Confirmed: Air Jordan 12 “Obsidian” & “Playoff” for Summer 2012

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Confirmed: Air Jordan 12 "Obsidian" & "Playoff" for Summer 2012

Lockout or no lockout, the summer of 2012 will see ?Playoffs?. The Air Jordan 12 is next in line for a retro rollout. After an eight year hiatus the ?Playoff? colorway will return in April 2012. Following that, Jordan Brand will bring back the ?Obsidian? in June. Stay tuned for official images and a set release date. Will these be on your radar? Tell us in the comment section.

Air Jordan 12
Black/White-Varsity Red
April 2012

Air Jordan 12
Obsidian/White-French Blue-University Blue
June 2012

Air Jordan 12 "Playoff"

Air Jordan 12 "Playoff"

Air Jordan 12 "Obsidian"

Air Jordan 12 "Obsidian"

Source: blondsoccerplyr of NikeTalk

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83 Comments on "Confirmed: Air Jordan 12 “Obsidian” & “Playoff” for Summer 2012"

  1. jizzle

    Hopefully they keep it like it was originally with the leather and don’t change it like the flu game 12’s

  2. lmao. they both look exactly the same. almost like they’re releasing the same shoe 2 times. i’ll go with just the obsidian cause i have plenty of black shoes now

  3. Jus' Sayin'

    These are the worst type of photos possible for this release info lol. ?Makes the shoes look even more the same then they already are. ?lmfao.

  4. Steviet

    Bout Damn time them obsidian 12 got a release date .. that’s just too far away though I been looking for them so long now.. follow me on twitter @_lucky_lefty_

  5. bjack827

    Man they need the Black and White ones with the Gold tips to rerelease those have always been my fav.? . . . remember when Martin gave tha lil kid them on his christmas show!!!!! #CLASSIC

    • Nasty_nas

      Those are called the “Taxi’s,” and those are my favorite 12’s as well.? Can’t wait to see them re-retro.

  6. ImSo5-0-4!!

    I wish they would release the obsidians before the playoffs like in 97, but I guess I should just be happy they’re coming back and shut the hell up.

  7. jordancoppinsincebirth

    both are copped but ive been waiting on the obsidians to drop for the longest. 6th grade i wanted them and they sold out in my size making me settle for the red and white ones that dropped the same day. ill prolly cop 2 pair just because of that moment.

  8. Bennis

    Nice…i still have og’s of each. Beat to a pulp though.
    Pics dont do justice…in person there are very distinct diffrences.

    Cant wait like bart scott.

    • Anonymous

      Bart Scott and his “Can’t Wait” patent can suck it. ?Everyone said can’t wait WAY before he did. ?Just dumb. ?That shit is bullshit (BS) just like his initials.

  9. Anonymous

    dayum i just hope nike dnt messed this up. we want leather not suede please. Nike should also redo the flue game 12 with leather

  10. mosen

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      • kixluva

        Me to, & maybe some playoff 8’s to instead of those wack ass 8.0’s . I think they will though because 2010 we got the 6’s, this year we got 7’s, so it’s only right we get 8’s next year. I’m praying >_< (fingers crossed)

  11. D3rrtydarun

    ALL I dcan say is FUCK YES! I been wating on these to re-retro missed out on the playoff 12 due to a chick I dont even mess with anymore cant wait GOD! is good.

  12. Nver2bg

    why do the prices keep goin up but the quality of the leather keeps goin down?…crap looks like vinyl on the new shoes and the suede looks paper thin

  13. Mr. I Got'em

    Most definitely!!! I love the ?Obsidian?!! I missed them the last time and I’ve been waiting a long time for these!!

  14. Anointed_by_god1

    A must have !!!!! I love this shoe I lost my original in hurricane Katrina / Rita ., I’ve got to get some!

  15. Venosaddict

    its fucking xmas everytime a new retro drops! damn i love this game! j’s are in the budget like bills and groceries!

  16. Imdbledsoe

    Obsidians are a must! But I hope they do SOMETHING to prevent the white from yellowing. . . @ImDBledsoe:disqus?

  17. Anonymous

    Hope they don’t yellow
    Hope they are LEATHER
    Hope the build quality is nice
    Hope the shape is true to OG form

    If not, I’m not a sucker to buy those kicks at $10 more for all Jordan/Nikes in 2012. ?Come strong or don’t come at all. ?The Flu Games were just a damn joke, so I hope Nike learned from the sales response on that release.

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