It’s alive. While some may think fusions and hybrids have been deaded, the Jordan Son Of Mars is the latest creation of such kind. Birthed by the Spizike, the Son Of Mars is heavy on Air Jordan references. Elephant print and mudguard come from the Air Jordan 3, midsole and tongue of the Air Jordan 5, pull-tab and ankle pad of the Air Jordan 6, and laser strap of the Air Jordan XX. Each aspect coincides with a commercial campaign that starred Mars Blackmon. Will you be copping? Tell us in the comment section.

Jordan Son Of Mars

Source: MN

  • Tykvrbl

    The laser strap kills it

    • Curtis-Ghost Budd


    • Flight89

      why couldn’t they get rid of the strap and just laser the sides and toe-box, now that would be sick!

  • BILL$

    not really feeling these…60+’s were the BEST hybrids imo maybe some more pics would help but idk

    • MudFoot

      They should be for kids only check these picks…..sucky color blocking

      • Timmy912

        ?ok now those r 2 ugly fuckin shoes u got da do the right thing colorway is horrible but y da bordeaux is thr any part made from da 7s the r typical hybrids

    • nudetayne

      60+s are the ugliest shoe ever made, no question about that

    • Timmy912

      best hybrids were dub zeros but yea these r ass y would u mix any shoe wit the 20s n then add da elephant print yes this shoe is pure ass?

  • Joshua Morris

    These are hot but havent you paid homeage to spike lee before :s?

  • Kelso11508

    *stephen a voice* JUST STOP IT ALREADY!!! JUST STOP IT!!! THAT’S ENOUGH!!!

  • Trey Hemingway

    ……who ever created this, kill yo’self! i’d rather see Team Jordan retro’d than this garbage.

  • Andre_wimberly

    I got the og spizikes deadstock and unworn so i gotta get the og son of mars and nevereverever wear them! I been doing this since 92 and they make j’s like this for us og’s not you stupid youngsters who dont know shit about jordan or spike lee.

    • Hboy6542

      Your cut bro! Us youngsters are the reason JB still exist! We are the feature man we made it what it is dude u need to hang it up! These are garbage!

      • Chad


      • Andre_wimberly

        I think you meant future not feature dumb ass! You young punks dont know shit! You probably about to go skateboarding in your new vans! You dont knoe nothing bout no jordans hoe!

        • Cclarke112

          hey man i wear both j’s and vans

        • Anonymous

          Yo man, the youngins rule the roost these days, at least in the sneaker game. ?And yes, these joints are hideous.

        • Chris Galvin

          Do you guys realize how fucking stupid you sound arguing over shoes? I understand this is a site for sneakerheads, but come the fuck on. You guys both sound like 8 year olds arguing for no real reason.

          Andre – Stop acting like you’re some superior “OG”. You have been buying shoes for a long time – congrats. Now shut up and get off your high horse; no one cares how long you’ve been collecting shoes.

          Hboy – Youngsters have not “made JB what it is today”, considering most of you weren’t even alive when JB really starting getting big.

          That being said, these are aight. As someone else pointed out, the laser strap KILLS it. If it weren’t for that, I’d be copping these most likely.

          • dt425f

            ^big man wants to a be a problem solver.

          • Drdre

            And it’s name is revolver.

    • D’thaOriginal

      I’m 34 and I was buyin’ J’s in ’92 but if JB would make something for me: please retro the VI Maroons.

    • MudFoot

      I’m an Triple OG and I say Trash Pure Garbage

    • jburke

      Wear your shoes, dumbass.. Pretty sure that everyone on here “knows shit” about Jordan and Spike Lee.. Quit trying to put yourself on a?pedestal bra..?

  • MikeDestructive

    fuck no.

  • Gimekiz

    They look like yeezys

    • KelzFlyWalker

      I agree Jordan decided to try to make a spinn off of the yeezys.

  • Lakercrazy24

    Release date?

  • Phillybul

    These and the rest of the hybrid and
    Fusions are for youngbuls no real sneakerheads buy these stupid shits that ruin the sneakers that actually go into this mess

    • Andre_wimberly

      I have hundreds of jordans and im getting these too! I still have my 2002 aj xvii+ crocodile and coppers unworn. If you are not a real jordan fan dont comment on sick shoes like these. Im tired of all these fake jordan fans!

      • JABZ215

        yea but 100 team Js, fusions purple 1s and shit you can find in any outlet for 60$ dont count homie!

        • Andre_wimberly

          I have j’s older than you sucka! I have ogs, retros, lifestyles, doernbechers, and bins. Get on my level hoe!

          • JABZ215

            hahaha dude Im WAY PAST your level!!! get a black box wit a NIKE logo then we will talk.. Are you that one bol’ thats always in front of UBIQ changin your kicks 10 times while your in line? LOL?

