Nike Air Mag aka “Marty McFly shoes” First Look

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Nike Air Mag "Marty McFly's" First Look

From the video we posted a few minutes ago we snagged some high resolution screen shots to give you a good look at the upcoming Nike Air Mag aka Marty McFly shoes.

Stay tuned for more updates on the unveiling of this epic shoe.

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232 Comments on "Nike Air Mag aka “Marty McFly shoes” First Look"

    • Anonymous

      ,,wow,. I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail pr?ces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
      I use EgoW?

    • Anonymous

      ,,wow,. I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail pr?ces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
      I use EgoW?

    • Anonymous

      ,,wow,.. I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail pr?ces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
      I use EgoW?

      • Anonymous

        Hmm. Drug Dealers have alot of money. They also like expensive things to wear. You need alot of money to get and wear these sneaks that are EXPENSIVE. Get the joke now, Dipshit

    • Anonymous

      You said it best my friend. Shit I seen this movie many times as a kid and I barely remember the shoes. Yet I haven’t seen the movie in well over 15 years. But I see how all the youngens are gonna by hyping these

      • Anonymous

        This couldn’t be any more truer. ?It’ll be interesting to me to see how this all plays out and how much ‘hyping’ will take place.

    • dee

      is this a serious question?????
      Like mcflys are gonna ever retro agian. like we havent been waiting years for this sneakers.your the dumbest dumb ever.

    • billbixby219

      This tells you the sad state of the country. A bunch of “geeks” or “goblins” or whatever these snapback wearing kids will run around in women’s skinny jeans and mcflys, ill take my 501s and concords (and last shots) all day.

      • Wolfbastard

        Well aren’t you a taste less fag. Your comment tells me the sad state of the country. You gotta a bunch of tasteless, outdated, generalizing guys here too narrow to give something potentially kickass a chance.

      • Guest

        Goddamn you are fucking stupid. ?Take your worthless opinions elsewhere and eat shit while you are at it you dipshit.

  1. Bronxzfinestz

    95% of the hypebeast lining up right now as we speak have never watched back to the future 2 nor were they even thought of being produced when the movie came out Smh they’ll be the first to cop and want to trade or flip smh. I already know the madness for these plus you already know nike will make these just like the yezzy(impossible to get unless you put aside your priorities and camp out) I loved these as a kid while I watched the movie and would love a pair however I know it won’t happen

  2. Shomaritomlinson

    I’m 18 and I can admit that I’m a hypebeast. I’ve seen BTTF like 20 times and I never thought this shoe would come out. I’m going to miss college classes to get these, I’m willing to wait these are ill. It’s gonna be hard not to wear them everyday

  3. Eric

    So cause I’m young and didn’t “dream” of this shoe coming out, I’m a hypebeast? Lol grown men acting like fools. Maybe the shoe is just cool, doesnt mean we’re hypebeasts.

  4. this is real? i can’t believe this sh*t. copping a pair but never rocking em. maybe once but this just cuz back to the future was such a epic movie. every kid growing up (not born) in the 90s wanted those nikes. and that car. i hope the price isn’t too high but ima try and cop.?

    • Izzybrexx

      “Copping a pair but never rocking them??”…what’s the point then dork…at least double up…hypebeast sneaker geeks!

  5. Z00mz00m04

    if you cop these and don’t wear em, I hope you end up losing your feet down the line. Seriously, same principal as buying a ferrari or fast car but not ever driving it. simply stupid. cop to rock

  6. Soundwave787

    I cant believe NIKE is actually producing these shoes!! I really hope they dont way over price these, they will go for rape but I hope its not a house payment.

      • Squibbo

        Rough calculation – looks like there’s 1140 pairs shown (12 pairs on a shelf, 5 shelves per section, looks like 19 sections). That being said, who knows how many of these will actually hit the streets…or if there could even be more.

        • JJ

          The shelves on the side only have 8 pairs per shelf.? So that should bring it down to 820.? But that’s just in the video.? They may release more.

  7. Lightfoot1990

    I’ll be honest with u guys, I didn’t grow up watching Back To The Future, BUT!! These shoes are something!!

