Air Jordan 8.0 New Images

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Air Jordan 8.0 "Playoff"

This weekend will see the release of a fantastic trio of Air Jordans. From the Air Jordan 14 “Georgetown” to today’s Air Jordan 8.0 duo, there’s plenty of new kicks to go around. Today, new images of the Air Jordan 8.0 Black/Varsity Red-Flint Grey-White and Air Jordan 8.0 White/Midnight Navy-Stealth have surfaced, giving sneakerheads itching to cop a new pair of kicks something to look forward to. Check out more images below and let us know what you think.

Air Jordan 8.0
Black/Varsity Red-Flint Grey-White

Air Jordan 8.0
White/Midnight Navy-Stealth

Black/Varsity Red-Flint Grey-White

Black/Varsity Red-Flint Grey-White

Air Jordan 8.0 White/Midnight Navy-Stealth

Air Jordan 8.0 White/Midnight Navy-Stealth

Air Jordan 8.0 White/Midnight Navy-Stealth

Air Jordan 8.0 White/Midnight Navy-Stealth

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71 Comments on "Air Jordan 8.0 New Images"

  1. SpacelySprocket 757

    Classic joints over all…these are for those new kids born in mid 90’s ..or cats just gettin in the sneaker game..this the shoe they make that mistake on buying?

  2. Sota612

    Man these seriously are not bad at all. To me it just comes down to money. I wanna pick up the Graphite 14’s and the Black Cements next month, so I can’t splurge right now like that. But these are fly and I wouldnt fault anyone for wearing them.

    Much better than the “surprise announcement” JB tried to pull a few days back with the Melos, CP3’s, and D.Wades. Ugh.

  3. Eric Fresh

    The black & reds are pretty sweet but I’d rather get some 14s.? Worst mistake I made was buying fusion 4s!? They aren’t even comfortable.

    • Marcus Robinson

      Its their website, how bout you make your own website then you can post all the crappy shit you get hype over so we can laugh

  4. ReemStone

    Air Raid x Air Jordan 8 Fusion.. Definitely got that 90s look to em. OG colors should do well. Hopefully JB sticks to that.


    I have a feeling these 8.0 will be sitting on the shelves for a while with the Graphite 14 retros dropping the same day and the stealth 3’s still in wide supply. They are okay, but JB would have 4 Robcops from me if they just release the original 8’s in these 4 colorways (Playoffs, Bugs, Aquas, Sugar Rays).

  6. D3rrtydarun

    The Black fake playoff 8.0’s aint that bad I still got my playoffs in ment condition. But I’d cop these at the factory for less then what they’re going to sell them for. Again the black ones aint all bad.

  7. Seandon

    considering no one on this site still plays competitive ball, by competitive I mean college, ill pick these up cause playin in retros now a days dont cut it unless you play in 11s but thats a no no


      Those retro shoes “cut it” for the greatest play to ever lace em up, during his greatest seasons, they they should do fine for your “competitive balling”.

      • Seandon

        Im not saying im too good to play in retros ….jordans at that time probably had the best shoe technology at that time making them more comfortable then other shoes but you cant tell me you would rather hoop in a pair of jordan 2’s over hyperfuses as far as comfort and performance

  8. this is my favorite pair of J’s gone totally freakin wrong. What the hell is this. This is the assasination of a classic. JB is buggin out. I think all yes men work over at JB cause nobody had the balls to pull the plug on this BS!?

  9. Ctubbs

    They look “kinda” like? the Jordan VIII’s, wait heres’s a crazy idea. Just retro the Jordan VIII”s.

  10. Free2rhyme

    BTW all you stupid asses jordan brand made this shoe for TRUE BASKETBALL PLAYERS thats why it has flywire its suppose to be hooped in unlike all you other fuck that wear them for style and dont even play basketball gtf..

  11. BlackQuest89

    Ha ha ha dem shits are fugly ha ha plus I got my metallic5’s and bronze7’s waiting for the concord11’s what are they smoken I need to hit that and the retro 10 and 4s are coming damn these 8.0 will be on sale

  12. DS

    95′ and I wouldn’t touch these with a 10ft pole, my first jays were varsity red 6’s. (I got into the Jordan game late)

  13. Shittthead

    i would be camping out for these ?i cant wait, just in time ?when the welfare check comes in . ill be the only one on the line

  14. Rsidhu

    I remember the original 8s made your feet sweat like crazy. No ventilation…mad blisters!! Hope these don’t have the same problem

  15. Addictivekicks

    My first jays were the Black&Royal 1’s back in 85′ I was TEN! rest in peace to my pops he always laced me up.

  16. Kevin Dorant

    Helll YEEE NIKKKAS!!

    Finally It Happened…..I got rid of all my ISHHH from my cre dit report y’all – I was in deep for 5 years. Coudn’t buy sheeet. Just approved for that 25k loan to buy CAMAARO!!!


    My homeboy was in terrible shape too, and he clean! Getting a condo now.

    Hit em up – they will help!!

  17. Anonymous

    ’92 and meh, I’m in college now and I’ve been on the JB scene since about jr. year of high school. The 8’s themselves look okay, but these colorways annoy the hell out of me.

    I’d rather just pass, simply because you could easily spend the money elsewhere shoe-wise. You don’t always have to cop because it’s new.

  18. DugLast

    One bright spot: The black/red pair has the best use of Flywire on a JB shoe to date. Other than that, let’s not even call these a new 8. This is a team shoe inspired by the 8 (and they should be priced that way). Retro the real.

  19. my first js were the low top red and white 16s and a pair of team jordans they were white and blue and black and they had like a pause,play and ?rewind button on the back

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