      • Phillybul

        Yea thanks for provin my point…ur def and nut ass youngbul that knows nuttin bout sneaks… U just buy em 2 look cool lol, shame u dont even know the difference between heat and a ugly sneaker u fuckn retard cocksucker

        • JABZ215

          I doubt that homie, im 31 dont get offended or anything, but by what you say is heat i say i hypebeast leftovers! bet i could crash your 100’s of BS wit 5 pr from my closet.. Maroon 6s! enough said! oh you want more..OG Cardinals? Laneys? INFRAREDS not the GRs like you got! umm Carmines? U ever heard of any of these? Mr Doernbecher? LOL son you clowin yourself

          • Guest

            Its hype beasts like you that buy every god damn shitty Jordan that they have no problems with raising the prices to $200 in 2012… You’re 31 and buying every Jordan sneaker… grow up… Buy a pair of shoes… just saying.

          • Jabz215

            ?i assume this is philly bol, sorry but my comment was meant for the tard above you..MY BAD.. but i gots a few pr of “shoes” too

  • Anonymous

    This is seriously making me reconsider my loyalty to the Jordan Brand. Just hideous. The people there have no taste at all whatsoever.

    • Andre_wimberly

      If you dont have at least 100 pair of jordans stfu!

      • Andre_wimberly

        You are not loyal to jordan if you own vans, supras, yeezys, or any of that monkey shit!

        • Cclarke112

          because a individual is versatile in their sneaker collection means they are not loyal to Jordan??! Get out of here with that fuckery

      • JABZ215

        Also i bet 10000 discount stores, footlocker basements and outlet attics still got them 2002 aj xvii+ crocodile and coppers tooo..

        • Andre_wimberly

          Thanks for proving you know nothing about jordans!

          • JABZ215

            really? homie i got the OG white blue 17s..on my feet right now as a matter of fact! I can get them crocs online right now at FC for $250…what the f*ck do you think you got some kind of grail? dude the white lightning low 17s are worth more that your DS crocks of sh*t!

          • Andre_wimberly

            I have the original dmp with a big gold box. Case closed lame!


            This is why nice kicks needs to let you post pics cuz i don’t believe you have any of these. I can get on here say I have 1,000,000 pairs and you’d never know. Btw if you have of maroon vis from 92 they are as yellow as your teeth.

          • Jabz215

            ?I dont recall saying they were DS in pristine shape! actually they are beat up, cracked and yellow as your teeth(thats a given) they are almost 20ys old, but they are there grasshoppa! Dont be mad cause you dont have anything that came out before 05′


            Pretty sure they aren’t worth the titanium xx3s I stood in line for. Or the og mcfly hyperdunks. Get a clue dbag!

          • Joe Mcfly

            Pretty sure that none of your guys shoes have shit on my MAG’s

          • Andre_wimberly

            Are your college blue xviis worth more than my og spizikes pair 478 of 4032? Of course not!

          • Jabz215

            depending on wich spizikes. YES?they are VERY CLOSE homie..give it a rest go do
            some sneaker price HW

      • Anonymous

        What does that got to do with what I’m talking about? And why do you have to have at least 100 pairs of Jordans to be loyal? I loved Jordan and his brand, but that don’t mean that I always have to like what they do. In fact, you’re probably the one that’s gonna buy this butt ugly ass shoe. So go troll somewhere else you numbskull.

        • Andre_wimberly

          Yes i am getting these fuckboy!

        • thecactusman

          did you actually just say “numbskull”???

          • Anonymous

            no doubt, i fuckin laughed my ass off when i saw that

        • Numbskull

          Hey! whats the big deal?

  • Tendeep92

    i really don’t like when they mix jay’s but i gotta cop these joints

    • Andre_wimberly

      The only hybrids i like are the spike lee shoes because they have meaning. I got every spizike and im getting every son of mars!

  • JABZ215

    “son of mars” and “Fusion”? is really JB talk for “Make somethin’ outta all these scraps we got
    layin’ around”

  • Big Mike

    Should have been aborted

  • GotSkillz

    an abomination

  • MBizz

    Jordan brand has clearly reached that stage where they have ran out of good ideas to make up a good shoe. This is the reason why jordans will fall off in less than 10 years it’s the same old bs every time. The only reason why people be buying jordans now is because they see their favourite celebrity/rapper in them. I’m only Gunna buy the black cements, air yeezys, Concords and the 4’s in January then I’m done with jordans for life and I’m only 19. I feel sorry for those old heads whose have hundreds of jordans and don’t wear them, good luck selling those in the future coz when that model gets re retro’s you will look like a fool. Back in the day people wanted to be like mike on the court so they bought his shoes now that future greats like durant Rose lebron etc are here people
    Will buy their shoes.

    • MudFoot…..

      Indeed they are running out of Ideas because they don’t have any young kats like yourself making sound decisions for your age group. Clearly there is a disconnect with jordan brand. I been saying this when I use to work for them. They are Living off of Jordan’s Retro’s but when Kobe reaches and passes him then what? These son of mars are going to suck royally

  • ChrispyKiXX

    I’m mad yall arguing over kicks…jus buy wat u like…dnt like it dnt buy it

    • Cclarke112

      Best comment so far. Dudes like 30 yrs old arguing over sneakers. Buy what you like!!!?