  8. geebower

    dont get me wrong, i love these shoes and the idea of them, but you are going to look like and idiot wearing these around town

  9. im 17 right now and ive first seen this movie on vhs when i was a little tot and it changed my life forever. ive since wanted these shoes, the hoverboard, and the fitted jacket. if i dont get these shoes….i will be deeply crushed.

  10. Johnny D

    I agree with the earlier comment.? Those who would really appreciate this shoe probably have jobs and lives which would preclude them from waiting in line / camping out for these shoes.? Those who will have the time to camp out for these shoes are probably just some hypebeast.? Nice product, Nike, but… SMH!
    On that note, I would definitely love to own a pair (and would if the distribution channels would be easily accessible) but I am unwilling to prioritize these above my job, wife, and kids…

    • Bronxzfinestz

      i glad i see someone feels the same way. I too am married,work and have a child and will not loose sleep,work or my family for some shoes

  11. freeballer

    Did anyone catch the led numbers in the last few seconds of the video? They were at the corners of the shelf at about when this screenshot was taken, if it panned out a bit more you’d see them. Does anyone know what those red led numbers mean?

    • Anonymous

      Yup! ?They look like the LED lights used in the Delorian in the movie. ?No idea what the significance of the numbers are, but am SO excited

  12. Arronmay24

    Pretty sure these are the dumbest shoes I’ve ever seen in my life. They look like someone made them out of freak clay. Waste of money in my opinion

  13. Anonymous

    NK, thx for the updates.

    And see … bitch, moan, and complain and someone is bound to take notice–delayed as it may be.


  15. Guest

    I’m 18, I havent met another person around my age who truly appreciates the classics like BTTF, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Blade Runner, Goodfellas, etc. And I’m definetly buying these because I love the series. Am I hypebeast Now?

    • shoehead21

      na yo i give you clearance lol jk hypebeast is someone who is ACTING and FOLLOWING only get a shoe because you like them or see the significance in? them ( or with anything your buying) never waste your money

  16. Anonymous

    uhhhhhhh Speechless. I will wear these while I sleep. Back to the Future and Star Wars are the only DVD sets I own. I have dreamed for this day to happen.

  17. Sneakerhead2320

    Big Shout out to them cats at Nice Kicks for being on top of the game and providing us Sneakerheads with this awesome info..?

    I was at Nice Kicks this past weekend & talked to Greg & the crew.. even bought a Nice Kicks shirt to represent & rock with my Blake Griffins…?

  18. Dnnytamayo

    This confirms you plus a guest for the September 8, 2011 unveiling, we look forward to seeing you.

    The Montalb?n
    1615 Vine Street
    Hollywood, CA 90028


    Drop-Off and Pick-Up:
    Located on the parking lot at the north west corner of Selma and Vine, just south of The Montalb?n.
    Please have the driver enter through the east driveway and exit through the west driveway.

    Located on the south east corner of Selma Ave. and Vine St.
    Please enter the lot through the Vine St. entrance where an attendant will check you in.

    Invite is personal and nontransferable. Photo ID required at check-in.
    Please arrive early for parking and check-in. ?Admission is first-come, first served and based upon capacity.

    Just got conformation to go !

  19. Anonymous

    i got the perfect jacket to go with them.dropped 700$ for. one of a kind just like tha mcflys. but yo tha mcflys give me a visual orgasm

  20. mr.mcfly

    i think this is going to be a general release ,, alot of hype but everyone in the streets will be getting these ,, u are going to be seeing lights on the floor every were u walk at night … ill defenetly cop for collection .. best believe they are NOT going to retro these?

  21. If you look at the back of the Nike Mags…u see three lights (yellow, orange, and red) …but some of them have blinking red lights on them…I wonder if those lights are a battery indicator…just a thought…plus in the movie, they travel to the future and the date is Oct. 21st, 2015…now i wonder if these will release on Oct. 21st of this year, which falls on a Friday…and also i wonder if they will be limited to 2015 pairs…

  22. Hunt160

    The Back to the Future trilogy is my favorite set of movies. And to think, I almost bought the replica movie prop version of these off eBay, now Nike is about to release them with all the bells and whistles. Thank you Nike, it’s about time!

