Big Sean x adidas Pro Model ‘Snakeskin’ Preview

Big Sean x adidas Pro Model 'Snakeskin'

Following the Big Sean x adidas Superstar ’80s ‘Leopard’ we showed yesterday, we now have a few teaser images of another Big Sean x adidas creation. This time, we see a snakeskin texture on the classic Pro Model silhouette. Grey and white snakeskin is applied to the side panels and tongue, while the rest of the upper is constructed of black leather. Which animal print, Big Sean-assisted design interests you the most? Stay tuned for possible release info.

Big Sean x adidas Pro Model 'Snakeskin'

Big Sean x adidas Pro Model 'Snakeskin'

Big Sean x adidas Pro Model 'Snakeskin'

Big Sean x adidas Pro Model 'Snakeskin'


  1. Changiserg says:

    Hold up hold up hold up wow there HOT

  2. Familymandc says:

    lame, dude style is a mix between early kanye + aerosmith

  3. no in Detroit back in?the day?”Detroit Players” wore snakeskin shoes, dust him having snakeskin adidas

  4. Brian says:

    Okay these are SICK, I would get these in a heartbeat

  5. Zareh says:

    are these actually put out by adidas or is he getting Don C to do these

    1. Regularolty says:

      Why would he need Don C when he has adidas in his pocket?

      PS- Snakeskin has been around eay before you’ve seen a Don C hat.

      1. Zareh says:

        I realize that, but I’m just throwing that out there since Don C custom hats seems to be the hot thing now

  6. Anonymous says:

    he needs some aligators

  7. philoniusfunk says:

    They’d be better if the whole tongue was snakeskin instead of just a patch! Still pretty dope though

  8. Every1sEnemy says:

    I’m not gonna hate on big Sean, do your thang kid….his sneekz have flava, I’m also feeling the leopard print lows too…

  9. Dashon Davis says:

    there cool and all, but it seems like everyone is forgetting the price tag that’s going to comes with these shoes once they drop. Especially since an Adidas shoe that in collab with Big Sean and includes prints based on his fashion style. In?other words, Adidas + Big sean collab = Possible hype shoe. Adidas + Big Sean Collab + Snake Skin & Leopard print design = High Reseller?value.

  10. Adidas already did snakeskin sneakers before many times. Go back to the drawing board Mr. Sean and bring back something a little more unique.

    1. Ezdoesitpro says:

      yeah I still have my low top Golden State Warriors Snake Skin shell toes so… Im not too surprised about these… the Leopard prints tho… THEM SHITS CRAY!!!?