Nike LeBron 9 "Scarface" Release Date

As the Nike LeBron 9 colorways roll out so do the release dates. After getting a good look at the ?Scarface? makeup yesterday we have both a drop date and a US confirmation. This White/Black-Sport Red version is designed to be worn by LeBron in home games and will release on November 4th. Will you be purchasing? Tell us in the comment section.

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Nike LeBron 9
November 4th, 2011

  • Marv SoAudacious Malivert

    maybe ill get em

  • Marv SoAudacious Malivert

    maybe ill get em

  • Murda


  • Murda


  • devin

    probably the only color way i will get of the lbj 9s

    • Jroc_2009

      these are the only colorway to get bc the rest of them are hideousss!!!

  • Quentin Murphy

    They should make a Lebron 9 “Medellin” in honor of the greastest mobster Vincent Chase aka Pablo Escobar.

  • Joiejldfslfn

    $170? i wonder whos gona pay $170 for that….

  • Coleworld

    cost too much

  • Tyga_style

    Definite cop. BREDs for the win!

  • Riz

    Release on the the same day as 2K12 …….Grippin bought

    • SneakerHead1196

      ?2K12 is October 4, this tuesday, if your talking about NBA

  • Soloallday21

    I’ll just make a pair on nike I.d …..

  • seoulkorea

    $170 wow the 8’s were cheaper than that and they had the full air max, definate pass

  • W_mcfly22

    What home games tho??

  • alidia

    Hel YEE Niq qass!!!!!!

    Finally It Happened…..I got rid of all my ISHHH
    from my cre dit report y’all – I was in deep for 5 years.? Coudn’t buy
    sheeet.? Just approved for that 25k loan to buy a new CAMAARO!!!

    IF YOU GOT PROBLEMS WITH WITH THAT CREDIT REPORTING ISH, GET RID OF DAT MF. Call these people at? 877-647-1477 and GET URS TOO . THEY DO A FAST AND AMAZING JOB AND THEY ARE CHEAP AS HELL.? I just sat and waited and all my garbage got fixed in no time.?

    My homeboy was in terrible
    shape too, and he clean!? Hit em up – they will help!!!!!!?

  • Mf4595

    Maybe if they had Pablo Escabars gun on it… But no cop… Smh

  • Jabando

    Just got em! UnDSin tomorrow am.

  • Guest

    my boyfriend is gone at?bootcamp till november 23rd &&im getting him these the day they come out !! he will love them : )

  • Guest

    not that great…might as well by the kobe 7

  • Andrik78

    I’m 33 years old and been collecting since i was 14 I have worn more originals then most of u who write on this wall most of u are hype beast and don’t know a good shoe when u see one unless someone tell u its hot. The Lebron 8 V2 and Lebron 9 by far are the 2 best new sneakers to come out retros ain’t new just cause they new to u don’t mean they new these joins r nasty I got the Kentucky 9s the shoe is beautiful and the great thing about these shoes they don’t crease so shut and and go cop b4 u regret not getting them 3 years from now unless ur are just a hype beast.