Nike LeBron 9

The Nike LeBron 9 has been the talk of the town this summer. From the Nike LeBron 9 “Miami Hurricanes” to the Nike LeBron 9 “China”, this performance based, trend-setting silhouette has gradually grown in hype this summer. Today, new images of a possible home colorway have surfaced. This pair features a clean white leather upper that is paired with black accents on the Flywire, weave panel, and on the unique lace lockdown harness at the midfoot. The outsole is a combination of red and white solid rubber, which is matched perfectly with LeBron’s signature on the tongue. Stay tuned to Nice Kicks for more release information.

Nike LeBron 9 "Home"

Nike LeBron 9 "Home"

Source: Weibo

  • Lionel Cook

    The China ones are dope, but that’s where it stops.

    • Timmy912

      na i wouldnt wear da china pair to bright but them white lebrons r better then the black red pair

    • Sdot

      all 3 of deez shitz is wick wick wack

  • Darius Colon

    Not better than the China’s but better than the black and red ones.

  • Marv SoAudacious Malivert

    even tho im a lebron fan… the 7s and the 8s are the only ones that were hot… the 9s are ugly…

    • Timmy912

      ?i think the six is the best pair n thr great for ballin in

    • Armando Alcantara

      4s hands down best LBJ

  • les

    ver 2 pls

  • wat

    As expected, the 9s are growing on me.

    • Soundwave787

      These 9s are growing on me as well but I still dont see me wearing them. I just dont look at them anymore and judge.

  • Sambo02

    Ch Ch Ch China … Lol… Gotta love The LION tough

  • Jmmuraira

    You guys are crazy the 9 is a dope shoe just not one you can wear out with the crew, it’s just a basketball shoe this time. you could rock them out but it just won’t be as nice as the 7 or 8 lbjs. Im buying though!?

  • Jedi knight

    These are the best lebrons ever period ! The home colorway is the best !

    • Anonymous

      You gotta wear them first though.

  • SneakerHead1196

    all you guys gotta remember Nike gotta make a shoe to support a 6’8″ 250lb man

  • Hazordous4200

    Those china’s look better here cause the look sky blue and yellow not sly blue and orange like they really are

  • MZA

    The whites are my fav pair. Def Cop on those.

  • Ace Cherry

    these are ok….performance wise they might be dope

  • sneaks

    The home and china CW’s look pretty good, I just hope this is one of those shoes that looks better in person

  • eazymc

    lebron best shoes are the 3’s ans the 20-5-5 Period no Discussion

  • baisa

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  • Conor Levey

    This white pair is my favorite yet! Might have to pick those up, unless the V2s are just insane.

  • Evan Anderson

    I would wear any of the three pairs without reservation, and I will go out of my way to get the China’s if I have to.

  • that1guy

    I’m feeling the white ones, & the China pair more than the black pair, but this shoe is still a step in the wrong direction LeBron.