Is Nike Taking Us Back To The Future?

When Nike gives you a call at midnight, you know it’s something good. With just a few hours notice Nike flew me out to LA for “a big announcement.” When they won’t tell you what it is until you get there, you know it’s something bigger than a new colorway of Dunks.

Upon arriving in the room, I found a box waiting for me with an iPod Shuffle with a personal message from Dr. Emmett Brown:

“Welcome to Los Angeles. If my calculations are correct, over the next 24 hours you are about to see some SERIOUS SH*T!”

Inside the box was an invite from to “IT’S ABOUT TIME…an unveiling that could change the course of time” as well as metal shield glasses.

The table of goodies that included mid 80’s candy, Throwback Pepsi (forumla from 1985), and a copy of Back To The Future all but confirmed the suspicions.

About a year ago we shared with you these documents of the Marty McFly Nike Air Mag shoes registered with the US Patent Office.

It looks like we’re getting closer to 2015 than we thought!


Nike MAG video by Nice Kicks

It's About Time Invitation

It’s About Time Invitation

Metal Shield Glasses

Metal Shield Glasses

Metal Shield Glasses

Metal Shield Glasses

Back To The Future, Throwback Pepsi, Tastes of Childhood

Back To The Future, Throwback Pepsi, Tastes of Childhood

Nike Air Mag

Nike Air Mag

Nike Air Mag

Nike Air Mag

Nike Air Mag

Nike Air Mag

  • Guest

    already camping out as we speak…..jk but just imagine the hype

    • Hassan Hashemi

      a shoe worthy of all the hype it will get.

      • Anonymous

        Its the future!

        • Closetfullofkicks

          Only 1500 pairs made, and their are going to be auctioned off for a special cause. So don’t get your hopes up yet!

    • Anonymous

      ,,wow,. I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail pr?ces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
      I use EgoW?

    • Anonymous

      .,,, I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail pr?ces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
      I use EgoW?

    • Dovaaa_2010

      shut up chase…

      • Senseswillfail

        chase, man, you’re lucky. I want pictures of anything you get to see.

  • eddie.

    HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!


    • Anonymous

      ,,woow,. I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail pr?ces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
      I use EgoW?

    • Innuendo

      So am I…

      • Mysole2take

        ?Thats what she said…..

  • Jpmbentley

    this has potential to be absolutely incredible

  • Illmatic

    Omg coppington

  • SwooshInsider

    There won’t be any camping out?necessary…you probably won’t be too happy in the next few days….watch.?

    • Optimistic-android

      Beware of a paradox in your statement.

  • rant and whine

    rumor has it that these will retail around 1 grand or even more…if that’s true, then fuck it LOL

    • Andrew

      …rumor…Rumor….RUMOR!!!!! stop trying to guess a price, thats just stupid

      • Nicholas Keyser

        It all depends on if they want a vast market, and how much it cost to make them.?
        Since a whole lot of people would recognize the show.

        I say maybe a max of?$50.
        Most?layperson shoes are $20-40.

        I?could totally see $50 though.? And its?not completly outrageous.?

        • Anonymous

          Nike realizes there is huge hype behind these, and will adjust price as fit. I doubt they will only cost $50. Nike’s offerings at the $50 price point are not that great in my opinion. My guess is they will cost in excess of 110 but no more than 230

        • Will Hilditch

          I guess you’ve never shopped for Air Jordans lol

          • AU Kid

            I think they were saying the cost to make the shoes

        • brandon miller

          $50?????? I pay more for clearance Nike’s than that…you crazy

          • Bishop Coxcomb

            He was talking about those stores that open up for one month then disappear.

          • Dick

            U suck dick bitch

        • FLiP

          are you crazy. bad quality jordans will retail for 160 soon. These are a piece of the future. they’ll probably cost around 300+. If yeezy can do it, Marty can too.?

        • Beech

          What kind of shoes do you buy? I mean really $50 for these? I’m geussing something over $100

      • The Ewe Norker

        well it is nike… So I wouldn’t be surprised if they were an unreasonable amount of money.

