9 Nice 9s: Colorways We’d Like to See on the Nike LeBron 9

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9 Nice 9s: 9 Color Stories We'd Love to See on the Nike LeBron 9

Just days ago, the Nike LeBron 9 was officially debuted. A Zoom Air and Max Air cushioned, Flywire constructed and textile weave sporting sneaker, the latest addition to the LeBron line is Petrie perfection. And though we don?t have an NBA season to look forward to yet, Nike has still teased us with some of the great colorways to anticipate, as well as the news that we?ll be able to design our own.

But what about some of the classic colorways we?ve come to expect from LBJ and the Nike Basketball team? Whether they?ve honored his hometown hoops squad or Crockett and Tubbs? campy 80s careers, color stories make the King?s kicks so much of what they?ve been and will continue to be. So with a little imagination and loads of inspiration, we designed nine LeBron 9s that we?d love to see release soon.

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Nike LeBron 9 “Miami Night”

9 Nice 9s: Nike LeBron 9s We Hope Release

The comments section was on fire when the Miami Night LeBron 8s were first seen, but readers were eventually won over as the splatter-covered kicks began to appear more and more. Certainly, this colorway isn?t for everyone, but Bron?s brand new shoes need a bold start to their NBA-less lifetime.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing Photoshop skills…I hope we see a new inventive color rather than rehashes of all the past colorways. ?Let’s hope that IF there is no NBA, Nike will get even more creative with the CWs, since he won’t be needing to many team CWs.

    1. CJ says:

      Get a yellow and/or orange colorway from the Heat jerseys

  2. kt says:

    All except for the Miami Nights and the Red Carpets gets my co-sign

    1. Timmy912 says:

      what about da lambo colorway n spacejam

  3. T.j. Dunn says:

    just different shades of ugly to me…

    1. Timmy912 says:

      ?red carpet da best pair fuck south beach

  4. GettyCusto says:

    The Knicks colorway should have been Blue / Orange / White. NOT Orange / Blue / White. In reverse t hey would look way better!

  5. Anonymous says:

    what about a 112 cw?

  6. boomshakalacka says:

    all so wack

  7. Ddub says:

    The yankees and knicks cw’s are wack. The rest are good colourways but I won’t be coppin any of the 9′s

  8. Omar Powell says:

    the red carpets….if they looked like that, i might consider investing in the shoe

  9. freeballer says:

    Dunkmans should be mostly black, not white. Those and the Knicks CW, Yankees CW, and Miami Nights were wack IMO.

    And nothing will ever beat South Beach 8′s. No matter what shoe you put that cw on, the 8s will always be the ?best version.

  10. SraowMan Jr. says:

    damn, these photoshops make me want the 9s more and more

  11. R E E says:

    Those Red Carpets were FIRE.?
    The South Beach was HIDEOUS.?
    And The Miami Night was EASIER ON THE EYES than the Miami Night 8.

  12. Anonymous says:

    what an awful start to this feature. Won’t be reading the rest

  13. Letsb8live says:

    Yo stop it with the south beach colorway..if you didn’t get them then move on…I’m tired of heads tryin to put that colorway on every sneaker…I hope lthe lebron line Neva does it again

    1. Exactly! “One and done” please?

  14. pwong. says:

    fuck the south beaches.

  15. why they still tryn to mess wit the southbeach colorway?nothing will match the south beach 8′s..they needa quit tryin

  16. Nike execs are on here taking notes right now!

  17. Nugr0h017 says:

    Where is Entourage cw?

  18. Silentstare says:

    Great colorways but the overall shoe is not that good looking, imo. Great materials and colors are not enough alone to save a shoe. I stopped liking the look of LeBron’s sneakers after the Nike Lebron 4.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well to me, the 6s, 7s and 8s looked doper than the 4s. Even though the 4s were ok too.

    2. Agree the color ways show how lame the shoe is with in its self .

  19. lil b says:

    needs to be a black check on the south beachs

  20. ... says: