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My 5: Gary Warnett's Sneaker Rotation

A writer talented and knowledgeable beyond the highest of praise, Gary Warnett is a living encyclopedia of all things sneakers, streetwear and hip-hop. As the Creative Director for Crooked Tongues?and freelance copywriter for some of the most respected brands in the industry, Warnett is on the forefront of our culture (though he?s never afraid to chronicle-at incredible depths-its past).

If his name doesn?t ring a bell, his work most certainly will. The Encyclopedia of Seinfeld?s Footwear: Gary Warnett. The 50 Best Collaborations Ever: Gary. Best Running Shoes of All Time: Yep, you guessed it. It?s for all of the above reasons that we asked Gary to give us a little insight into his day-to-day sneaker selections with this My 5 entry.

After you check out his picks here, make sure to check out his personal blog, especially if you like shoes, sportswear, film, crewnecks, hip-hop , Supreme and many, many other things.

Air Jordan 1 “Banned”

Air Jordan 1 "Banned"

Gary: “I wish these had been packaged with some Air Ships in similar colours for true ?Banned? authenticity. I have no idea as to whether it’s an age or common sense thing, but I’m increasingly attracted to the quality control aspect of shoes. It?s probably the years catching up on me. I hate picking something up and it looking unwearable after three wears. I’m not even fussy about beat looking footwear, but on principal shoes should have some longevity. I wrote these off, assuming that they’d be pleather, but they’re leather ? my friend and associate Mr. Mubi Ali hooked me up with a pair recently and while they’re not invincible feeling like the 1985 editions, these still look set to look better with subsequent wears. In an ideal world, every Jordan retro would be executed this well. Creases give this one character rather than rendering it unwearable.”

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  • Radd

    Those crooked tongue NB look pretty sweet.

  • Chan Grail-E


    • Izm One

      Word up. ?I wear mine at least twice a week. ?Super comfortable. ?They are criminally slept on. ?I don’t understand how so many “sneakerheads” pass on NBs. ?One of my favorite shoes I own.

  • zuofeng

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  • Soundwave787

    NB are sick but the rest is garbage.

    • Anonymous

      The Jordan 1 Banneds weren’t garbage. The NB’s are pretty sick though.

  • Dirty Mike

    I definitely don’t like the pleather. JB? has the boldness to retro a shoe made of lower quality materials and then see it for more than the OG’s… SMFH

    • Dirty Mike


    • Anonymous

      That’s inflation man. ?Cars don’t cost the same as they did in 1985, why should shoes?

  • Sneakerfreak23

    @ Dirty Mike……Banned 1’s are NOT pleather ! They are soft leather and when I got mine on ………..they snap necks !