Air Jordan 1 Custom Cleat for Jeremy Guthrie

Air Jordan 1 Custom Cleat for Jeremy Guthrie

Last May, Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie made a splash on the sneaker scene when he Tweeted a picture of his shoe vault. He?s back at it with a recent look at his custom Air Jordan 1 cleat. The ?Max Orange? colorway from 2009 gets revamped with a cleated outsole and toe plate on the right foot. Talk about throwing heat.

Via @JGuthrie46


  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. TheGuy says:


    1. H Neufville says:

      JB are you coming out with a footbal cleat this year or whats good?

  3. Winse says:

    Sick & LOLs I’m wearing my Taxi Lows today too

  4. Omar Powell says:

    Guthrie…really becoming my favorite Orioles player now lol. Go Birds.?

  5. Will Ham says:

    thats dope! thats a sneakerhead

  6. Andrew says:

    Living in Baltimore the O’s suck but his sneaker game is tight

  7. DopeMatic3002 says:

    This was so awesome when I read about them on Yahoo! months ago.

  8. Kill says:

    CC’s 11′s were dope. Also, I forget who it was, I saw someone on the Bengals last year with some white and orange AJ 3 spikes. Sick!