    • Wayne Roberts

      Someone who isn’t ignorant thank god, I’ll buy these be —-> I <—– Like them not because of all these "sneakerheads" and what they think is cool!

  • bsn.

    Somebody tell andre to shut up!!!!! You sound like a flexer to me, 100 pairs of Jordans, show us the proof if you’re so “loyal”

    • Andre_wimberly

      Go to my urbanchat page mj23fiend and stfu!

  • Snowmanz501

    Look like some wanna b air yeezy’s



    • Andre_wimberly

      I buy air max for my bitches! The black xx3 are greatness though.

  • devin

    these are preety decent i would love to see another colorway but there a potential purchase for next yea

    • Mudfoot

      check these homie…they still subpar and this is for fall12

  • jason s.

    i’m not mad at the silho – yank off the 6’s heel loop & it’s kinda yeezy-ish…but the colors/materials/lasering is DOO-DOO!!! it’s like the sample closet at jordan brand threw up.

  • ParkerYS

    These are awful. Period. I miss the days of J’s only being numbered or Teams and only releasing in Black, Red, White or Columbia colorways.

  • Chargers012

    they are not that bad but i think the strap fuck em up.

  • Just Call Me Daddy

    Do they always have to use the same shoe models? Damn the only two combo’s are the spizikes and 6 rings. Sheesh if you’re going to make this bull at least make sneaks like the 12.5’s or use different numbers

  • Kidswithkicks

    So who’s the lame saying your not a true Jordan Fan if you wear other shoe brands, gtfo with your dick riding ass. I rock vans, I rock Nikes all day, my sb’s and Air Max one’s shit on your ugly ass fusions. Only good jordans are retro 1-13 and maybe acouple cw’s for the 14’s. But I do think JB has already fallen off, they’re mostly riding on their retros, which isn’t bad, but it’s getting old, raised prices with crappier quality. I think JB should take a good year off, get some new designers in there an just shut the door until something good comes out, they should release sketches or prototypes and ask people what they think. Get some actual feedback. They know the popular sites that people check out for their daily sneaker news, get JB to make a post about new ideas. Even their future soles ideas all start to look the same. JB get back with Nike and start new, startsesigning shoes people are gonna want retroed later on, shoes that are fresh . Get that quality back, check out my Tumblr for some of my sketches: kicksontheedge.

  • Kennethd Williams85

    They would be dope be the strap is over done … The simplier the shoe and clean look is always better and that’s what sales, all the top J’s are clean and neat

  • Djames86

    looks like imitation yeezy’s to me

  • CEEZ!

    spike lee know he needs to quit this slaughter on J’s, i understand the concept, (MARS)?but wtf is this?.. maybe a new color may change my mind, idk..

  • Ddub

    TAKE OFF THE STRAP! please.?

  • Kellen Taylor

    dont think ill cop them but its actually not that bad. Looks like they took a bunch of Jays and tried to make the Yeezy 2

  • Jtothada

    Sorry I rock kicks cuz I like’em not Cuz you think there cool and I’m defense coppin these

  • Lblasts

    obsidian 12s lower right corner.

  • Sam

    I’m gonna be honest….I dig these. I HATE fusions and that crap normally, but I really dig these. It’s a clean shoe, and I love the strap. I’m def coppin’ these things, even if they resell for $50….loving them. First new Jordan that isn’t a retro that I like in a longg time

  • solesaved

    Really don’t think these are that bad, But jordan has flooded the market with bad fusion/hybirds/spiz’ikes that?i don’t really ride with these . Please just get some fresh minds in the design?department.???

  • Noradon Dixon

    The Jb brand window is closing .Stick to quality retros and Pe.

  • Lanssana_123

    those are fresh wen are they releasing

  • Gottabetheshoes

    These are dope. But instead of buying these, I’mma cop the 3’s, 5’s, 6’s & Yeezy’s :)

  • Radd

    the straps messes it up

  • Recklesscole

    the strap kinda messes it up i think its just so out of place but besides the they look cool like the colorway might buy two pairs one to keep for the collection and the other i cut off that got damn ugly ass strap lol



  • Jerrelwade

    More whack shit from JB. I’ve grown accustomed to it.


    Lol @ people saying “the straps ruins the sneaker”………The entire sneaker alone is an abomination. The only hybrid sneaker that has ever been hot from Jordan Brand were the Dub Zero’s before the Chinese man started putting spongebob on the side of them.

  • Robby

    These are just sloppy. The Spizike looked like a well put together shoe. The influence of all the different Jordans that inspired it was noticeable but it was all blended together quite well. This looks like they literally cut off parts of different J’s and then sewed them together.?

  • its not no copy of yeezy!

    omg… every desgn on this shoe was made b4 the yeezy was even though of HUSH UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mattL23

    when are they gonna be realeased.?? these will sell fast, gotta get me a pair.