Air Jordan 4 White/Cement Grey Release Date

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Air Jordan 4 White/Cement Grey Release Date

2011 is still full of great releases, but today we?re looking ahead to 2012. The Air Jordan 4 White/Cement Grey will be making a return for the first time since 1999. While official images or good sample shots still await us, we can confirm that these will release on February 18th, of 2012. Are these a must buy? Multiple pairs, perhaps? Tell us in the comment section.

Air Jordan 4
White/Cement Grey
February 18, 2012

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98 Comments on "Air Jordan 4 White/Cement Grey Release Date"

  1. Evan Anderson

    I hate to trip over the $160 price tag… but damn. ?On the other hand, I love these shoes, so I absolutely have to do it anyway if the quality is acceptable.

  2. miekko

    thank you lord thank u jesus. i love my woman with all of my heart, but im coppin these shits first. i will make it up to her ass later…this is a top 5 shoe, and i been talking about these since they first brought em back up, so she will understand lmao *the life of a sneakerhead*

      • Politicsisusual

        still doesnt tell me how many times theyve been retrod my dude…SINCE 99 means they could have been retrod before 99 also…they were in do the right thing which came out in 89..thats 10 years in between….and to the people that liked what this?dick wad?said…?ignorance?is bliss

        • Ol'head

          99 was the only time they were retroed. Other than that, only the OGs were released. Don’t get rude with people when you don’t know your sh*t either. Anyway, it’s just shoes, chill..

        • Are you serious?

          It should be pretty obvious how many times these retroed, in between 1989/1990 and 1999, if they were still making other numbered Jordan sneakers DURING that period (while MJ was with the Bulls).?

          They weren’t doing “retro” Jordans until 1999, after MJ’s second retirement. “first time since 1999″ means they haven’t been retroed! Common Sense much?


    If these come out with similar quality to the OG’s, they are a must cop 2 pair. If the cement looks suspect like the previous pictures, I might cop 1 pair or pass.

  4. Chargers012

    Are this a must buy? It shouldn’t even be a question every retro Jordan release is a must cope unless they change the look of em

  5. Chargers012

    I dnt trip over shoe prices cuz we r u in a hard economy so everything is expensive everybody want to make profits. My spending limit of shoes is $260 anything behind that it’s a no cop for show

  6. steelorillo

    Love the shoes I bet the quality sucks just like the rest of the retros. I bet they feel like rocks on da feet. Stick to ogs if anything kids. I have posted all my resent purchases on craigslist, as you should. Rip ajb.

      • Blah_blah_bl

        do the right thing and keep fillin’ up Jordan’s account. 160+ for these? and you want several? read it costs 6 bucks total for materials and labor for a pair. He’s gettin’ his and the rest of you are gettin’ jammed…

  7. King Hemingway

    I highly doubt that the air jordan IV White Cement will look anything like the Retro 99′ pair. no “Nike Air”, I think they will resemble the AJ IV “Tour” LS. of that’s the case, no cop saving money for grails.

  8. Dashon Davis

    Seems like i might pass up the Chicago X’s just so i can get my hands on these instead lol. Although for $160 that clearly a obvious rip-off IMO especially since we all know that Nike rather go for quantity (Money, sales revenue, etc) over quality nowadays.

  9. 1989. 2nd Grade. These were Young Antboogie’s first pair of J’s. My big brother bought them for me with his money from his Burger King job. I remember being in school and I couldn’t stop staring at ‘em.?

  10. Bxconductor

    @Darnell, dude doesn’t need to know shit about useless facts such as how many times a pair of Jordans have been retroed. Not everyone on Nice Kicks is a historian of some useless sneaker facts ( yeah that’s gonna get you far ). Loser

  11. Anonymous

    (2) pair, both to rock. Done!

    Damn, that’s 2 days after mom’s birthday. She might have to understand. Hmmmm?

  12. Anthonymcknn1

    dnt like the grey. should of left them og red. if copped i wnt wear these i would put the in a display box!!!!!!!

  13. sneakerhead4life

    these are my holy grails. will def be coppin, but what is the best reason i could use to get two pair ? my wife wont trip on me coppin one pair? even at 160 but two pair .i must find a way and i will or just get a dam divorce lol !!!!!!!

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