        • Tone

          Y’all are dumb. Only 1500 coming out, ain’t nobody gettin these.

      • Paul

        If you know someone with Parkinson’s, the funds raised are the most important factor.

    • circa

      would love that, dont have to deal with campers and shit, just walk in and walk out with my mcfly’s

  • Harris McCord

    Cannot wait!! This is going to be epic!

  • Anonymous

    Even if these retail for 1000, I think I’ll do what it takes to get a pair. I’ll even cut my shoe budget for next year to get these.

    • Rian Create Patterson

      You fail lmao

      • Anonymous

        Not prepared to go that deep into my pockets. Although it’s for a great cause that would be giving beyond “til it hurts”

  • Bigshirt21

    i WILL get these even if its a thousand, itll be worth $3000 the next day

    • Anonymous

      Quiet! Before Nike hears you!

    • Rian Create Patterson

      You fail too lmao

  • Anonymous

    Well, Like Doc Brown said “We bout to see some Serious $#!+”


    God forbid you catch me in public with these…

  • Dave

    You can keep the sneakers. Where’s my hoverboard?

    • Frothrocket


  • Remsta23

    damn Matt! Getting seen in these streets

  • cg salazar

    GREAT SCOTT!!!!!!

    • Tt01

      This is heavy!

  • thuglife247

    thats an ipod shuffle dumbass

    • Nice Kicks

      my apologies dickwad

      • freeballer

        Thats whats up

      • Jus’ Sayin’

        You mad bro?

    • Dave

      Douche poser is a douche

    • Bill

      Why won’t it let me like this comment?

  • Jakeg70

    really wish i worked at nicekicks about now.

  • Anonymous

    Does it come with free passes to Jaws 3D?

  • Tha383stroker

    great scott!


    I wonder how many fools are gonna walk around with those glasses hahah…

  • lil b

    Nike would be better off taking those “BACK to the FACTORY”

    • Mike_Seekz

      hahahaha….this is a crazy looking shoe, i really dont know who would REALLY rock these…if i were to cop, it would be placed somewhere like art, cant see myself rockin these…

      • Sass_the_Shooter

        I will rock the shit out of these and have you and your girl breaking your necks!!!!

        • lil b

          breaking their necks to laugh at you looking like a clown in these shits.

  • Chris Stephenson

    ^Lol hater

  • freeballer


  • muthatrucka!

    IDK, kind of cool, but probably completely irrelevant for most of us. I would be shocked if they produce anything close to a 100 pair. Yeah, I just can’t see even a pair of these getting into your average sneaker heads hands. Celebrity sneaker stalker will soon be welcoming the Air Mag!? barf-


      Fag. 1500 pairs. Why hate? These r sweet. If u did t grow up back then, I getit. Ur a loser I get it.

  • Dukebball28


  • Bevan Jarrad

    You were flown to LA to pick up an invite? Damn.

  • Edner

    marty mcflys ? that shit is gonna be real as hell ?

  • Vicdamone87


  • Sean Melear

    I love to be you. Coolest shit I have seen from a company hands down.

  • BillCollektr

    These have been on my Must Cop List since the first time I saw the movie…. most of the haters are gonna be kids that didn’t grow up with the Back to the Future movies…plain and simple.

  • Remsta23

    This will require a major camp out. A couple weeks off school maybe. It’ll be worth it. Maybe we’ll get a hoverboard and a delorean with it.

    • Rian Create Patterson

      You fail.

  • Guest

    Wtf, is this Bs. Those are the most ugliest shoes i have ever seen..?
    And for some people to actually buy them ? You got no style for that matter bro…

    • Porkyalex

      its not about style, its about them having power laces and lighting up.

    • S Bubbles 0069

      you obviously don’t know the awesome that is back to the future. those are the most fly shoes in all of time.?

      • MikeyMike

        Don’t you mean “McFly” shoes of all time?