  23. hissupergirl

    … I’maa cop these for sure!! Gotta keep my man freshh to death with his shoe game & this is the perfect gift!? :)? And seriously whoever that was up there ^^ that asked if it came down to the Concords or The McFlys, Which ones do you get.. Does the word DEADSTOCK mean anything to you?? Anything at alllll? I’m just saying. But for real if you’re on your shoe game (weather you’re just a hypebeast or you’re a true sneakerhead) then you’d cop both! Also you never cop’em and then not rock’em. You ALWAYS rock’em at least once in a spot where you know you’re gonna be seen rockin’em. Lol everybody knows you gotta look fresh from the shoes UP!!! Its Sneakerhead 101. ;)

  24. Ctjounin

    *preparin for a bashin* honestly arent the hypebeast the ppl who keep sayin they’ll buy the shoe because of the movie? The shoes are ok but the only reason they got any type of positive recognition is because of bttf 2 otherwise no one would care for these…?

    • RobbDizzle

      Stupid. Here’s your bashing: the only reason they EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE is because of the movie. What the hell else reason WOULD there be to buy them? Who do you think Nike had in mind when they designed them? If the movie never had these in them, nobody would even know what they are, let alone be hyping them. For fucks sake think about what you’re saying before you say it.?

      • Ctjounin

        umm i did and u jus proved my point smh the shoes couldve been made without the movie ever existing but the same ppl who sayin must cop would bash anybody who liked them so to buy a shoe for publicity is no different from being a so called *hypebeast* tho i do thank u for helpin prove my point?

        • Alexis St Marthe

          Omg u r rite dis shit is wack as hell n idk wat da fuk is wrng wit ppl 4 wantin 2 buy dem… dey mite hav been kool in da movie but dey r a sad copy in real life n if u got sumtin 2 say bout dis den put up ?or shut da fuk up

  25. Serg_fon

    why is a lot of you dudes talking SMACK! if you a true Sneakerhead you know this is a dream come true, since 1989 we have been thinking what will happen if those come out, and have also send email to nike from a fan website including myself to realese these. must have!!

    • lil b

      A “true Sneakerhead” buys what he likes. They don’t just follow the hype. You can’t make a bold statement like that, claiming if you’re a sneaker head you’re basically obligated to like these. gtfoh

    • Being a “True Sneakerhead” has nothing to do with liking these, I’m sorry, but these are far from a “Dream Come True” to me. Realistically speaking, without the legacy of the movie how many people would buy these? They are not that dope at all! That’s just my opinion.?

  26. Vaughn Young

    OH. MY. LORD…



  27. Iwashington87

    I love all the BTTF’s! I hope they release these is GS sizes…… All the people that GREW up in the 80’s and 90’s, stand up!

  28. Desp1

    I am really hoping these are not a super QS exclusive limited half a pair each customer deal lol. Cause if these do drop say at $250-300 a pop i will def cop. Have been waiting for these for years, ever since i saw BTTF way back when it came out.

  29. uncle joe

    ?I really hate a lot of you commentators. I’m of age for BTTF and? I personally don’t like these from the screen shots, and to each his own if you do.

  30. shoehead21


  31. Anonymous

    A shoe with 22 years of hype behind it………….. will be interesting. I will find some way to cop though

  32. Hutchi03

    Most of the people on this post including myself might not be able to afford this shoe. Come on now lets be realistic u think Nike would make this widely available to the public..? Hell NO!
    Especially if they include the self lacing system and who knows what kind of futuristic things will come packaged with the box. This shoe Gunna cost alot so get saving.

    • Anonymous

      And you really give 2 shits on what people think of you. Scared of the Fashion Police? I am going to wear the shit out of these.

  33. Anonymous

    And you really give 2 shits on what people think of you. Scared of the Fashion Police? I am going to wear the shit out of these.

  34. Scott

    Me myself I’m a huge Back to the future fan especially the 2nd one.So I have to find a way to get these.
    Also I think it would be dope if they made a replica of the hoverboard to include in a limited package
    like Nike did with the skate deck included with the Blue Lobster Sbs.

