Air Jordan 2010 Dwyane Wade “Red Suede” PE

Air Jordan 2010 Dwyane Wade Red Suede PE

Dwyane Wade?s first steps at Jordan Brand saw more player exclusives than signatures. Unfortunately, this is our first time seeing this Air Jordan 2010 PE. Red suede covers the upper for a Toro Bravo/Raging Bull feel. If worn or released, would these have been the best of the 2010s? Tell us in the comment section.

Air Jordan 2010
Dwyane Wade Red Suede PE

Source: Weekly Drop


  1. Phuchistar says:

    the best.

  2. Amith says:

    Very nice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    those would certainly have been the best 2010s

  4. Soundwave787 says:

    I still cant get over the window… that is garbage! But these do look pretty solid.

  5. T.j. Dunn says:

    this would have made them worth getting…

  6. mader23icp says:

    i got the all blacks like this for work there nice and comfy … these look real tight?

  7. Brian says:

    I would have bought it. That’s awesome!!

  8. Rickiebraden says:

    Hands down

  9. Giovanniholmes says:

    these are fucking nice!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Absolutly the best 2010! These go hard.

  11. Jay_nyc says:

    yeah definitely a cop, just like the 21′s in red suede, straight head turner.

  12. King Nilla says:

    Wow I actually woulda got these. JB release shit like this more often thats worth putting money toward and my money will be flying out my pocket

  13. Anonymous says:

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  14. Eric Fresh says:

    These look high quality too!? DW had better PEs than sig shoes for sure poor guy

  15. “Unfortunately, this is our first time seeing this?Air Jordan 2010?PE.”?

    Why would it be “unfortunate” that we’re just seeing them? Wouldn’t it be more “unfortunate,” had we NEVER seen them? #IJS

  16. Urbandisturbance says:

    Hell yeah I didn’t even buy the 2010′s but I would have lined up for this color way!!! Where can I get a pair!!!!!

  17. Andrew81 says:


  18. jienc says:

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