  • Omar Powell

    my theory is nike has to make them somewhat affordable, something reasonable. cuz everybody is gonna want these


      I think that statement is respecfully contradictory. Because Nike might think everybody wants one, would be the exact reason they could choose to jack up the price–which sucks, because it’s exploiting the want over the need.

      • Omar Powell

        i cannot disagree with a good point. but you also have to look at it somewhat in supply and demand and whats good for business, its good for business to sell em at $800 a pair cuz of the money but how many ppl have the money to drop on em if they were that price for example

        • Rian Create Patterson

          Charity niggassss

  • Jahisalaam

    ^ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? l ? ? hope soooooooooooooooo

  • Antoine Clark

    EPIC AUTOCOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rian Create Patterson

      You fail as well.

  • justin

    While we basically know what this means… dude, you were flown to LA for a box of candy and tchotchkes.

    • Enlyn

      Whatever, man, I wish someone would fly ME out to LA just for candy and toys.

    • uhduhhello


  • Sneakerhead2320

    These is Fire Son!!!!! RoboCop!!!!

  • Jaime

    This ladies and gentlemen, is called a paradox.

  • James Marcella

    Are those glasses legit?

  • j t

    Crystal Pepsi would have impressed me, this ‘throwback’ Pepsi is just shit.

  • Edwin Frank Johnson

    NO WAY

  • Cmichael

    I just pissed myself with excitement

  • Jesiah

    Ha I thought I was the only one that liked or even remembered Crystal Pepsi.? Anyway I hope they’re in a reasonable price range…was gonna put up a price but i didn’t want Nike to see hahah

  • Dr Claw

    What about the autofit auto dry jacket tho? The shoes are dope but that jacket was shittin

    • Qball197580


  • MIKE


    • Caton Del Rosario


    • Porkyalex

      have you ever seen back to the future? its not about the style, its about them lighting up and having power laces.

    • Rian Create Patterson


  • Ynwa78

    Public will not get these so you should stop making your campout plans. Just sayin.

  • Benoit

    Somehow, seeing the invite with the letters AB in that typeface makes me want to order a vodka on the rocks… You think I have a problem? :-)


    shouldn’t this come with B2TF II?

    • Qball197580

      Look closely, its the trilogy

      • Rian Create Patterson

        Ummm… there’s a 4th coming out.

  • A.J. Meadows

    If they’re over 300, I won’t be buying them. But I REALLY really want me a pair of Air Mags, so I’m really hoping they’re affordable.

  • Zareh

    just thinking out loud here, but if they decide to release more than just the OG colorway, how sick would? a black colorway of these look?

  • Dtmilne19

    Gotta retail for $88…? At least that’s what I am “gunning” for

  • WZA

    LMAO those metal shades that Doc has on

  • Servatius

    I would freakin buy them. Always wondered why they never hit the stores sooner!!!!

    • Jason Todrick

      uh… maybe cause they freakin light up and lace themselves!!!

  • Wbslnger2004

    I also really want those glasses. They look bad@$$

  • What was that??

    Dr Claw… ?Are you saying that the jacket he was wearing was actually?defecating??

  • Synthetic

    Lol at all the people thinking they’re going to be a reasonable price. Really, $88? Hilarious.?

    If these are under $1k I’m copping. But goddamn I sincerely hope they’ll be available for purchase online and can ship International. I’ll be freakin’ PISSED if I can’t get some just because I live in Australia.
    I can just imagine if they did hit here though. $1k in the US and the price would get jacked up to $2k here. *facepalm*

    • Ydissx

      Think you missed the reference there…

  • Genie44320


  • Trey Hemingway

    i hope these are limited release. the value of these would be amazing. If they drop from $500 + i’m gonna skip on a few Jordan Releases next year and OG grails on my list, just to get these. its only right and once in a life time these shoes will drop ever again…as a sneaker head, its only right but to go all out.

    • Rian Create Patterson

      All out means over 4k.

  • justin

    Anyone else here thinking they’d wear those shades even though you can’t see out of them? They’re that cool.

