says:

          Its Sneaker Politics fool and I already got mine because I live in NO

      2. Mathew McKenzie says:

        lol stores have these call ma boi do ya homework…….. i got mine in hand

      3. At that time over few weeks i seen a few youtube videos people with them prior to yesterday so.

  3. Jamal8820 says:

    Alot of people probably gonna get these just to wear to the club

  4. 3o5phenom says:

    The design is horrible!

  5. Rataface says:

    Must admit it these actually look decent but a player from Oxnard California is out with paying 2 bills for these ur boy is copping black 3′s and concord 11′s that’s it for 2011 see what jb has in store for us next yr

  6. Money Team says:

    Anyone in DC know where I can get these? I’m in?dire?need of em.

    1. Roland Green says:

      I had the same problem with finding them in the DC area. I phone ordered mine Tuesday, found a spot willing to let em go early

      1. Ladonna says:

        Where can you phone order?

        1. Roland Green says:

          504 252 9635 place phone orders there < Don't say I never have u guys nothi
          Roland Green

      2. NE FLY GUY says:

        PG plaza HOH and major DC in georgetown Major’s a boutique probably gonna get your head hit there

        1. Lvwfrankwhite says:

          And they did 250 but I’m getting it any so I copped

  7. Damn almost forgot .Didnt make my calls find out who has em.Have to go the bank damn Nike yo.

  8. iwantzoomrookies says:

    Damn i really want these, can I order via email????? I’m in Australia

  9. TEA says:

    gettin the all 3′s, d 11′s and the bulls 10′s that’s it for me got to keep the j’s on my feet for the home town hero comin at u from 23 land NORTH CAT (NC)

  10. Mooch32 says:

    What site are they being released on?

  11. Ladonna says:

    Where will they be release I need these Asap …. What you know let me know!!

    1. Rataface says:

      Nike las vegas and nike new york phone orders accepted after 48 hrs if there is any left maybe in las Vegas not in ny

  12. SoHiImEatnStarz says:

    How much they chargin heads at that shoe politics spot?

  13. RICO says:


    1. Roland Green says:

      $215 shipped ^^^^^^

  14. Djayluthexiii says:

    Did shoe politics get alot? also anyone know where in the dmv can i get these called everywhere an only HOH getting them

  15. Rislam says:

    footlocker gettin these? anywhere?

  16. SoHiImEatnStarz says:

    Trust me when I say I called jus about ery shoe spot in the DMV. HoH havin a raffle startin at 8 n they’ll announce #’s when they open at 11. They only gettin a lmtd amt of pairs..

  17. zaomi says:

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  18. Anonymous says:

    it looks good when its glowing and thats about it.

  19. Deekdollarz says:

    zoom rookies? i got mine ……. yesterday….. straight fire

  20. Leija62 says:

    does anyone know any where in indy where i can cop em?

    1. Steve Stiffler says:

      Call Got Sole in Broad Ripple