Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

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Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Ask and ye shall receive. Following yesterday?s teaser look at the upcoming Zoom Kobe VII, we?re coming to you with detailed photos of the next generation of signature sneaker. The Black Mamba keeps consistent with his dedication to low tops, though the VII utilizes an ankle sleeve attached to the insole for added support. The overall shape falls right in line with the previous three models, and an angular midsole makes its overall design very aggressive. Tech specs have not yet been revealed, but if the past shoes? progression is a sign of things to come, this may prove to be the most effective on-court Kobe yet.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII
Holiday 2011

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

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  1. 118ent

    These may be great hoopin shoe don’t see myself rockin these outside the court though the tongue throwin me off

  2. Anonymous

    How is a neoprene sleeve going to improve ankle support? That’s like saying a sock will stop you from rolling ankles. ?

  3. orka

    The geometric detailing reminds me of Kobe’s later signature models with Adidas. I personally don’t like it but will give credit to Nike for taking a bigger leap than they did with the V and the VI.

  4. Smc_andy

    this is a stupid idea.

    i LOVE the shoe but the BUILT IN ankle support really messed up the shoe.
    What about people like me who want to wear ASO braces that will actually DO SOMETHING. HUH KOBE? i kno this shoe was for HIM but damn if you releasing it to the public its gotta be about us too.
    BEAUTIFUL shoe, messed up by a horribly executed concept.

  5. Bware113

    I see some details that remind me of the AJ VII; the bootie and the triangles used on the sole seen clearly in picture 7.

    I wonder how functional that ankle brace is.

  6. Ry Stryker

    Obviously you can remove the insole with the brace attached exactly how they did to take a picture of the damn thing removed from the shoe. come on people.

  7. Kremlin

    one thing for sure this is gonna be hot literally for your feet..flywire gives little to no ventilation plus that sockliner/tounge/ankle wrap is gonna suffocate your feet even more

  8. Hippopotamus12

    kinda remind me of jordan 20, and ninja shoes…. it’s dope, but I’d like it better without the visible flywire… it looks kinda like the dream season which I hate

  9. Ldc7luis

    I actually am feeling these. My opinion of course, but i think these will be hot as hell once some good colorways come out with em and I’m saying this now so i wont be no hype beast. Feeling the shoes.

  10. Twan

    Don’t get it, how about you just make him a high top shoe!

    Still hooping in my Kobe 4s. best nike basketball shoe of all time

  11. Yunginflyy305

    nike plz stop being OD w/ the flywire… you guys really know how to run material (foam), technology (hyperfuse, flywire), and colorways in the ground. Coming after great kobe v’s and vi’s you all come wit this simple trash w/ no tongue.. (sigh) your lucky ima kobe fan and will give them a chance to see them in person and other colorways 1st!

  12. Wphov

    Only 4 basketball !!!!! The last two pair were crazy these average. Should of stuck wit the mamba design !!!!!!!! Looks like I need to get a few more of last years MAMBA’S!!!

  13. VII.XII.

    There are 3 versions of this shoe set to come out so don’t get too down on that ankle support. There are? said to be regular, elite, and supreme versions all to release for this shoe.

  14. Anonymous

    wow….I’m just blown away. Theses are disgusting. the IV-VIs were awesome but I can’t get behind these. The ankle strap doesn’t help but like others have said, look like Dream Seasons. The flywire is way too pronounced, the lines are ugly and they look extremely plain and blocky. Maybe they look better in person but this should save me a ton next year. I’ve bought 6 pairs of the 6s so far…Did Kobe sign with Jordan overnight and I didn’t hear about it? I guess when Kobe said he wanted to play with Melo he was misquoted and just said he wanted shoes as ugly as Melo’s.

  15. These shoes are swag to the fuckin max, that internal ankle gusset looks to be a great idea if forefoot and rear lockdown are sufficient. That plus taped ankles would probably be just as effective as a lace up ankle brace.?

  16. pUp

    Fashion wise I think the shoe itself looks better than the Kobe VI’s, it’s just that ankle strap and no tongue that kinda messes it up.

  17. Cpatriots22

    Ankle supporters always hurt the bottom of my foot due to the level change between the supporter and the insole. The ankle supporter in the shoe is a part of the insole, so this wouldnt happen. Honestly, the ankle supporter doesn’t look that bad. It may look flimsy, but why would
    Nike waste their time putting in something that doesn’t work? I’m sure it does. It has paddig and a Velcro strap. I like the idea, but for those of yOu who don’t, I’m sure it’ll come with an extra insole. If not, just replace the insole with a different one.

  18. danmay

    no way these can be worn for anything other than sports, these with shorts and jeans are gonna look horrible….having said that, this would be a sick gym shoe!

  19. Michael H Crowder

    So dissapointed. I loved how the Kobe’s were always sleek, but the ankle supports make them seem clunky.?

  20. Coleworld

    love the sleee concept
    and insole thing kinda looks like aj2011 with the play fast or explosive,
    and is that air max in the back i see???
    might be coppin!!!

  21. real creative nike, dress up the 6 change some lines maybe the herringbone downlow, slap on an ankle brace and bam kobe 7.. shoutout to nike marketing?

  22. LV

    they lessen the a bit of weight by removing the material that makes the tongue of the shoe and the support serves a dual purpose as the tongue of the shoe and part of the ankle support. creative.?

  23. Shad

    I dont like these that much as street shoes, but the VI’s are classic thanks to all those beatiful color-ways…GLASS BLUE!!!

  24. Csmith3421

    WOW these shits look amazing especially when the colorways start coming. The only downer is the release date. I just copped the hyperdunks for ball this year!!! smh:(

  25. TG55

    They look like the bastard child of the Nike Hyperdunk 2010 Low and the 1st Signature Kobe Uptempo shoe…but then that child went and whored around with the Jordan 20….guess i’d still wear them but wish the purple brace was black instead…

  26. Juicedixon4

    You should’ve kept them how they was in the first pic that came out earlier this year for the viis…and you can buy ankle braces..go back to the original design for them or back to the drawing board guys.

  27. Ldc7luis

    alright you guys i just seen a different set of pics on sneakerfiles. they do have a tongue and it looks like they are going to have removable insoles along with the sleeve system. they will be hot.

  28. Timrayallen12

    the pictures show that it goes from the foot to the ankle wrapped around the insole so it should create some type of stability for added support…If you don’t like it just remove the insole. Put another one in and go on about your business…

  29. Ht23

    Disappointing new signature shoes from Nike/JB? this year, luckily we might not see them so much on the court this season

  30. Soundwave787

    SOLID!! I like the ankle wrap a lot. Then again Im a fan of the Carnivore and 20s and Air Unlimited so…. Great job Nike. Dope!!

  31. Givemeadime23

    Kobe is wack just like you lames and this shoe is beyond wack just like you lames!!! Jordan Retro’s all day!!

  32. These are pretty dope….of course for on the court purposes ……Agree with the D Rose statement…Adidas has some nice BBALL heat out of no where. I’m torn between the super lights from them or the Nike Lunar Hoops….maaaaan

  33. TK3

    These are the Supreme version and will be $180, there will be a standard version WITHOUT the bootie (so im assuming with a regular tongue) that will be $140, and the Elite version which no info has been released for yet which will be $200. ?I think the Supremes drop in December, the standards a couple months later and the Elites around May (playoffs). ?I think they’re sick but the bootie seems pretty pointless so ill wait and cop the standards.

  34. tg24

    Guys these are the supremes that run for about 200 the regular ones that we all know and love will have a tongue and be about 130

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