    • Ofi

      So much want..

  • Barry Barcrest

    They are not to dissimlar to some of the stuff nike has been leading too anyway like the air force II which I have a pair. Those were $100+ on release so these will quite easilly be more than that. Probably twice the price of Jordans so around $500 seems a good guess.

    • Rian Create Patterson


  • Kiebres

    Yo quiero unas!!!!!

  • K.Born

    If I get em’ I will never wear them. Imagine if Michael J. Fox sign your shitz.

    • Kstefanek

      you wouldnt know who signed it still…

  • Cameron Collie

    That would be one pretty shaky unreadable signature I’d imagine …

  • Anonymous

    I really hope that mere mortals will be able to even buy.

  • Klaassen Laura

    That’s tight! It would be cool to have a pair but as a parent speaking there is NO WAY I would be able to even think about being able to own a pair! But it would be the $h!t! :)

  • Larry

    Those are freakin awesome kicks

  • @SneakerboxQuise

    Yea I heard the wont be less then a few thousand. Right now there are only one pair
    And the cost 10000

    • Kstefanek

      you are a wrong troll

      • Damian

        er nope, he’s right. if you check ebay, the lowest priced one is fetching up to $4,000. I’ve seen a few already go past 10 grand.

  • Bigtyma2424

    Wanted those as a kid

  • Anonymous

    Sweet, can’t wait!!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet!! Can’t wait for the official release!

  • Meadows400

    I dont really cuss much.

  • Charles Hunter
  • Sorvadk9

    Does this mean we’re one step closer to hover conversion? Man, 2015 used to seem like the future. Now its almost the present.

  • speckledhen

    If they can fasten themselves up with power-laces soon as you put your heel down then il sold, else its just another sales gimmick not worth the my cash.

  • JakeRaph

    Please tell me they’re going to come in the same shoebox as in the movie.

  • Jos? Daniel

    Holy freaking shit! Oh God, I can’t believe, if we’re all right, this WILL be happening :`) Now, all we need is our hoverboard 8)

  • Joolsutton

    Get a life people…..they’re shoes.

    • Jason Todrick

      you do know what website you are on… right?

    • Rian Create Patterson

      Get a life, and harass another group of people.

  • les

    yeezy 2 or mcfly??

  • Jack

    Does no one else question the fact that both products are featured mainly in back to the future 2 (aside from the glasses for all of 2 seconds at the end of part one) and the dvd that was given out was part one. C’MON PEOPLE!!!!!

    • Qball197580

      Wow . Stupidity lol dude check the disc closer its the trilogy!

  • m_m

    Can you see through those glasses, or are they just a useless promo item??

    • Kstefanek

      promo probably

  • Manbeer Singh

    If they come out I am so getting a pair

  • Kstefanek

    If you’re going to guess prices, you should probably factor in that these shoes will need the charging station with them, as seen in the patents that were filed. Just looking at those pictures, you can see its not going to be a small unit. I’d say $100 for a pair of anything above SB’s is cheap, so for this nice little kit? Its going to easily be a few bills.

  • Noradon Dixon *Ceo

    Yo the Marty McFly’s amazing the Maloof brothers spent years badgering Nike into making them.They was talk of these for years post come out in 2015.

  • alex rivera

    i have to have theseeee I NEED THESE in my collection nd lfiee

  • Bluezy !

    No way…it is not gonna sell. Maybe to crisis 40 yr olds on their way to the hair implant place or to refill their viagra…
    Wish they would bring back the high top canvas white nikes that were a more comfortable and faux designer version of converse high tops from the 80’s.

  • PaultheMagyar

    Is there much buzz about or interest in these?

  • Henny Jones

    LOL! If you’re a dude and you actually?plan on wearing these you need to quit. Back to the Future was ill, but these are?strictly a collector’s cop.?

    •!/Tahoe17 Tahoe Seventeen

      I can’t wait to laugh at any idiot i see rocking these, they are impossible to make look fresh. I don’t they they are really looking at the screenshots up there, pure disgust.