  35. Ian

    I’m a huge Back to the Future fan, grew up in the ’80’s and a sneaker collector. While I would definitely jump at the chance to buy these just for the exclusivity and the forward thinking in the design and functionality, there is no way I would wear these shoes in an everyday setting. It would be like wearing a rain boot. Would you say without question that if you were able to get these that you would rock them?

  36. John

    I’m 30, and have grown up w/ all 3 of the movies. But seriously, kill that noise about ‘kids these days don’t know what’s up.’ this isn’t about how old or nostalgic you are. Just be happy the sneakers are (hopefully) coming out. And I hope one of these ‘kids’ snags your pair up from under you at the retailer. That is all.

  37. The shoes look cool and they represent an iconic movie, but to actually step outside of your house with these is foolish. But hey, to each his own. I just fell like you should like shoes because you like the style, not because of who wore them. Cuz yall know if BTTF never came out and Nike dropped these for $300 or whatever the price is, yall would be crapping all over this thread.

  38. Anonymous

    This is the best day of my adult life! ?Been waiting a LONG time for these to be released. ?Really hope they aren’t overpriced and extremely limited. ?But they will be :(

  39. Andymilo

    honestly…you will look like a clown wearing these!

    Im not saying that these arent classics, in fact they are one of the most innovative concepts nike has ever created…but an average person rocking these would look straight dumb…if youre not marty mcfly, then you shouldnt be rocking these….just my opinion

  40. Rebelmindz

    im hooking up the flux capacitor in my car as we speak ,THEY got em in the nike store in Hill valley mall i will be posting my video on youtube as soon as i get back from the future ……

  41. The price on these are going to be above $550, im sure. Because you cant even get a pair of the BTTF2 Hyperdunks that came out a few years ago for less than $1500 now. It will be interesting to see how Nike chooses the marketing plan for this product.

  42. These are NOT dope, when you remove the “Back To The Future” association from the sneaker and see it for what it really is (Hype) you’ll get back to appreciating real dope sneaker designs like the Air Jordan III or the Jordan XI. These here are shin-high Nike space boots and honestly most people “Jizzing their pants” over CG footage of a shoe is just following the hype. You can’t honestly look at these and say they look good, I wont believe you.

  43. Hutchi03

    Reebok BAck! I sed reebok back!
    These joints look like a higher high top of the kamakaze’s not feeling these at all these look like they can only be rocked wid slim/skinny jeans coz if u cover up the shoes it’ll look silly.

  44. Muffnman707

    Wow! The two things I enjoy most. First Back to the Future is my favorite movie franchise & to see these come out is a dream come true. Although I wasn’t born in the 80’s I still have love for these. I have to come out of sneaker retirement just to get em.

    For those saying “is this forreal?”, it. The patent plans show for an autolock lacing system like in the movie and with working lights & the box doubles as a charging stand. This is definitely a game innovator & changer.

    For those saying they “whack” obviously lack the sufficient knowledge as to the culture & nostalgic importance of these kicks. So go back to your overpriced, crappy material retros.

    For those who are on the same page as me, the hype is gonna be ridiculous just the fact they’re a new Nike. If there’s any kid under the age of 18 in line proceed to kick them out lol

    But in all love & seriousness, hopefully I’m able to cop these. The rumored retail is around $1000 so start saving like $25 a month. I’m beyond excited for these!

    • History and technology aside, is the design of this shoe hot? Answer from a standpoint of a consumer, not from the standpoint of someone saying they’re hot because the shoe can lace itself. The overall design is absurd, the shoe goes up to your shin, what could you possibly wear these with? $1000 for some shoes that look like crap just because you seen them in “Back To The Future”, how much would you pay for some “Boyz In The Hood” house shoes?

  45. Wolfbastard

    GREAT SCOTT!!!!!

    Also to the guy below hating on geeks and “goblins” whatever the fuck that is, fuck you man. Go and fuck a cactus. These shoes look fly you sir are too vanilla to rock em.

  46. Guest

    Maybe if Will Smith remade Back to the Future 2 all these youngtards would know what movie these shoes actually came from. Not that the movie EVER needs to be remade, or that youngtards with skinny jeans need to EVER wear these.

