adidas JS Wings “Denim” New Images

adidas JS Wings "Denim" New Images

Washed out but in style, the adidas JS Wings ?Denim? flips the jean theme on a progressive model. Relying on a new classic as opposed to an old one, the winged-upper sports light blue denim over a translucent outsole. Bronze accents give strength to the feathers and definition to the branding. Start planning your outfits for next spring.

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adidas Jeremy Scott Wings
Spring 2012

adidas JS Wings "Denim"

adidas JS Wings "Denim"

adidas JS Wings "Denim"

adidas JS Wings "Denim"

adidas JS Wings "Denim"

adidas JS Wings "Denim"

adidas JS Wings "Denim"

adidas JS Wings "Denim"

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  1. goddamngram says:


  2. Marveno says:

    O_O must have

  3. rekanize says:

    Actually, these are pretty low-key, compared to some of the retina-bleeders that he’s cranked out in the past. For a change, I really dig these JSs.

  4. yomom says:

    they belong in a glass box in the living room

  5. Guest says:

    Problem is, do they go with jeans?

    1. alex rivera says:

      wear em wit cargo pants

  6. blankman says:

    Pardon me, but how are wings on a shoe, actual fuckin wings, hot? Looks gay?AF to me!

    1. Cbuc1125 says:

      Thank you! I thought i was going crazy.

  7. Sneakerhead2320 says:

    Denim, denim, denim…….

  8. Gymismylife12 says:

    Dang these r sick

  9. ZeeTheCollector says:

    Gladiator sneakers..Sad gay ass world were living in today.grown men want sneaker with wings on them giving fashion tips.

  10. Good_iDea says:

    Dope…iSlept on the Glow in the darks ones, so iDeff need to ge these

  11. these JS wings r defly better den the Camo joints that i got

  12. JS Wings Denim joints

  13. 4000 says:

    how come so many denim shoes come with orange stitching? im looking forward to seeing some different complimentary colors to denim

  14. RokDeez86 says:

    Take away the wings….

  15. BoyWonder says:

    i died………….!!!!!! this is cray !!!

  16. Undefeated21290 says:

    WHOOOOOOOOO!!!! HOT SHIT!!(nelly voice)

  17. BoyWonder says:

    man i got the prefect outfit for them rite now !!!

  18. Yusufchy says:

    I like adidas. I always want gorgeous aididas wings.

  19. MichelleGilliard says:

    thinking about coping these