      • Henny Jones

        LMAO! My thoughts exactly. There is nothing fresh about these.

  • kolby23lyon

    i want that case its sick!

  • Loreleiwilliams

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ and the mcflys of coruse.

  • Franklewis56


  • Nikehead MPC Master

    i think us mere mortals will get a chance to cop. nike sees the potential dollars to make. I’m guessing $300 and up?

  • Gabriel_294

    how mouch will the cost? like a 1000?

  • chi chi

    i was waiting for these shoes to come out

  • loganmelch

    GREAT SCOTTS!!!!!!!

  • Jca998

    No price…auction

  • OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

    Then you’ll see Kanye or Justin Bieber wearing them…then everyone will flock to purchase them…

  • Guest

    These aren’t…. that good??

  • FLiP

    No joke people will die for these sneakers. Seriously ?

    •!/Tahoe17 Tahoe Seventeen

      And will they get the chance to wear these ugly motherf*ckers after they are dead?

  • Carloskoston14

    It’s over guys

    1,500 Pairs going on EBay for auction

    NIKE CEO came out to say that today

  • Nikehead MPC Master

    GR 2015. I hope those mayans are wrong.?

  • Jth750

    I’m planning on getting these yesterday!!! Haha

  • Mark Cooper

    While it’s relatively awesome that they’ve perfected the self-lacing shoe, I think the design is too much 1989 imagination 20 years too late.

  • Chris

    Christopher Lloyd confirmed this at Dragon Con.? He already filmed the comercial.

  • Suckshit

    Yeah, more retreads.? Suck up the past, sheep.

  • Fisker72

    Why did they use an ipod shuffle instead of a walkman?

  • Billiard_1974

    You will be able to buy an actual delorian for what these shoes are gonna cost you. All the money they spent on annoucing their presence should be a clue…

  • MD

    Great Tax write off Nike!! Oprah gives away trips, and cars for her
    Audience and Nike raises a Billion for the sick people, for releasing a
    sneaker that every “Great -Scott” Sneaker heads wants that was born in
    the early 80’s!!!? Juss? “Amazing!!!” in my Doc Voice!!….lol…smh!!!?

  • Scotster77

    Crazy on the shoes but I got a pair of glasses and only forty were made

  • scoot bynon


    • Rian Create Patterson


  • wezhi

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  • Guest

    its disgusting. the prices are in the range of thousands already (on Ebay). Come on Nike this is very disappointing.

    • Randomguy

      They are being auctioned for charity…

  • ispeakheat

    And a dude said $50 for these. Lmfaaoo!!! O comedy how you make me laugh

  • Laurent Pecqueux

    Hey Bro ! Look at that !

  • Jeffrey_turner

    Aint none of us gettin these.? They already on ebay goin for 3300 and? up.? Maybe some chinese knockoffs,? Id still rock the knock offs?? lol

  • Vaughn On Movies

    That is one creative as hell product launch. Unfortunate for me, I review movies. And since that’s all by myself, I don’t get invites to jack.

  • Salemese

    First pair sold at live auction tonight sold for $37,500. I gamble that is a bit much for all of you.


    Why hate? Good lord, no wonder our coutry sucks! All they doing is having some fun, putting
    Out some “vintage future ” shoes. Who cares what u worthless assclowns think?! Keep ur negativity to yourself. These shoes are awesome for people who love these movies!

  • MerkBond

    Those joints is Fire, don’t blame us if you dont have the swag to pull those off.

  • vivekmishra

    nice way nice post how to get this shoes.. i really like the shoes

  • Michael Spurlock

    Try $5000 to $6000.

  • Ev Olguin

    Insane shoes, selling between $4,500 and near $10k on eBay. And your not even supposed to actually wear them. Hold out for the auto-lace version in 2015.

  • Sweetkickswilly

    I already got a pair back in 85 when me and M J Fox slipped off the set in the delorian and went to 2017 when they reissued them for mega cheap, so suck on eggs!!!!

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