    • Ctjounin

      as said before its either skinny or slim jeans the point is to c the whole shoe if its covered up u jus got a big ass pair of gray lite up shoes which then you would look even dumber for wearin lik that so i assume ur the type that would do the latter…?

  47. Tmcrich

    I’m 18 but I love 80s movies, so much talent went into them. Especially the BTTF future trilogy I’ve seen them over 30x I want a goddamn Delorian for Christ sake lol but did
    I think I’d see this day hell no. The future is finally here. People hating just don’t get that, this isn’t just another shoe, this will change the shoe game forever. Nike Mags are here people wether you digg em or not. In the words of the Doc “You’re about to see some serious shit!”

  48. Largemargemusic3

    I have to have them I been looking for them since 2006 thanks if it’s real if not I will find them myself

  49. New Skool

    the only reason there’s so much hype over these is?because?they were in Back to the Future. I’m not trying to bash the auto lace?system?because?that is worth some hype but the look is?horrendous; they look like combat boot. I bet there gonna b bulky as hell and easily damaged.

  50. Anonymous

    AGghhhh YES. Wanted these ever since I was a kid!!! Probably gonna have to pay out the nose, but it’s worth it to have a piece of my childhood dreams.

  51. Twin Pines Mall

    I think anyone who signed that fools petition to Nike a while back should get first dibs…I’m waiting…

  52. SamuraiMo

    I love how every faggot here only insults and acts like a Black-nerd-gangsta that owns the internetz or something xD


    Iam copping but don’t think I can wear them outside of my house. But def. Trynna get my hands on a pair as long as I don’t have to lose my job camping out for them

  54. Evilmookie

    It’s simple.? Start a petition.? We want the shoes and Nike wants money.? The internet can be a very valuable resource in situations like this.? Besides why doesn’t Nike just mass produce the shoe and give some of the proceeds to Michael’s Foundation (a win win situation).? Speak up people and hopefully Nike will listen.? If they made 1500 they have to be semi-easy to manufacture in mass quantity.? A petition is the answer my futuristic footwear loving friends.

  55. Nonyabizzness

    the joints ugg as hell i guess yall can rock em wit yo skinny jeans and a snapback yall just some D riders

  56. thissucks

    I give up. Good bye Nike McFly dream shoes. These are atrocious & they’re going to cost a grip. Nobody wants the EXACT shoe from the movie.?I figured Nike would at least?make a more modernized version of the shoe?we’ve been waiting years for with powers laces & little flashing lights. How difficult is that? Whatever that was they realeased a fews years back didn’t even glow in the dark. Smh. Chuck Taylors yall. I’m out.


    Y’all trippin, so what I the young ones weren’t around for the movie. Doesn’t mean they still can’t enjoy the shoe. It’s a classic movie, been on millions of times so I bet they saw it and enjoyed it just like the rest of us. I was born the year Back To The Future came out and was not even 4 yet when part two came out and still love these movies. All three of them. Let people enjoy them. Now if they aren’t even a fan or are trying to flip it then yea, u can be mad. Let the young ones live tho lmao

  58. Johnny Utah

    i personally do not find them that great looking, regardless if the lace or not but at least its going to a good cause. i am curious though, if opponents of stem cell research are going to attack michael j fox again.

  59. PROP


  60. Dj29fc

    There are only going to be 1500 made and only sold on eBay. All the money goes to the Michael J.Fox foundation the first pair sold last night at auction for $37,000! So keep dreaming! So go ahead and camp outside the stores for nothing. Lol

  61. Quadsizzy

    These kicks are going for $4g’s-5g’s, nobody talkin on this site is gettin shit unless you win a bid on eBay and beat out celebritys and millionaires! Lmfao, u guys talkin like u got a shot, please!

  62. joseph

    i still remember seeing Back to the Future 2 in the theater. I was 8! Those Nikes inspired me to wear crazy, bright colored kicks ever since. I think its really cool that Nike, Google, and Micheal J Fox were able to make this happen and do it for his research fund. Do I want a pair? hell yes, am I willing to cash out some stock money to buy them, if even for charity? no, its just in the cards. Kid Cudi bought four pairs, thats cool. I hope he will appreciate them, I would.

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