Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

After a mix of curious colorways like the ?Miami Night? and ?Cannon? and a string of school PEs, the Nike LeBron 9 goes back to basics with this Black/White makeup. White paneling pops off the black base with red accents playing the background. Graphic lining adds character to this new makeup with a striking similarity to the ?Scarface?. With release information unknown, what?s your take on this new LeBron? Tell us in the comment section.

Nike LeBron 9

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Nike LeBron 9 Black/White

Source: Marquee Sole

  • Patrick Helms

    these are copped for sure!

    • Anonymous

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    • PMiller

      Nice job biting off the Spiz’ikes with that inside ankle detail

      • Darnell Yancey

        That’s not only “exclusive to” the Spiz’ike. “Nice job” acting like you’re knowledgeable, by pointing out something so irrelevant.

        • jk

          exactly what i was gonna say. the spiz’s got that lining detail from the jordan viii’s. and it’s been on varios other shoes too.

      • Timmy912

        ?listen boy dont say lebron is bitin off spizike hes the racist director who watches basketball n gets mad cus his teams garbage(no offense to melo) n lebron is a king A FUCKING LION KING

    • D!z

      Way better than the so-called “Scarface” theme. If they wanted to do that they shouldve went with this. I’m still coppin the Miami joints no doubt

    • Chad

      Good job NIKKKAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS but who is going to pay rent

  • Timmy912

    not feelin the white toes but this is a nice colorway i think the best is kentucky

  • Joshismoshin

    the lebron 9s i’ve seen rockable

  • Christopher

    I like this colorway as well. Real clean!

  • Anonymous

    China = The Best ( so far ) …. Pun intended.?

    • Anonymous

      might be the rarest but cannons kill it its like comparing south beaches to sprites?

  • Anthony Savoy

    still corny

  • jason s.

    the red hit inside the air bag and the detailing on the white overlay is CRA!

  • Dirty Mike

    Classy as fuck!

    • Stownes1

      I pass….nothing stands out….rather have da cannons!!

      • Anonymous

        cannons=south beaches of the lebron 8s

        • DIrty Mike

          chinas= sprite of the lebron 8’s

  • Carlos Montoya

    I like this too… but they look like the home ones (scareface).

  • Wayne Roberts

    These are so copped especially since im getting the Knicks Spi’zikes over the cool grey cherry lebron 9’s

  • SupremeTeam

    now these are real clean..

  • unf8able

    The best ones yet. (but that’s like saying she’s the prettiest girl at the ugly pageant)

  • Jaszzile

    Love the colorway but not the sneaker

  • Elitebeezy

    i love the colorway of this shoe it’s real clean and the white toe in my opinion is what makes this shoe standout because of the basic black and white colorway this shoe needs to be released bottom line because it’s a beautiful shoe.


    wow these are really nice. the lining pattern looks awesome. and the little patterns on the fuse over the big toe is a nice touch. ?This shoe may be $170 but it has so much attention to detail and not only that its probably one of the greatest hooping shoes ever IMO

  • Sneakerhead2320

    “I always tell the truth, even when I lie” ~ Tony Montana

  • Anonymous

    This is my new favorite CW aside from the China’s, definitely gonna grab a pair.

  • Darnell Yancey

    These are “eh” to me. I like that pattern on the toe though.

  • Conor Levey

    That lining is stellar! I really like these. Second favorite CW after the Chinas.

  • SevLev

    In every other pic of the Lebron 9’s they’ve shown the tongue pushed all the way forward. But in these with the tongue in the reg position the shoe has a better silhouette and it’s easier to understand the design. In any case these specific pics made me a believer in the shoe and these are a def cop!!!

  • Bethomas1211

    This colorway has to come out very basic very slick clean shoe that can be rocked with a crisp pair of jeans and a hot rugby or long sleeve t-shirt. This colorway has to drop.

  • Jakeg70

    these are the real scarface lebrons

  • Anthony Mosby

    I gotta pass on these they want too much for a avg looking shoe..?

  • Uriah_warrior01

    Is marquee sole a legit site to buy shoes? they don’t sell fakes do they?

  • Alex M-H

    Make the sole a light grey with speckled red paint. They’d be even better, imo at least.

  • Eroyce4

    Cannons best deffenetly

  • Asianrulez81

    only colorway tat actually looks good

  • bohen

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  • MR.305

    NASTY! happy lebron is showing much love to the 305 with the Cannons aka new MIAMI MARLINS COLORS *didnt think about that* And these Scarface kicks. KEEP HATING HATERS 😀


  • Anonymous

    The world is mines…and so are these #mustcop

  • Beliekdiesel

    so they not the Scarface colorway?

  • Soundwave787

    Damn it… Lebron 9s are growing on me! These are pretty smooth.

  • Chris

    got to cop these

  • Mclovenhotness23

    Fresh af ! Way better the the other color ways

  • Mikeciccone720

    Just curious, who nicknames kicks anyway? As in, who was the person that started calling the “home edition” LeBron 9s the scarfaces? I would venture to guess they did so bc the scarface movie poster is black, white and red? In that case, would every Chicago edition Jordan be considered scarfaces? Lol. This is a hot shoe, not too much goin on, just enough detail on the collar and toecap and that red in the air bubble tops it’s off, cop for sure if they drop.

  • manny

    why is everyone talking about the cannons? the?UM edition look sexy

  • Ldotg162426

    they don’t look bad from far away… but up close… hell no!

  • devin

    yo the dopes lebrons 9s yet i feel this colorway will be classis over the years watch

  • Tomproathlete25

    When does it come out?

  • RIO-D

    does anybody know when the release date for these boys?? i’m def gonna cop these, i just wanna know cuz if they dont come out for a while i’ma cop the scarfaces in the mean time