Air Jordan 8.0 New Images

Air Jordan 8.0 "Playoff"

This weekend will see the release of a fantastic trio of Air Jordans. From the Air Jordan 14 “Georgetown” to today’s Air Jordan 8.0 duo, there’s plenty of new kicks to go around. Today, new images of the Air Jordan 8.0 Black/Varsity Red-Flint Grey-White and Air Jordan 8.0 White/Midnight Navy-Stealth have surfaced, giving sneakerheads itching to cop a new pair of kicks something to look forward to. Check out more images below and let us know what you think.

Air Jordan 8.0
Black/Varsity Red-Flint Grey-White

Air Jordan 8.0
White/Midnight Navy-Stealth

Black/Varsity Red-Flint Grey-White

Black/Varsity Red-Flint Grey-White

Air Jordan 8.0 White/Midnight Navy-Stealth

Air Jordan 8.0 White/Midnight Navy-Stealth

Air Jordan 8.0 White/Midnight Navy-Stealth

Air Jordan 8.0 White/Midnight Navy-Stealth

Source: Millenium


  1. SpacelySprocket 757 says:

    Classic joints over all…these are for those new kids born in mid 90′s ..or cats just gettin in the sneaker game..this the shoe they make that mistake on buying?

    1. hahahaha that hilarious. we all have to learn from our mistakes.

      1. Dantheman9442 says:

        mine were fusion 12s *Kanye Shrug*

        1. Monstar says:

          wasnt gonna waste my time commenting on these but since everybody feels the need to tell of the 1st jordan,, mine were the 2005 retro 14′s…on sale at shoe warehouse #SWAGG

          1. ADBarnes says:

            I started pretty late. 8th grade I got my first pair of J’s. Retro Black Toe 14′s I wanna say it was 2008 when those dropped. But if my foot hadn’t have grown I would still be rockin ‘em.?

          2. bsn. says:

            I started early, Chrome 8′s. I thank God for showing me the way to those shoes.

    2. smoke stacks says:

      mine was the true flights over a pair of 7s hahaa

      1. Cool says:

        mine were the 60 Pluses. It took courage saying that

        1. devin says:

          lmao ?to funny ?dont feel bad 60 pluses werent all thatbad?

    3. I was born 93′ and I wouldn’t fuck with these they look like fakes but i also know allot of people around my age will buy these ugly assed shoes

      1. Ericj Epps says:

        ’93 also an I wouldnt dare

        1. Realist says:

          92 and I learned from my friends mistakes. Both my best friends are 21 one’s a sneakerhead ones in to cloths and shit…So with Kicks i’ve never made a mistake and with buying bape and shit like that I never did too…Learn from your elders. You shouldn’t get in the game if you don’t know what you’re doin.?

      2. Earl1147 says:

        i was born in 93 and my first J’S were the 10′s when i was just 1

    4. Anonymous says:

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    5. strebonic says:

      I would definetley rather have classic 8 playoffs but these are not that bad better than a lot of shit people hype over

    6. Hearnsronald says:

      My mistake was Flight 45s over Aqua 8s -_________-

      1. Atj_92 says:

        That is crazyyy lol

      2. Tone. says:

        My mistake this last summer was gettin the metallic 5s instead of solar red low lebrons

    7. Pretty Ignorant for adults i swear! I was born in the 90′s and just got into the game and know better then to cop these! Get a life man!

    8. Ballerkicks says:

      these are so wack, cant believe they are making so many colorways. They will hit the nike outlets in 3 months

    9. Jordan 13 breds at age 2… lmao fux wit cho boi!!

  2. Ranhopki says:


  3. LionHeart says:


  4. dankhead says:


  5. Imma cop , you just gotta know how to pull these things off. Youll going real hard they not even bad

    1. Waits for troll face

  6. Fred says:

    At your local outlet in a few weeks. These are gross.

  7. Mike Bill In Yo Grill says:

    these shits look like LA Gear is trying to make a come back!

  8. Anonymous says:

    nah son.

  9. blankman says:


  10. Sota612 says:

    Man these seriously are not bad at all. To me it just comes down to money. I wanna pick up the Graphite 14′s and the Black Cements next month, so I can’t splurge right now like that. But these are fly and I wouldnt fault anyone for wearing them.

    Much better than the “surprise announcement” JB tried to pull a few days back with the Melos, CP3′s, and D.Wades. Ugh.

  11. Shoe Etiquette says:

    JB really reachin with these

  12. Eric Fresh says:

    The black & reds are pretty sweet but I’d rather get some 14s.? Worst mistake I made was buying fusion 4s!? They aren’t even comfortable.

  13. Retro Ren says:

    Flight 45s over aqua 8s??? CMON SON

  14. ApplyGuy says:

    Please Stop Posting These PLEASE!!

    1. Marcus Robinson says:

      Its their website, how bout you make your own website then you can post all the crappy shit you get hype over so we can laugh

  15. Elidafreshprince says:

    my mistake was the fusion 5s over aqua 8s shame dammm

  16. ReemStone says:

    Air Raid x Air Jordan 8 Fusion.. Definitely got that 90s look to em. OG colors should do well. Hopefully JB sticks to that.

  17. LUC LONGLEY says:

    I have a feeling these 8.0 will be sitting on the shelves for a while with the Graphite 14 retros dropping the same day and the stealth 3′s still in wide supply. They are okay, but JB would have 4 Robcops from me if they just release the original 8′s in these 4 colorways (Playoffs, Bugs, Aquas, Sugar Rays).

  18. Cam_airr says:

    they fucked up a classic , these shits is ugly

  19. D3rrtydarun says:

    The Black fake playoff 8.0′s aint that bad I still got my playoffs in ment condition. But I’d cop these at the factory for less then what they’re going to sell them for. Again the black ones aint all bad.

  20. Seandon says:

    considering no one on this site still plays competitive ball, by competitive I mean college, ill pick these up cause playin in retros now a days dont cut it unless you play in 11s but thats a no no

    1. LUC LONGLEY says:

      Those retro shoes “cut it” for the greatest play to ever lace em up, during his greatest seasons, they they should do fine for your “competitive balling”.

      1. Seandon says:

        Im not saying im too good to play in retros ….jordans at that time probably had the best shoe technology at that time making them more comfortable then other shoes but you cant tell me you would rather hoop in a pair of jordan 2′s over hyperfuses as far as comfort and performance