Great Scott! Look at all of those pairs of the Nike MAG.


Nike MAG video by Nice Kicks

  • Antonio

    Is this real life?!?!

    • Anonymous

      ,,woww,. I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail pr?ces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
      I use EgoW?

    • Martymcfly

      Yes this is.?

    • Adf

      It’s not real it’s a computer animation don’t be a dullard?

    • Jonne Backhaus

      is this just fantasy…

      • Jimbob

        Caught in a landslide

  • Stickie213

    Oh my GAwd

  • Chris Stephenson


  • Bahcil Dargan

    omfg dd they actually make em

  • Imnotchillwill

    First. Lol. nah, nah. But man, if these are 1K, I will still cop.?

    • R B

      they are more than that…depending on the auctions…some ?brit rapper just ?shelled out $37,000

  • Imnotchillwill

    I’m hoping $700 though, $700 would be way cooler.?

  • JacobMcfly

    > YEEZY 2s

  • word is bond

    Oh fuck!
    *Grabs tent & sleeping bag*

  • Balhhh

    shit just got real

  • SwooshInsider

    Yall peep who is on david letterman tomorrow? #BTTF

    • Edner

      who is ? (i don’t want tv)

      • SwooshInsider

        michael J fox

        • freeballer

          Awwwwwwwww snap

    • Jeremy Calton

      You have to understand that some of us are old enough to remember Michael J Fox on Letterman telling people that hoverboards were real, but that parent watchdog groups wouldn’t let them on the market because they were too dangerous.

      So you have to understand some of us are rightfully worried think this is some really cruel joke on Generation X.

  • Jon Breaker


  • Anonymous

    Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my shirt.

  • Bill

    Let the hype begin. You niggas act like you can afford them.

  • MoonMann23

    And for the low price of 800+ dollars they could be yours

  • Biff


  • Jayff

    When Where?

  • Simon Wade

    Great Scott!

  • Teekay


  • Shomari Tomlinson

    this isn’t real. it looks computer rendered

    • Wolfbastard

      You are sad.

  • freeballer

    I…..I…..I came buckets…..

  • Miles

    i’ll sell me arm for a pair of these?

    • Zumieznoskate

      But how would you then lace your new sho…. Oh wait…

      • Wayne Roberts


    • ReyRey305

      I’m prepared to give away my less-sperm producing testicle for these! I hope and pray to god that I can cop at least two pairs and one more for a trophy

      • T Phillips


  • Anonymous

    This is something I would expect from Mircosoft or Apple but Holy $#!T

  • Edner

    tha cray?

    • Jmac

      That shit cray

  • DCast

    No one born after 1989 (BTTF2) should be allowed to buy these. Stick to your JBs kids.

    • A Pimp Named Slickback

      fuck off I’ll cop two pair so you cant have any?

      • DCast

        lol someone’s mad.

        • freeballer

          But thats mad dumb to say someone who wasnt around to see BTTF2 release “shouldnt be allowed” to cop these.

          • Topher A. White

            Pretty sure he was joking. Why so serious? lol

          • freeballer

            Nothing to suggest he was.

        • A Pimp Named Slickback

          nahh not mad just sayin you shouldnt be saying age should be a factor in buying kicks

          • DevinThomas

            FUCK OFF ill stop fuckin yo mom for these THIS SHIT IS CRAAAAAAAAAAAZY

      • Bill

        I don’t think your mommy will give you that money.

    • Mr.M

      I was born in 1990 and I had all 3 of the movies on VHS as a kid and I loved the show so for an idiot like yourself to cast judgement you must be an idiot. People can be a fan of something regardless of age. End of.

      • DCast

        lol @ everyone

    • Hggjavh

      This dcast niggas a lame

    • Quentin Davis

      I’m sorry this is bigger then OG JBs i must have these?

  • Jakeg70

    i think im dreaming..

  • Daden Dayes

    fo sure – this is an easy COPP !!!?

  • C_rizzel56

    Yooooooo could it be…..

  • Edner

    no gas tho .. a lot of people who were born when the movie came out … (1986) are gonna look kinda goofy walking around with some damn light up kicks . tough, but let the kiddies have it?

    • dunks_N_jays

      thats what im saying….i dont even want to see dudes that are 25 years old in these…i dont care

  • Jus’ Sayin’

    That can’t be real, simply because Nike loves to limit pretty much any shoe worth having, usually beyond reason. ?I wouldn’t be surprised if they only sell 1.21 units so they could have some goofy number reference.

