Nike Air Max 95 360

Nike Air Max 95 360

Seen for the first time is the Nike Air Max 95 360. Cut from the same cloth as the Air Max 24-7, this Air Max hybrid pairs a full-length 360 Air Unit with retro design. An Air Max 95 inspired upper drops suede and mesh in favor of advanced materials for lighter weight and a futuristic feel. Look for these four colorways to release next summer.

Nike Air Max 95 360
Dark Grey/Wolf Grey/Anthracite/Volt 511307-060
Black/Anthracite/Cool Grey/Sport Red 511307-061
Wolf Grey/Neutral Grey/Dark Grey/Vivid Orange 511307-080
White/Neutral Grey/Anthracite/Dark Grey 511307-101
Summer 2012

Nike Air Max 95 360

Nike Air Max 95 360 Black/Anthracite/Cool Grey/Sport Red

Nike Air Max 95 360

Nike Air Max 95 360 Wolf Grey/Neutral Grey/Dark Grey/Vivid Orange

Nike Air Max 95 360

Nike Air Max 95 360 White/Neutral Grey/Anthracite/Dark Grey


  1. TJ SACCO says:

    The grey ones are clean

  2. Leonidas says:

    all look like fakes -___-

    This is some kind of unfunny joke …. nike pleaseeee

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why did they fool with what worked? Would it really be that hard to put the current 360 sole on the 95 upper the way they did with the One Time Only pack?

  4. fucdapolice says:

    $170!?!?! What are these Air Max 95′ foams…FOHWTBS!

  5. Upsilon says:

    worked with the neon 24/7s… not so much here

  6. Soundwave787 says:

    That 360 sole costs $$ mane. Everything with that sole goes for rape. They will go on sale for $129. I like how when a new model comes out and no one has seen it before, it looks fake. Nike cant live in the past forever and just drop retros.

    1. you’re right.? nike can’t just drop retros forever.? which is why they need to develop brand new shit….not fuse two older shoes together to form something pseudo-new that looks ugly.?

      on the bright side it’s probably hella comfortable

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. thuglife187 says:

    actually i think these are pretty dope, not for all that $ though.?

  9. Anonymous says:

    didnt booyleggers already have this idea?

  10. A Pimp Named Slickback says:

    Maybe Nike’s gonna end up putting these on the bottom of every shoe, including Jordans, so all those fakes won’t even be that fake anymore. God forbid.?

  11. Monmonase says:

    not good

  12. Evan Anderson says:

    What an absolute joke. ?These are like the shoes in the pictures that fake girls on Facebook tag you in.

  13. Belikediesel says:

    when people comment they act like they have no choice in buying these like they have to

  14. Wth says:

    Wackest shit ever! Stop now Nike..just stop

  15. Anonymous says:

    The black and reds are dope, but at 175, I would rather buy the cool grey Griffey Jrs

  16. Anonymous says:

    Nike are “descarados” ugly ass future looking 95′s… 170 they can suck it!

  17. nice page very happy with what youve done