All the Way Turned Up: 6 of the Loudest Air Jordans Ever

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Color Feature

The Air Jordan 4 “Doernbecher” is undoubtedly one of most head-turning, eye-opening Air Jordan retro creations we have ever seen. Whether you are into loud sneakers or not, you cannot help but notice and take a second look at designs like the upcoming “Doernbecher” Air Jordan 4. What other Air Jordans belong in the same categories as these? Or do they stand alone in their own department? The answer to the latter question is no. Our staff compiled a list of the loudest, most flamboyant Air Jordans we have ever seen. Would you or have you snagged any one of these designs? Check out our All the Way Turnt Up: 6 of the Loudest Air Jordans Ever feature, and let us know which one intrigues you the most.

Air Jordan 7 “Miro”

Air Jordan 7 "Miro"

Air Jordan 7 "Miro"

Air Jordan 7 "Miro"

Air Jordan 7 "Miro"

Air Jordan 7 "Miro"

Air Jordan 7 "Miro"

Released: July 2008

Although this Air Jordan 7 possesses the international, Olympic spirit, the story behind this unique design answers all of your color and creative design questions. It was specifically inspired by the artistic work of Spanish painter/sculptor Joan Miro who passed a few months before Team USA won the gold medal in the 1984 Olympic games. If you recall, MJ wore the Air Jordan 7 when the Dream Team won the gold medal in Barcelona, Spain, Miro’s hometown.

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  1. Evan Anderson says:

    Of the six I would only wear the DB 1′s.

    1. Timmy912 says:

      i wouldnt wear 1 pair

  2. word is bond says:

    Gotta be the Bin 23 AJ 7s. Feels like somethin Buggin’ Out (from Do The Right Thing) would wear – and thats a good thing

  3. freeballer says:

    Premio 7s are the best of these

  4. Anonymous says:

    Miros arethe hardest! The candy 2′s pack are pretty “loud” too. The dtrt 3′s And some of the spizike models like dtrt,kings county, Blk, volt and purple, etc pair are loud too

    1. Anonymous says:

      Oh yea the lightning 4 are pretty loud too

  5. Case says:

    Those premios are E P I C

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be honest, I’m not too much into the crazy colors with the crazy graphics myself. But I do like those Mr. Boobers though. That’s the only shoe I like in the whole group.

  7. Anonymous says:

    miros over everything

  8. i would have put the dtrt 3′s in the list but out of these the doernbecher 1′s are the dopest and loudest for sure

  9. WZA says:

    I only like the DB 1s & Miro 7s

  10. Omar Powell says:

    the miro 7s, bin 7s, wings 1s and db 1s…loud for good reasons. db 4s….all the wrong reasons

  11. Soundwave787 says:

    Im not a fan of any of these.

  12. yinan says:

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  13. Dave White 1s for the win, with those Doernbecher IVs a close second

  14. nikes21242 says:

    DB 4s are a discrase to JB. smh big time

    1. Guest says:

      Maybe you mean disgrace??

  15. KCK4241 says:

    Think Pink is another one

  16. Anonymous says:

    I would say the red 5s from the Raging Bull Pack or the red suede 21s should have made the list, and the Leroy Smiths aren’t actually that loud.

  17. i love my bins ! #SolesOverHoes

  18. Eric Fresh says:

    I love the Miros.? Some of the Vs are pretty loud like inside of the del sols and accents on the green beans.? And the green & orange colorway is just strange.

  19. Jaesun Kim says:

    every pair of J’s in this article are SUPER WACK,?

  20. Straight wackness, I wouldn’t wear a pair of these even if they give me money