  • Scotty

    ok who broke into my closet

  • Tavaine Whyte

    Looks like I’m gonna have get that new job now.?

  • freeballer

    Seems like they are going to release THIS year

  • Aol

    I deadass jizzed my pants seeing this

  • Anonymous

    Boiiooioiiioooiiioooiioinnnnnngggg (Boner popping sound effect)

  • PBS the Photographer

    I just went from six to midnight!

  • Darnell Yancey

    If this was all animated, I’m strangling a motherfucker!!

  • Anonymous

    Kicks look like they came out of a astronaut’s walk-in closet within ‘Portal.’ ?Now this is what Michael Jackson envisioned with the term “Moon-walking.”

  • Samuel

    excuse my ignorance, but what’s so great about these?

    • Darnell Yancey

  • Sneakerhead2320

    I will fly anywhere to camp out these.. & I will pay anything for these… I have the funds & I can do that!! This is a part of my childhood that I never thought we’d see if my lifetime….?

  • Darnell Yancey


    LeBron 9 Low “Triple Threat”


  • BackToTheeOddFuture


  • Ell

    This? blew my mind

  • Luke Jacomb

    Nekk minute….

  • Willh8807

    alright, call me crazy. But I literally just counted there is 820 pairs shown in that video lol just sayin

  • WZA

    Its gonna be end of the world in 2015, only gotta wait like 4 more years….

  • mcfly

    woah this is heavy

  • Laurent Bayard

    Oh my god !!! Tell me this isn’t real ?!

  • Excelcheater

    I suspect the numbers on the readout is how many pairs of shoes have either a completely drained/charged battery. ?I recall the patent application having a diagram of a plug-in charging station for the shoes meaning that most likely these run on rechargeable batteries. ?You’ll notice that on each shelf/rack there are 10 pairs of shoes – 5 in front & the 5 in back. ?As you’re walked along the shelves you’ll notice some of the shoes have lights that are blinking red and the soles aren’t lit up. ?I think the green/yellow/red lights indicate charge level of the battery with blinking red meaning it’s near empty. ?I recall the patent application having a diagram of a plug-in charging station for the shoes meaning that most likely these run on rechargeable batteries. ?The numbers on the shelves only read either a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 and each shelf has 2 readouts which leads me to believe one is for the rear set of shoes & another for the front. ?No secret codes here.

    • Laurent Bayard

      I suspect that you’re maybe right !?

    • Darnell Yancey

      Why was so much of your post, identical in both halves, just slightly reworded? LMAO

    • Anonymous

      the batteries are rechargeable with a plug-in adapter… the lights last for about 5 hours. they blink red when they’re charging and go green when they are done.

  • Anonymous

    sweet… do they come with a hoverboard?

  • Venosaddict

    i shall be copping these! im old skool like the movies, me and my homies grew up with this hsit, as soon as i hit the seen with these sneaks ngas gna be like, back to the future?!?! gtfoh!!!! pure nostalgia for the old skool sneakrheads

  • Zeno

    i’d sell my family for those kicks

  • Jamel Shepard

    ?EPIC. A must cop, its only the most anticipated sneaker, EVER.

  • matthew

    Man, gotta get that money right, straight cash homie. ?id drop a stack quick

  • BobbyLight

    Its all a digital make up in the video.? Nicely done though.

  • Wolfbastard

    Yeah these are gonna be pricey );

  • alex rivera

    i sett to pay a G for these idgaf 😀

  • dunks_N_jays

    guys stop saying you will pay mad money….nike reps and other people in their marketing department fuel off of hearing this, hype kills and also raises the money on shoes…ex. the yeezys…

  • Jay3

    Anyone know where or how these will be released?

  • Paul Trucker

    this is heavy

  • Irene Niculae

    If the Nike sales people have ANY common sense, they will not limit this release the way they do others, lest they’re ignorant of the GOLD MINE they’re sitting on. COME ON ALREADY! the majority of the marketing was already done via the movies XD

  • frankie23


  • Shaw ColesWorld

    lls they look like you go to charge them up , one of them on the lower left was on its last battery

  • Anonymous

    Why do I feel like a lot of people believed that video was real?

  • BackToKindness

    People are starving, dying, suffering…some just for a lack of the simplest meds like Aspirin…and you’d all pay anything for a pair of shoes made by slave labor in China…this page is full of American Idiots.?