Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

When Penny came into the league, he shined, so it makes perfect sense that his kicks glow. This hybrid Zoom Rookie is dressed in a Foamposite-esque white upper that comes alive when the lights go dead. The black nubuck upper and translucent outsole offset the upper, which shows one of the stronger glows of any sneaker to use this trick. No release date has been announced, but it will soon be available at select stores, including Nice Kicks.

**Note** The Nike Zoom Rookie “Glow in the Dark” will be available at the Nice Kicks shop on October 27, 2011.

Nike Zoom Rookie “Glow in the Dark”
October 27, 2011

Nice Kicks
2815 Guadalupe
Austin, TX 78705

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Zoom Rookie "Glow in the Dark"

  • huh

    where can i get ’em

    • Anonymous

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      • Chad

        Yeah blowing nikkas in the front seat

    • FscottJ

      can you effn read damn


    YUP! copped!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome pic…it looks like it’s got LED’s inside its glowing so bright!

  • Stownes1

    These is ugly….females gonna laugh….and cats on da court is gonna clown….glow n da dark….hell no dayum!!

    • Akronmike330

      why would the guys on the court clown you ? who plays bball in the dark dumbass

      • jtgsclik

        Anyone who ‘clowns’ someone for playing in a specific pair of sneakers is a lame anyway. Probably a hypebeast who wears his Coppers when he plays in the dark like every other loser trying to look cool.

      • Every1sEnemy

        Hahaha u right u right dude, who balls in the dark, not even if u had one of those hope in the dark balls cuz u still need light to make it glow, LOL

      • Lightfoot1990

        I ball in the dark, u never had the urge to ball so bad that you didn’t give a damn if the lights were on? Or did you just played basketball on your PS3 or XBOX?

    • Dmitri Reneau

      nigga you a real clown smfh

    • Eric Fresh

      Only Yeezys should glow in the dark

  • Prl2

    wait…..did they just change the bottom sole on these? they did i like em even more!!!!?

  • Kenneth Powell

    this joints are fire…definite copp

  • prettyboytee

    There definitely copped..!!!! Imma get every color of LWP Rookies

  • JapnFL

    females gona laug cause they cost more they heels and u droppin 200 u ballin if u step on the court

  • EricV11

    Just don’t try playing hide n seek with these in The dark guys

  • Rellgtc

    Thinking bout coppin…

  • Soundwave787

    Im gonna pass on these but that GITD is potent.

  • Eric T Christain

    I’m gonna cop these forget the regular ones

  • jason s.

    clean. gimmicky…..but clean.

  • Steve Stiffler

    Glow in the Dark? Im over 30, so its illegal for me to own a Glow in the Dark shoe. Really???? Females Will laugh at this kiddy shit…..

    • jtgsclik

      Theres an age to stop wearing glow in the dark merchandise? If you think that, you’re a closed minded idiot.

      • Steve Stiffler

        Ummmm Yeah its an age to stop wearing GITD shit. The heels might as well light up when u walk too…..FOH and grow the fuck up toys r us ass nigga

        • jtgsclik

          Grow the fuck up and learn to use proper english. Theres no age to stop wearing anything other than diapers, and you end up back in those eventually anyway. You sound like a moron. Get a grasp on proper grammar and then come back and act like you know wtf you’re talking about you insipid toolbag.

    • SeanPagne

      why wouldn’t you wanna make females laugh? or would you rather just have them not notice you at all?

  • Jazzy Jeff Jeff

    okay now all nike needs to do is come out with the goddam day n night foams!!!

  • Atatodia

    all that shti glow ima grown ass man
    i can find my to n from tha park

  • Blow Me

    “When?Penny?came into the league, he shined, so it makes perfect sense that his kicks glow.”
    What a stupid fucking sentence.?

  • Smookgreen

    Can I buy them at a store on I
    ts release date


    These will suck if you have them in your closet at night!!! But Even as a grown ass man…I’m copping. Kicks are fun, and last time a checked it wasn’t your kicks that got you girls it was your game. “step it up!”

  • Yeahman

    Idgaf im a grown ass man and the ladies gon be asking wats the name of those when im rocking em cuz imma sice em

  • shoe nutt

    im baggn bitchz buttnnaked in the dark wit dem shytz on so she can see my cock when it touch the floor. thanks nike 4 for the extra grip

    • LvcXnzRvidxrKlvn

      lmfao!! *I’m Dying, I need a chargerrrr

  • WZA

    must have these, that glowing shell is too Sick!

  • Anonymous

    am kinda confused here, why this joint here got a smoke sole and the other one that surface earlier had a clear sole

    • 23r

      Those are the black and whites, these are the luminous pearls. Similar but different

  • dabo

    I fux wit em Dow

  • @TreFKennedy

    That shit cray

  • Ncredibo

    Drop’em already!!!!? Nike sometimes OVER hypes on some t-shoes, i’m just sayin????

  • Anonymous

    Ugly ass shoe, dope ass concept. Do this on some foamposite ones or pros!!

  • TreyKickz

    October 27 which is a thursday, nike usually releases there more high profile shoes on a saturday

  • Lilsimcard

    this nice and all….. but how can Nike release the rookies…. AND THEY AIN’T EVEN RETRO THE AIR FLIGHT ONES??????/ -__-

  • Bware113

    Im grabbin these. Very well done and if they glow the way pictured they are definitely worth it. The only fusion shoe I will buy.

  • coreygunz

    cant wait to wear these in class nd they turn lights off when we watchn a movie its gonna be all eyes on me

  • Robert Andretti Coman

    no pic of glowing in dark!?! weak…

  • Justashoefan

    Anyone who thinks they are gonna glow like they do in that top pic WITHOUT A BATTERY is a fuckin idiot

    • Premium

      You are idiot to the these shoes have batteries…they are taking pics of the shoe in a studio with high light, which in turn will give you the effect you see
      In the top pic! Learn something, the brighter the light source, the brighter the glow!

      • Eric Fresh

        I promise those shoes to not have batteries.?

  • Every1sEnemy

    I’m feeling the smoked bottom…these r goin to look like I bottom yesterday, even after wearing them like 10 times :)

  • BlaSiaN Kenny

    copp #SolesOverHoes

  • Leija62

    did they mean to make the date 2012? cus the only shopping result i find is on ebay?

  • Blakphame

    what is the big deal with foamposites… these are not made of the same material as the original foamposites anyway…. so the durability on these is suspect….but fools will run out an cop em anyway…..

  • Kevinxchronic

    Hatin suckers with no swagg

  • Trapstar202

    Oh my

  • Noradon Dixon

    With that said im calling around who exactly i going to have said shoe anyone ?

  • abelh

    Definite cop right here!

  • Guest

    Anyone got an idea on how these fit?

  • Robocock

    These ain’t ugly, these are that dopeness robocop ish

  • Guest

    are these gonna be worth anything?

  • Anonymous

    hey, I searched everywhere for this kix, where can I get ’em?? I went to house of hoops in orlando, fl & they said they don’t carry this